Zambian Govt Asks White House to Retract Zesco Takeover Statement

Zambia has written an official de’marche to the United States government to request a retraction of a portion of the statement made by a senior US official John Bolton, who alleged that the Chinese government intends to repossess some state owned enterprises because of government’s failure to settle its outstanding loan.

Foreign Affairs Ministers Joseph Malanji who disclosed this in Addis Ababa said the government is optimistic that the American Embassy in Zambia was expected to transmit the de’marche to Washington DC as soon as possible.

In his statement to unveil new USA Policy on Africa in Relation to China and Russia, USA National Security Advisor John Bolton said Zambia owed China between $6billion-$10 billion and was poised to lose its state utility company for China to recoup the debt.

But Hon. Malanji said the Zambian government was disappointed that such a statement lacking accurate information, could come from a high ranking official who could have easily verified the information with the American Embassy in Lusaka before giving a presentation of such magnitude.

“Such misinformation gives a bad name to America’s foreign policy,” Honourable Malanji said.

He said Zambia enjoyed cordial bilateral and multilateral relations with the US government, and does not wish to see its diplomatic ties strained as a result of misinformation.

The Minister clarified that Zambia has not offered any of its state assets as bilateral or multilateral  loans that Zambia contracts are sovereign guaranteed.

“Therefore, no state asset or state enterprise were at risk of being repossessed as they have not been used as collateral security.” Hon. Malanji said.

He also said Zambia was not in a debt crisis and its debt ratio in relation to the country’s GDP, was healthy.

The Foreign Affairs Minister said Zambia was managing its debt repayment very well and had not defaulted in any of its repayment plans.

Mr. Malanji stressed that Zambia enjoys bilateral relations with over 100 countries which includes the United states of America.

Issued by

Inutu Mupango  Mwanza (Mrs)

First Secretary- Press  &Tourism

Embassy of the Republic of Zambia

Addis Ababa, Ethiopia.


  1. Chanda jk


  2. Pamusebo

    No smoke without fire

  3. cop2

    Zamchina $10 billion

  4. Herv Rena

    If zambia was economicaly sound it wouldnt b strugling to employ teachers,pay pensioners,bail out zaffico,zampost and znbc etc.

  5. Proud Lozi

    Truth hate we no

  6. fisunge

    Mwebantu mwiumfwila when we finish building we will be ok dont worry things will be fine lekeni ba bombe not icalo chilemoneka kwati ni misisi compound bane pensioners, teachers if the mmd didnt employ you then change your career its not the pf problem because some completed in 2000 long before the pf so just have some patience my dear teachers

  7. chalo

    We strongly believe in our leadership
    P.lungu we trust u

  8. mugabbe Robert

    paipa pano with peter mutawari lungu chagwa

  9. HOMMIE 24

    2021 we are going to kick you out like polio

  10. Joe Kawimbe

    The Zambian government should extend this “de’marche” to South Africa as well, because even SABC TV presenters have been categorically stating that ZESCO has been taken-over by the Chinese because of the loans the country have received. Last week, Leanne Mannas, on SABC TV, while interviewing the CEO of ESKOM (Phakamani Hadebe), warned ESKOM that they, like Zambia, could lose ESKOM to China if they got more loans from China.

  11. isaacs

    The finance minister must be crazy honestly with Zambia’s GDP someone can say to say our GDP is health . U guys hav failed us wait for 2021

  12. FGM

    Zambia is currently facing a cash flow in the nation supposedly because of cash externalization by our Chinese friends. We should be careful with Chinese contractors.

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