Zesco Commissions New Call Centre

Government is impressed that ZESCO has responded positively to calls for innovation through the use of technology in improving service delivery.

Minister of Energy Mathew Nkhuwa is happy that ZESCO has employed state-of-the-art technology in its new 400,000 US dollars call centre.

Speaking when he launched the call centre in Lusaka, Nkhuwa said the call centre is a platform that will enhance interaction between ZESCO and its customers in dealing with challenges.

Nkhuwa adds that the call centre has come at an opportune time when the utility company is faced with some challenges which need interaction with clients.

The Minister has since cautioned staff in the call centre and ZESCO field workers to be polite to customers and urged management to discipline staff failing to work.

And ZESCO Managing Director Victor Mundende said the call center comes in the wake of increased customer base.

He said the previous call centre with a sitting capacity of 10 staff per shift was established in 2004 when ZESCO only had 250,000 customers.

Mundende said the customer base since increased to about 940,000 with a target of reaching one million in the first quarter of next year.

And ZESCO Board Chairman Mbita Chitala said the utility company’s role is to improve the lives of citizens through supply of power to households and industries.

The new call Centre has engaged 160 staff with 100 students from Evelyn Hone College and National Institute of Public Administration -NIPA- on contracts.

(Source: ZNBC)


  1. Wakishale

    Good innitiative ZESCO! But like every project in Zambia, the cost is outrageous. Any justifiable explanation or we just wait for another upward adjustment in tariffs?

  2. Musonda Bernard

    I have not seen the new call center, will you please help me with a number

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