4 Chinese ATM Scammers Appear in Court

Four Chinese nationals who were found in possession off 55 counterfeit Automated Teller Machine Cards and 10 point of sale machines have appeared in court.

The quartet is alleged to have been using the said counterfeit ATM cards to withdraw money from various ATM machines.

In this case, Fang Hua ping,44, a businessman, Yu Fei, 36, businessman, Zhuang Wei, 35, contractor, Luo Tao, an interior  designer, all from Kamwala South are facing six counts of unauthorised access to intercept data and being in possession of property suspected to be proceeds of crime.

Among the six counts, Fei and Wei in Lusaka had in their possession 20 ATM cards with intentions to unlawfully utilise them.

In another count,Ping and Wei on dates unkonwn but between January 1, 2015 and April 31,2017 in Lusaka possessed K40,000 Kwacha in a Barclays Bank account, property reasonably suspected to be proceeds of crime.

The four are remanded in Kamwala remand prison and will appear for plea on Tuesday before Magistrate Silvia Munyinya.


  1. Mwisa

    You shouldnt really be reporting financial crimes if you are so ignorant. RHis is not an ATM scam. Its card cloning and has nothing to do with ATM’s. What are ATM cards anyway? I am sure you mean debit/credit cards.

  2. HOMMIE 24

    we are slowly being introduced to hardcore crime by these peaple. it first started with gun fights now its about scams and cloning of ATMs and debit/credit cards. i fear for whats coming next and the worst part is i dont like their names

  3. Don

    Chinese people think that we are ignorant in Zambia and so they will end up destroying our country.

  4. Fire, fire.

    Too much of everything is surely and truly bad.

  5. Sj

    Surely do ama Choncoli need to cross vast land just to come and show sofistication in Criminology here.
    It clearly shows that they come to serve here as ex-con. Whoever grants these people permits @ immigration office needs to scrutinise their applications.
    If @ all they indeed ‘ve a rep.here it is food for thought.
    Every country has their DOES & DON’TS, why does immigration fail to spell out to these people how we abore CRIMINALS & CRIMINOLOGY?
    ARE THEY being spiteful because of that DEMONSTRATION to leave ama Choncoli alone? Comment

  6. Self nyokozi

    King’s speech, CHALO cama Chinese and they do everything possible

  7. blu jayz

    These people are about to distroy Zambia

  8. peter

    In Kenya they had started kiling black peole
    Now boom they are in zambia robbing our banks with their stupid crooked mannerd
    This matter must be discussed in the office.

  9. bonda

    These people should not end up to deport them. They should be given a custardial jail sentence becuase they don’t mean well to our country. They come here in the name of contractors or investors but at the end of it all they turn themselves into hardcore criminals

  10. Dr Fonicks

    Now is this what you call investors? these Chinese must be taught a lesson because they think we are so dull, that is why they did that. let the law take its course. are these the so called all weather friends? aba bantu balitu delela too much. bakakeni fye bangwele batumpa. they must be given a good sentence because we don’t even know how much has been stolen.

  11. Umwana wamano


  12. Wui

    Chines. And Someone Almost Employed Them As Police Officers. See Now Wat There Are Doing.

  13. Mwale henry

    Just send them back.

  14. 48

    Those people should be jailed. Chines people ar thieves. Thre r here with wrong intentions….😈😈🔫🔫

  15. ignorant Zambia

    Let them go free are innocent people, pliz we want change more developed like them , friends do it again Zambians are ignorance pipo

  16. pompwe

    Show the faces pliz

  17. Chilankalipa

    These are cockroaches with full rights to stay in state house, by state house and for the state house granted

  18. Zwangendaba Jere

    Zambians are also committing crimes in other countries,much as I hate his news in Zed.

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