GOP Leader Takes a Dig at Mining Firms over Tax War

The war of words between the mining sector and the government is getting heated with none of the two sides budging.

Government has warned that the mines will not be allowed to trim workers in protest of the mining tax regime in the 2018/18 budget while the mining firms insist they will not adhere to government’s threats.

Golden Progressive Party (GOP) president Jackson Silavwe has taken a dig at mining firms saying they have been treated with kid gloves for a long time.



17th December, 2018


Throughout our countries history, the foreign owned mining companies have unashamedly mobilised and exploited the fears of loss of ‘income’ and ‘popularity’ to their advantage against the citizens and leaders respectively.

It is the same stratagem adequately employed by the same multinational companies (MNC’s) when President John Magufuli of Tanzania, demanded a fair share of the mineral wealth for his people. Zambia is no exception.

Seemingly, Mopani Mine and Kalumbila Mine, have extreme difficulties to give the Zambian people ONLY USD $360 and $396 per tonne in mineral royalty when the price of copper is at USD $6,000 and $6,600 respectively.

Instead the foreign owned mining companies are claiming losses way before the new mining tax regime outlined in the 2019 National Budget is implemented. Zambians should not succumb to the profit bent mining companies.

We call on President Lungu to appoint a high-level task team with extensive expertise in mining, management and economics to come up with best modalities to repossess the mines and run them on profitability by Zambians.

Zambians have now the necessary capacity and expertise to run their own mines on profitability. The now Zambian is not afraid to run his own economic affairs. All the minerals belong to Zambians, share the mineral wealth or leave.

God Bless Zambia.

Issued by:

Silavwe Jackson

Party President



  1. HOMMIE 24

    u mean up to date zambia is stil failing to produce brains that can run a mining compony?? shame

  2. Sj

    Bushe doesn’t Zambia belong to CPEC anymore? If its not Defunct why can’t lessons be learnt from them instead of flogging a dead horse? Comment

  3. Moffat kaluba

    Why can’t we train our own people in the mining sector and we start benefiting to our own resources wake up Zambia .

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