Mabumba Asks Kitwe College Rival Principals to Stay Away from Work

Confusion at the Kitwe College of Education has drawn the wrath of General Education Minister David Mabumba who has demanded that the two appointed heads step down to pave way for sanity.

The Teaching Service Commission appointed Allan Kaoma to replace the embattled Allan Mutobo who has refused to leave paralyzing operations at the institution.

A few months ago, the Teaching Service Commission transferred Kitwe College of Education Principal Andrew Mutobo from his position to Assistant Director Teacher Education and Specialized Services at the Ministry of General Education headquarters and promoted Kitwe District Education Board Secretary Allan Kaoma to position of Principal at Kitwe College of Education.

However, the situation has gotten out of hand Mutobo refusing to take up his appointment at the Ministry Headquarters arguing that the Service Commission has no authority to transfer him and insisted on remaining in his position.

Kaoma, who has also been promoted, has been reporting for work thereby creating a leadership crisis at the institution which has now attracted the attention from Minister of General Education David Mabumba.

Mabumba, who has since visited Kitwe expressed disappointment and has directed the two to stop discharging their duties to allow government seek a solution to the impasse.

He has since asked Vice Principal to act further stating that a solution will be arrived at in the next two weeks after engaging other officers.

Mabumba has since warned lecturers not use the current wrangles to stay away from work but remain focused and carry out their duties diligently.

He was speaking when meet lecturers at the Kitwe College of Education accompanied by Kitwe District Commissioner Binwell Mpundu.


  1. Gansta grabs

    I got two bitches including your wife

  2. abilima

    So, the confusion was created by the Teaching Service Commission? Will somebody at the Commission be held responsible?

  3. Satiel Lungu

    Let us reinforce the law

  4. Tr Mpamile

    The service commision has become a problem:
    1. No names of recruited teachers
    2. Likages
    3. Principal issue

  5. Dodo

    Let the bugger leave the college,he has done absolutely nothing in terms of infrastructure and yet he pays hefty allowances to his bitches who move from one workshop to another.Let the vice principal also move cos he has bitches who he pays to attend workshop that are not even announced. We know you and time is slowly catching up with you.

  6. Kikiki

    You are right dodo,let the ministry take the dog back if they don’t want development. I was surprised wen I visited the college computer lab only yo find only 5 old computers that were donated by zicta and yet the college makes millions every three months from distance students.
    Ministry show maturity and let the college be run by level minded pipo

  7. Genus

    I concur with these pipo cos as a student there we refused to do ICT practicals cos the college doesn’t have computers but instead our lecturers asked us to bring with us laptops,so we refused.
    Let the guy go and rest.

  8. Pwipwi

    Govt must intervene quickly otherwise the college looks like an old abandoned prison in the country side,make radical decisions ba govt, It’s not about who you like to be there,love your country.

  9. Pwipwi

    Lets wait and see what package will come with the minister in the next two weeks.
    Ngatenseko fye!

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