By Sunday Chilufya Chanda

A “useful idiot” is a colourful term for a person who is a propagandist for a cause of whose goals they are not fully aware and who are used cynically by the (mis)leaders of the cause.

The related term “Acting the Billy goat” is according to the urban dictionary, a term used to describe a person being an idiot or being incredibly inanely obstinate.

The “leaders” of political parties who recently met at a hotel in Lusaka fit the bill of both terms quite nicely.

Chishimba Kambwili, Elias Chipimo, Mike Mulongoti, Charles Milupi, Sean Tembo, and other tag-alongs, all have one thing in common; they are Hichilema’s useful “obliGOATary” idiots!

They represent the cast of a slapstick comedy that portrays a nearly extinct Billy Goat misleading other goats (that pretend to be sheep) away from green pastures to parched barren land.

These  goats are useful for nothing except that which amounts to nothing; pawns in the hands of the  Billy Goat grandmaster -winner of the wooden spoon five times in a row.

A ‘congreGOATion’ of Delinquent thinking!

Their ‘congreGOATion’ at the “instiGOATion” of the Billy Goat is founded on fallacy.

Whichever way they may choose to bury their heads in the sand, the fact remains that the law has guided; the Constitutional Court recently interpreted what constitutes a Presidential term.

The decision of the Constitutional Court is final and cannot, therefore, be appealed against.

Their attempts to cast aspersions on what constitutes a “Presidential Term” is to put it mildly-stinking thinking!

Their logic is as futile as their attempts to try to get a Billy Goat to Smile!

Look who’s talking! They all “Act the Giddy Goat” in their “Parties”!

All these people act the giddy goat in their respective political parties-they are intra party despots with poor records of good governance.

What moral ground do they have to talk about good governance when their respective political parties are personality cults built around their individual personalities rather than principle?

NeGOATive Hichilema-The UPND Life President

Take Mr Hakainde Hichilema for instance.

He has institutionalised dictatorship in his party having given himself an Indefinite “Term”.

1.What does Hichilema have to say about the farce of his party’s constitution which has left UPND in a stunted crisis since he usurped its leadership?

What does he have to say   of   article 70 of the UPND constitution that says:

“A party President shall be eligible for election for an indefinite period subject to this Constitution provided that a Party President who is elected Republican President shall only serve two terms that shall run concurrently with the term of office as Republican President”.


  1. Is Hichilema’s wamuyayaya indefinite “term” a mark of “good governance”?


  1. How ethical or (im)moral Is it for one man to hold on to power for more than 12 years during which time no elections or convention is held and yet he miserably  loses elections 5 times ?


  1. Does he even have any moral ground to comment on democracy, tenures, governance and related matters?


5 What about their “structures”- when (if at all) did UPND last hold intra- party elections?


Chipimo and his Fellow forGOATen Sundry


By the same token-what about Elias Chipimo?

What morality does he even have to talk about Democracy? It is ridiculous!

It is nearly a decade since NAREP was established in March 2010 by Mr Chipimo and it has been a poorly performing de-facto one man show or “sole-solo- trader” ever since.

Since inception, Mr Chipimo has been the “party’s” Presidential Candidate in the 2011 and 2015 General Elections in which he spectacularly failed to garner even half a percent of the Presidential vote.

It is bad enough that he did not even manage 1% of the vote. But surely; less than half a percent!?

Mr Elias Chipimo’s unflattering record of playing the goat just goes to show not only how seriously the people of Zambia take him, but how seriously he takes himself. He is his own electoral college.

Phrases like “Convention” “Intra-Party Elections” “Intra-party Democracy” are alien to NAREP.

What morality does Elias have to even talk about Democracy or Good Governance?

The same can be said of the rest of the motley cast of this bleating goat comedy.

The sole trader nature of Mulongoti and Milupi’s one man parties as well as the comical bellyaching for attention of, Tembo and Kambwili are well documented. They are individually and collectively not worth the paper or the ink so we will leave it at that. Suffice to say they do not have any moral ground to stand on;  they are goats with ulterior motives pretending to be sheep.

Priorities & PreroGOATives -Is this what Zambia really needs?

While Vision 2030 some years ago appeared to be an obscure target on the distant horizon, its attainment is becoming more reachable with every giant stride the Patriotic Front Government of His Excellency President Edgar Chagwa Lungu takes.

From 2011 when the PF formed Government under the late President Michael Chilufya Sata (MHSRIP) and now under his successor President Edgar Chagwa Lungu, the PF has continued to make substantial progress in all sectors across the country.

We need an opposition that will compete with us on policy and principle; not personality attacks.

We repeat what we have said before:

“For our democracy to thrive, the ruling party needs worthy competition in the form of a credible opposition party worth its salt; one that knows where it stands ,where it wants to go and how it plans to get there.

In the interest of the development of our country, the Patriotic Front covets a contest of ideas; not the challenge of regional allegiance practised by some.

The PF development agenda is premised on a mission with a clear vision seen through the clear lenses of the PF Manifesto, 7NDP and vision 2030.

We have so far been deprived of an opposition of excellence.

We yearn for a contest of policy, from those who are supposed to represent an alternative government (such as the UPND).

We echo our challenge to them to play the role of a proposition party.

Therein lies the dilemma; how possible is it to have such discourse when the UPND don’t have a manifesto? How can they offer what they don’t have?

Even their Ten Point “Plan” has been rendered irrelevant and it is as practical as delivering sand to the Sahara or ice to Alaska; because everything UPND promises to deliver has already been swallowed up by the exploits of the Patriotic Front”.


Jealous, insecure and envious people only try eclipsing our sun because they’re jealous of our daylight and tired of their dark, starless nights.

The recent congreGOATion only provided a fast fading entertainment value. Zambians have watched this Billy goat comedy (with his scapegoating) five times before and its appeal has become hackneyed, worn out and threadbare like a worn out garment spat out of a goats mouth.

If the Billy goat were twice as smart as he is, he would be half as smart as he thinks he is. Some drink from the fountain of knowledge; it appears he only gargled.

The Zambian people always separate the sheep from the goats.


The Author is Patriotic Front Media Director

At the Patriotic Front Secretariat




    countrymen and women after thorough consultation we have resolved that we be cloned to goats kakakakakakakaka kikikikikiki maweeee yaaabaaa

    • Bk

      Hh has no. Moral right to talk about democracy what does he know. He came through the back door..only a Tonga shall be the President for the party

  2. Lillian

    Continue fighting each other,God is the one who appoints not man….we are praying and everyone in Zambia will be shocked….shalom.

  3. Bruno mars the moonshine jungle master

    Usless article the writer is a big usless goat

  4. Haakaboolo Haamukanwaa

    The drama continues! These personal to Holder parties are a nuisence. Brother Haaaaakaaaiiindeeee and Akambwili , grow up.


    fuck off Lillian how do you pray for us fucking goats kakakaka


    ahh these goats I’m not part of you me I’m a hippo and hippos go alone to state house !!!!!!!!!!!!!


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  9. HH

    so you mean to tell me i’m a cow ?????????????

  10. Abekala calo

    These guys are worried about there businesses,not to serve the people of Zambia

  11. Whiteson

    Sunday Chanda, I’m an ordinary retiree, you and me we need to lol this imbushi “united front” call me on 0966132418. …. there is political intolerance when in fact you have been tolerated to gather at Taji pamodzi to sound mmeeeeeee!!!!


    The only thing I have heard from this article is a person calling others goats and at the same time expects others to grow when he is the one who need to grow up with the kind of words he uses.
    Natu Zungu To Kuba Mu Dictionary.

  13. Bk

    Spot on its gang of idiots with no heads.Freemasons Zambia be Careful


    awe mune sunday your article is very educating now in our bemba culture you cant liken people to animals awee ninshi umuchinshi tapali ufwile walomba uubwelelo kuchalo and dont turnish the image of PF. nipabwato fye ba opposition kuwaya wayafye they are in big trouble thats why they hope for an alliance that maybe-maybe it can help them to form the government in 2021 but its aday dream.

  15. Chipata dweller

    Mr writter, please grow up,you goat,sulunyoko

  16. Silvester Kambowa

    This article has nothing worth mentioning full of hate speech, useless terminologies and bad language. Let us scan our zambian political horizon otherwise we are doomed to the rest of the world with such rubbish articles how i wish not to be born in such a country where all the men and women in the coridors of power are focusing in their own interest rather than the interest of the zambians. God is watching.

  17. Razor

    Monday Chanda I wonder what will happen to this Billy goat once PF loses power. Will he be lead to the slaughterhouse or merely let out in the pasture to die?

  18. Hakaivotelat

    Continue fighting
    Kalaba is coming…

  19. kambwili

    The name itself Chanda…..Chanda Mac.. Chanda Amos…Chanda Monday… Chanda it’s associated with Liers, thieves, fornicators, bootlickers etc. So iwe Monday leka ifyo, isala kanwa, buffoon.

  20. Santa sunkutu

    The meeting was a “political Rogues’ Gallery”. They representated everything that is wrong with our politics. Mbuzi United.

  21. Edmund

    hh the ka small bull is just using these goats to go to plot 1 and look at this alliance and some have tested the sweetness in govt and there busy trying to do anything to form govt to milk the remaining resources, No plot 1

  22. Bk

    Power Hungary. Let hh go for a conversion if there is demoracy in his party.Let alone did he come through democracy.I thought he come through Only a TONGA shall be the president of the Party

  23. Dr Fonicks

    ba Sunday Chanda bomfyeniko civilized language. bushe kwena nangu tapasoswa lelo kwaba ukucita refer ababiyo ku mbushi. awe tefyo mufwile ukulacita. this could have been a good article had it not been done using vulgar and uncivilized language. mulesebenya PF. awe bane temisango ya bukulu. uyu ni fwaka. wilasebanya ulubemba naukul.

  24. John's

    Bafikala just shut up

  25. cilankalipa

    Do not insult your fellow zambian plz

  26. Mpombo

    Am an antelope not a goat Bushe ishi imbushi shilalye cimena nangula mulemfwe

  27. Nyengo

    Capitalist tools has grouped 2 leave more holes 2 economic bcoz of poor judgement frm them during selling of mines. Zambians open yo ears and save it, conmen not happy 4 losing business in govt and see how abusive they are crying 4 contracts after bin fire has ministry and not appointed after campaignin 4 president lungu. Same saved in govt where quite use govt positions 2 win contracts and if they win is poor goin hav contract lik in pf govt empowering youths.

  28. Barotseland

    This writer seems to be a finished product in short his a fool .

  29. i hate lungu and his thugs

    Comment: this only goes to show that ur father raped a he-goat making u have a soft spot for goats murfucker.heartless idioGOATs like u dont deserve to be alive as u can see where our country is slowly drifting too bad u have a peanut for a brain

  30. fuck u

    all this is happening because that rabid dog ungul never died last year

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  32. Gie

    It’s all drama, what’s the reason of calling others names when you all play the same game of politics.

  33. edgar lungu

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  34. NAREP Tuleteka


    Today marks the eighth day since 10 Opposition Parties came together to discuss ways in which our individual strengths and capabilities can be best coordinated and utilised to bring about a sense of hope in our citizens and a prosperous future for current and unborn generations. We came together not to select a candidate for a future election but to fight for the ordinary lives that are being destroyed by the mediocrity, corruption, greed and neglect that has beset our once vibrant nation. It is, of course, inevitable that the debate about a single candidate will emerge but if we occupy our minds worrying about that at this stage, we will miss the opportunity to find each others strengths and cover up for each others weaknesses as we forge a path that will re-define how we pursue our politics.

    Alliances have come and gone. What will make this current desire for unity succeed will be more than the operational framework we adopt (i.e. the way we organise ourselves internally). While that is important, our success will be based primarily on the effort each of us puts into applying our talents for the common good of our nation, particularly the most vulnerable among us: those battling to put a meal on the family table each day; those struggling with serious health challenges with limited or no financial means to address their plight; those seeking employment or vending on the open streets as a means of survival; those whose twelve and thirteen year-old children are entering the commercial sex trade because it provides a way out of their financial misery; those battling with addiction and substance abuse brought on by the hopelessness of their poverty; those scratching out a pitiful existence in a neglected rural community, not because their land lacks the potential for abundance but because their potential has been endlessly stifled by politicians that long ceased to care for anything other than their vote. These concerns must lie at the heart of our unity.

    As an alliance seeking unity on matters of common concern, it is not our place to consider that we have all the answers. We ought to be prepared to learn from one another and to grow through an understanding of the things we lack that can be complimented by the strengths of others. No political party in Zambia is complete in and of itself. Indeed, no individual can exist by themselves. We each require the effort and support of others to live and to thrive. In order to build the Zambia we all yearn for, we have to build the foundation of unity in the mould of our forebears who worked hard to see beyond tribe and helped us to see it too; who sought to live within their means and not make the pursuit of illicit wealth their sole ambition; who understood the enduring power of investing in our people. That is the Zambia we stand united to reclaim.

    There will be naysayers and doubters and those that will make it their aim to bring an end to what we are trying to build together. Nothing worth fighting for ever came easy. But this is a fight that must be fought and won; a fight that will ultimately benefit even those who – out of fear that they will lose their grip on power – will use all the means at their disposal to attempt to discredit and destroy not only our aims but our very lives. Our goal must never be to harden our hearts against our detractors but to recognise that they too are part of the fabric that makes up the Zambia we live in today. We must engage with them, no matter how nasty they become, but not on their terms. We must define and hold fast to a new way of interacting with one another, one that builds trust and respect, never giving in to fear and intimidation but to a burning desire to make the life of every citizen better.

    So how will we do this? By creating the level political playing field that will allow the best of our individual and collective leadership and political talent to come to the fore. We cannot do this without an independent, investigative, well trained and supported media accessible to all (media reform). We cannot do this without well run institutions that adhere to high governance standards and are independently accountable under the rule of law (governance and rule of law). We cannot do this without a competent judiciary that operates under the glare of full transparency (judicial reform). We cannot do this without a system of electing public officials that is open to full scrutiny and transparent dealings (electoral reform). We cannot do this without a constitution that serves to meet the aspirations of the entire body of citizens rather than the protection of a privileged few (constitutional reform). We cannot do this while there is a constant looming threat of political violence (addressing political violence). We cannot do this without the talent of ordinary citizens whose potential is locked away by joblessness and political exclusion (citizen participation and creation of employment and economic opportunities).

    These are the issues that bring us together. These are the issues that as we unite to address, will bring hope to each and every Zambian that is tired of the corruption, plunder and impunity that characterises the present political leadership. It is time to unite around mutual concerns and to remove the real enemy of the people: complacency and the acceptance of the abnormal as normal.

    As NAREP, we see our contribution to this undertaking as critical in the ideas we generate. We believe there are solutions to the joblessness affecting the youth and will seek to work with our Opposition and Independent-minded brothers and sisters in Parliament to present legislation that can give life to our visionary TiPanGeni plan within the next sitting of Parliament. We believe that our thoughts on judicial reform, corruption and governance will offer a vibrant approach to accountability and slaying the now accepted prevalence of corruption. Regardless of who comes to power, it will be important to have established a solid working relationship among the various political stakeholders around agreed approaches to these and the other matters on our common agenda. Our doors remain open to all that seek a better Zambia, including genuine Opposition parties that are yet to step into this partnership. Join us.

    National Restoration Party
    19 December 2018

    • Foreigner Mulongoti

      Iwe ka Chipimo most of the problems our country is facing are as a result of the recless privatisation and looting of the once vibrant public companies by Hakainde the He Goat and his cronies.

  35. NAREP Tuleteka

    “PF has a working relationship with Cozmo Mumba, Dan Pule, Peter Chanda, Felix Mutati and other so called opposition political parties.
    The other team now has HH, Elias Chipimo, Chishimba Kambwili, Mike Mulongoti, Harry Kalaba, Sean Tembo, Charles Milupi, GBM, Andyford Banda, etc. It is ok for PF to work with Cosmo Mumba and Peter Chanda but not ok for HH to work with Elias Chipimo and Chishimba Kambwili?

    If our working together is a small issue of small political parties then what’s the fuss about? Why is the ruling party petrified?” – Allan Morgan Sakala – NAREP Youth Chair

  36. Kubeja Badaala

    When tu temba parties like So called Christian coalition of the likes of Danny Pule and he’s cohorts parade themselves with PF it is okay in the minds of Sunday chanda. What hypocrisy is this? Any way what do you expect from this hater whose bread and butter is centered on how much venom he spews around. He’s brother at Zampost abused the cash transfer funds and he’s now in the streets. He’s know it all management style has today exposed he’s incompetence, Zampost workers had and still remain unpaid under he’s watch. This is the sibling of Sunday chanda the champion of hate speech.what moral standing for a gr8 have to spew venom on fellow opposition leaders. Fuseke!!!!

  37. Zaga

    I don’t comment on useless things

  38. Bk

    Only A Tonga shall be the President of UPND I’d that democracy

  39. Jms

    Sunday who gave you that name because I know you are chilufya Chandra I just Read part of what you have written its useless mind you time is coming we know some people are not ashamed of what the follow no matter how risk that is you will be surprised needing to learn from your mistake when it has already killed you SAME TO LILLIAN GOD USED TO CHOSE LEADERS BUT NOWADAYS (THROUGH YOU) By the way from all animals it only you God put in mind and mind for what? FOR YOU LILLIAN TO START BE THINKING ON YOUR OWN,,(IF GOD TOLD YOU TO CHOSE A PERSON WHO IS—-?THEN I BEG YOU TO GO BACK TO YOUR BIBLE

  40. Domity Kafwamba

    Where I come from people only talk when they have something to say. You are a disgrace to the zambians.

  41. James Badoo

    Sunday Chanda sure does manage to outdo himself. The sad thing though is for a man of his intelligence, his focus on insults, trivialities and downright arrogance removes the little vestige of credibility is supposed to have, that is assuming he has any. such vitriol coming from a political mouthpiece is nothing short of inciting genocide against those not agreeing with you. Learn to be civilised in the way you conduct business. But given that you only understand garbage, I suppose that is what you are.

  42. fabianski

    Y call ur friends idiots when you are the biggest fool

  43. Manpower

    Pf are the biggest fools in our country

  44. MFUMU

    who knows, 🤐🤐🤐🤐


    mmmmnm extracexcular worldwide exposing how useless some people just get tall and don’t grow

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    Only God…

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