Zambian Breweries Relinquishes Coca-Cola Business

Coca-Cola Beverages Africa Limited has acquired the Coca-Cola soft drinks business of Zambian Breweries and commenced operations on 17th December 2018.

With this acquisition, the business of Zambrew has been transferred to Kalundu Beverages Limited, trading as Coca-Cola Beverages Zambia.

Coca-Cola Beverages Africa, Managing Director for Southern Africa region, Norton Kingwill, said the acquisition aim remains to drive long-term sustainable growth, leverage our scale and build capabilities to accelerate sustainable growth.

Mr. Kingwill, added that the acquisition by CCBA adds two more plants to its footprint on the continent – one in Ndola and one in the capital, Lusaka.

He indicated that there will be no retrenchments as each employee will receive an offer of employment which will provide substantially similar terms and conditions of employment to what they currently receive.

Coca-Cola Beverages Africa (CCBA) is the 8thlargest Coca-Cola bottling partner worldwide by revenue and the biggest on the African continent, accounting for about 40% of all Coca-Cola volumes sold in Africa.

CCBA shareholders now are: The Coca-Cola Company 65.5% and Gutsche Family Investments 34.5%.


  1. Geoffrey Bwamba Mwalya

    Please employ our local men and women.

  2. Philip Nkhoma

    welcome back as we await to be employed…

  3. Coca-Cola Beverages Africa, Managing Director for Southern Africa region, Norton Kingwill

    fuck you Geoffrey Chibwamba we cant employ locals, umabala maningi sitingaese fuck off

  4. Razor

    But why are we having shortages of coke in parts of the country? Is it because of all these changes to the company? Whole you were sleeping your rivals Pepsi took over your market share and have now taken the number one spot in the soft drinks market in zambia.

  5. Prudence nyendwa chileshe

    It’s very good that they will be a plant in ndola pliz employ us if they will be vacancies

  6. Daniel Banda

    Very poor way of doing business. The two companies changes should have made sure that the market does not run out of fanta and coca cola as the situation is at the moment.

  7. hameja J

    Basapuka elo kawa. Indians are crooks. They bought shares in Coca cola with the vi w of promoting Pepsi. They have killed coca cola. Changed the packaging size bigger than coca cola. You need to do very well in marketing the brand again. In some places like Solwezi, Mansa, Kasama actually you cant now find coca cola brand any more

  8. vosper

    looking forward to be employed by this company.

  9. julius mulenga

    employment yamoneka.

  10. Richard Ashton

    In 1975 we rebuilt Copperbelt Bottling Company in Kitwe, owned by AFCOM, part of Lonrho. (crooks). They had the best bottling plant and the countries market share, Pepsi was very small then. What happened to such a thriving company with its fleet of delivery lorries? I visited Kitwe last year and the site is used for different commercial companies, what happened?

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