Local Contractors Besiege NRFA over Outstanding Payments

Some small scale contractors this afternoon besieged the National Road Fund Agency (NRFA) demanding payment of their 10 months arrears.

The contractors disclosed that they were owed K200 million with government only paying foreign contractors.

Group representative Isaac Kanyika said that government had announced that it had released K148, 000 for small scale contractors but the Ministry of Finance had allegedly opted to only pay foreign contractors.

“The problem that we have is that we the small scale contractors are the largest employers in Zambia and we all know and have been hearing people talk about local contractors not performing and not doing a good job, these are some of the reasons.  Funds have been released and paid to foreigners who are going on industrial break,” he said.

“Imagine if it’s them the workers from NRFA or the Ministry of Infrastructure who are not paid for just 10 days the way they complain but for us for the past 10 months we have not been paid.  What are our workers eating? This is the main reason we have been pressurized by our workers they want their money to buy the farming inputs,” Kanyika said.

Kanyika has disclosed that over 2000 contractors have not been paid their dues.

Kanyika and his team were expected to have a meeting with NRFA on December 21 at 09:00 hours.


  1. Gangsta grabs

    Lungu is blackanese and under AVIC Kickbacks payrol.Road fund pays avic Lungu also gets paid,simple.Solution che gather all your workers plus imwe 2000 and fight,become lebels kwasila

  2. FGM

    The cash liquidity problems we are in is as a result of government not paying local contractors. The foreign contractors are busy externalizing what they are getting paid leaving Zambia with the financial problems we are facing. Shame indeed.

  3. Lulu lulu

    Imwe ba water sewerage company ,what you’re doing is totally unacceptable according the laws of Zambia , how can you engage a security company to win a contract for security purpose and that company pays workers monthly salary K400.00 only am feel sympathy to my fellow workers . In Zambia there are captain security company I don’t know if they pay tax to the government because if they do the wages of salaries could be better . Please am beginning to the labour minister to look into this matter .imagine K400.00 monthly salary.

  4. Edward kafita

    The people of Zambia have suffered a lot in this fashion,local contractors too

  5. mulenga Julius


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