Grade 7 Results Post 100% Countrywide Pass Rate

All the 388,331 candidates who sat for the grade seven composite examinations have been selected to grade 8, bringing the national progression rate to 100 percent from 99.14 recorded in 2017.


Ministry of General Education David Mabumba has however revealed that out of 388,442 candidates that sat for the 2018 grade seven examination, 239,024 candidates obtained divisions, 1, 2 and 3 representing 61.53 of the total candidates that sat the examination.


Speaking during a media briefing in Lusaka today, Mr. Mabumba adds that a total of 149,307 candidates obtained divisions 4.


Mr. Mabumba explained that a further analysis of the results along the lines of gender revealed that boys performed better than girls in all subjects except the English Language.


Meanwhile Mr. Mabumba is concerned with the 55,258 candidates who were absent from examination.


The Minister has reiterated that in 2019 the Ministry will focus on implementing reforms in order to address challenges facing the education sector.



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    • Chonto Abiathar

      Its good encouragement to teachers and parents in return.
      The time of releasing results is good but next time allow it much earlier so that parents plan well during the festivals.

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    We thank the teachers congraturation?

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      thank you teacher but continue doing the same even to the grade 9 & 12 cause this year the grade 9 & 12 no bwino bwino

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        It’s good to the grade 7 we appreciate teachers but know we warriad about grade twelvies and 9

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    Good timing by govt release results bcoz chrismas gift. I appreciate the timing 2 make parants attend 2 education than buying beer. Compliment of the season and happy chrismas

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    well done teachers continue working with the same spirit so that whole country will be educated and also work Hard for the G 9 and G12 and also to educate every Zambian because we are the future leaders of our mother Zambia I highly appreciate the ministry of Education for the effort they are putting our young brothers and sisters.Thank you

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    what of the Grade 9 results

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    Well done teachers… This is good keep it up

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    well done teachers but work on grade 9 results now leakage pupils

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    We thank both the teachers and pupils for working as a co-operate body to achieve this the you ba Education sector congrates

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    Congratulations to the teachers. I was trying to check for the results of my daughter but I have failed.

  18. Sinior Danny

    Comment the percentage for the pupils is good but now the challenge is teachers are provided with shallom information due to the revised of the curriculum so the ministry of general education must
    check if the curriculum is ok and in rural areas teachers are few

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    thanks 4 all teachers .. c

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    Congratulations to the teachers and kids who sat for the exams for their hard work.

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    Wow, when are the results going to be shown

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    I hope I won’t have grade eights who don’t know how to read in my class next year.

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    Congrates teachers for the treamendous effort u instiled in our beloved learners who have made it to G8, thanks so much.

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    Excellent teachers,parents and Pupils

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    Thumbs up to the pupils and teachers

  35. lex Mule

    Universal education goals being realized but quality naturally and G9 results 2 years later will be affected in basic schools given very low selection points let’s not blame them when that time comes.

  36. Tony William Miti

    How can one check the results using the phone?

  37. Indoshi yaba Tonga

    How come when some pupils are unable to read. Grade 8 teacher’s you need to up the game. It is proper dununa reverse.

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    What was the cut off point?

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    Yaa….yaa…I personally can only say congratulations to teachers when grade nine and twelve results are out with the same progression rate.

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    Wow wonderful performance but empower teacher by increasing they salaries for the wonderful job they have done. Employ more teacher so that society should know the use of education.

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      Congratulations to our hardworking teachers thumbs to Ministry of Education and Govt at large

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    Congrats to all g7 pupils who sat for the exams & to all the teachers….. job well done.

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    welldone teacher’s

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    pupils you are great, keep it up

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    Conguratulation to the teachers and pupils of this year.

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    By the way what is the cut off point for girls here in Lusaka?

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    what is the point of writing the exam if everyone can pass to grade eight? examiners needs to be checked serious how can they set questions to make everyone pass?

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    Well done to both teachers and pupil for working hand in hand so as to produce such an awesome yield in the nation.may you please do the same to both the remained class(g 9 and 12).

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    congratulations to u my fellow primary teachers for job well done.

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    this is bad..g7 exams are useless should b revised

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    this is bad there’s no way everyone can pass exams…g7 exams have lost its authenticity they must b revised…this is bad

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    Thanks so much our Zambian teachers, but plz BA government come to our aid here in Choma school fees too high children that is the reseason they drop school, plz govt

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    We Thanks both Teacher’s and Pupils for working hard

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    Congratulations to all grade seven’s job well done guys and to all the teachers good job.

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      Good implementation of the revised curriculum by us teachers.Congratulations

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    I salute you TEACHERS

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    Grade 7 depends on the number of grade8 places available in a particular year.Private schools must be commended for effectively contributing to the creation of more grade8 places. They reserve government assistance in terms of teaching and learning requisites Well done all grade 7, 2018 teachers in both pvty and public schools!!

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    congratulations to all grade seven teachers keep it up. hey! guyz the highest got???

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    We thank you teachers for the out come that’s good news keep it up please continue with the same spirit and congrats to you and to our children.


    we did it as teachers! while!

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    How do you check grade 7 results?

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    Nice one but what about results for grade nines


    thenkyou teachers for the work that u have done but i will only brame the govement for giving you small sary

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      Congratulations all to you all the qualified candidates. To you teachers I say job well done and may the good Lord increase your wisdom as you execute your duties profeasionally.

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    Comments job well done to all teachers I say keep pushing and do your best I love u all

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    How do we know they all passed without the cut off point being given. Well done to all grade 7 pupils

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    Are you sure leakage iyi mbambika

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    Now wat is the cut off point for the grade 7s ?

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    It is good to have such results ans kindly advise me on the cut off points for girls and boys in Lusaka.

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    Well done G7n’s but we dont know 4de G9n’s wat wll appen.

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    everybody keeps on congratulating da teachers, but I don’t think we thank da teachers for preparing our students well, but for giving our children leakages. in my opinion i think this passing is not genuine. we shud all b concerned coz our education standards keep on deteriorating coz of leakages.

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    thank you to all the teachers

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    When did G9 n G12 result will be released for 2018 Congratulations for All candidates

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    Congratulation but to the grade twelves and mines I hope they will know Jesus Christ if they don’t know Him

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    Congratulations teachers continue with the same spirit


    secondary school teachers are at work now cause they are receiving some pupils who don’t even know how to read and write

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