Katanga Declares War on Criminal Gangs in Kitwe

Notorious criminal gangs are back on the Copperbelt after police seemed to have made strides weeding them out with Copperbelt Commissioner Charity Katanga re-activating her troops to step up their efforts.

Kitwe had receded to some semblance of normalcy after some gang members were rounded in May-April this year but the gangs are back terrorizing the community.

The gangs that are identifiable by some notorious names like 90 Niggas, Sons of the Devil, Fluffy and Tokota boys have become the nightmare of Kitwe residents.

Katanga said the police command has been alerted to the reinvention of these criminal gangs.

She said that her command will hunt down the gang members and restore sanity in Kitwe.

“Police officers will be on ground. We appeal to members of the public, we hear that in Kitwe there is a certain group of four people who are clad in military uniforms with firearms and are pretending to be from Zambia army, and sometimes move with batons. So when the citizens see suspicious looking people in their areas let them coordinate as quickly as possible and give information to police,” Katanga said.

“The problem we have is that when members of the public are attacked they go to the media instead of giving information to the police, this makes our work difficult. We encourage members of the public to always feel free to report to police any issues,” she added.



    tizakuchindapo mahala kikikiki our dicks are starving kikikiki

  2. Volvo

    People of copper belt why evry time when you hear some rumours of criminals is copper belt why copala

  3. Herv Rena

    C.b is economicall a risky place culminating from unemployment.with the impending retrenchments we shall see mor gangs proping up.There is a huge time bomb ahead.

  4. ksz

    Ba katanga we are agree with you what you are saying members of public report to the media instead of police Ba police banyanya ifya kudemanda fyalifula you find that they told you to buy fuel but yuo are a victim how can they subject a complainant like this but with the media there on interest is story full stop

  5. Mpombo

    If they’re putting on military uniform take caution before you fire We don’t want any uniformed person to die in friendly fire Then call for an investigation when damage is done

  6. Ama stories ya so chilankalipa

    We brame the police because you like playing with the so called fake gangs’
    the only story i hear is we have arrested the gang members,
    after time time i don’t even hear where u tke them’
    do u release them?

  7. Darius Alters

    Shit we cant have peace in our own motherland again just because of all these little rats

  8. mulenga m

    Those Rats should be just killed instantly..,why even entertaining them? They ar not fit to be in the society.

  9. Razor

    Criminal gangs are giving hell to Katanga on the copperbelt but if it was opposition members they would already be arrested.

  10. Nyo pata

    That’s the weakness with our law inforcers, they jxt sit on such cases… Let them continue if to sterilize people

  11. related

    Don’t worry about that, that is because of no job in this country, go ahead for the first time second quarter you will see, what of 2021.

    • Jack Kashingu

      Police large your operations and if you want to work with community give us the line to use in communication with police office not the emergency their don’t answer

  12. DO OR DIE

    You arrested ba TOKOTA, were are they?

  13. Trevor pambwe

    Aaaa mwami avuta che mpaka adyemo nokamba pa 4n ati(hallo hallo nikuti uko aaaa tabwela)bt afola

  14. Mr dundumwenze

    To the police and judges sides there is nothing wrong,the problem is president Edgar lungu, lungu is a very long president because the police can arrest them and court is doing their job professionally then lungu come and pardon those stupid criminals, to me that is being nonsense and I will never appreciate lungu in his terms in office because asiya nchito yake nakusokoneza vintu vili straight that is being foolish.bamanga achosa at bamuone kuti niwachifundo wonawe mange to pardon the criminals, 593 criminals kubachosa mwanya Ku copper belt kwanu uko ise kuno Ku southern province kuli ziiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiii.

  15. Mr dundumwenze

    And don’t forget once lungu continue to pardon the criminals charity Katanga’s life will be on danger because of those criminals. So my advice to you Katanga just change your place otherwise you will lose your life because lungu is working against you.

  16. Hannaniah

    I think Zambia Reports should start restricting some of the comments from stupid people

  17. Lungu

    Mwanya Bambuya Ba Jonathan Mtawari,timanga Eve A Chosa, Ma Rubish Mu Plot One

  18. Sakala

    Why to pardon the criminals? you go to America you will find the criminals their are in cells because of their foolishness, now who is lungu to pardon those stupid criminals?

  19. Benjamin

    Glad To See The Police Doing There Work

  20. wsdm mwale

    Use soldiers to eliminate them. police personnel are useless in such matters.

  21. Dr Fonicks

    The re-emergency of the criminal gangs makes a sad reading. If they seem to be too problematic, just shoot to kill when you confront them because they are no good to society. that is why in some developed countries they are eliminated through dubious or mysterious means. they’re making people live in fear. I know it is by law to take them to court and stuff like that. The authorities must surely come up with something tangible to get rid of these rats. this is not Nigeria where they have groups like boko haram. these rats can’t be a big worry to our hard working police officers. I urge you to eliminate them tactfully. bakoswe abo ebo balecusha abantu. ata !!!

  22. related

    If the Police cache them, the president would realize that rats if the community find one just barn with petrol that is the only thing you can do.

  23. Coco

    They are a PF invention . They are encouraged by PF tolerating them for political mileage .
    Katanga has no power to deal with Jerabos who have PF in their pockets . Just like Katanga herself , they are PF cadres and Katanga knows this .
    The Zambian Army should move in and sort out these criminal scoundrels
    who are abusing their uniforms .





  26. Criminal gangs

    We inserted our dicks in katanga’s cunt ahh ouch she cried and we released our sperms

  27. Truth man

    Does Katanga realise that the reason why people report to the media is because of frustration? Why can’t she put her house in order first? Some police stations are run like business entities where officers solicit for payment indirectly by delayed action. Some senior officers at certain police stations are holding offices for decoration they fail to supervise their juniors.Patrols are never carried out to prevent these noted criminal activities like breakings,muggings and so on.Wearing of heavy ranks is meaningless if it is not matched with efficient crime control. The police should not find excuses whenever criminal activities are high in an area, they should stand to the occasion and be on the ground to control the situation. To me it would appear the police are admitting failure to control the rising criminal activities in Kitwe.

  28. Criminal gangs

    Truth man uzachiona we know you your balls behind ears will be sliced

  29. me

    Basketball Copperbelt insala ubututu bwachilamo please go to school instead of joining ifyabupuba mukakula Lisa kanshi

    • me

      Ba Copperbelt insala ubututu bwachilamo please go to school instead of joining ifyabupuba mukakula Lisa kanshi

  30. TOKOTA

    mind you am around watch out

  31. chipata boy

    improy more police officer in copper belt prove

  32. central power

    Use carders to fight them with pangas and dont waste govt resources on useless things.
    you don’t want to employ pipo so this is the results.

  33. patriot

    Ba Katanga stop pretending and lying to the public. We know very well your dark activities. You work in conjunction with these dangerous robbers and innocent victims’ blood is on your hands as well. You receive kickbacks from the criminals. You were personally seen visiting a robbers den recently. All those robberies like the recent one at Zambeef you know the perpetrators. Even the Anti robbery squad knows.

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