Charles Musonda Appointed TP Mazembe Assistant Coach

Former Chipolopolo midfielder Charles Musonda is coming closer home after being unveiled as assistant coach at TP Mazembe.

Musonda, better known in his heyday as ‘Charlie Cool’ has been in Belgium where he was equipment manager at Anderlecht.

He has also been in the spotlight with his footballing sons having ducked pleas to turn up for Zambia.

The most talented of the three sons, Charly is in the books of Chelsea but has failed to break into the first team leading to continuous loan spells.




    just come to Zambia and take over from stupid sven aka ka horror movie star

  2. mathews mbewe

    Comment just come to your own country, make your country proud Charles, no better place like home & bring even your sons to there country

  3. Luck Muwaya

    Just come with your family home is laka.

  4. Pulande

    With these guys Zambia has been last thing to save, they have never been like Kalu…kalu is the real Zambian, with Zambia at the center of his football career

  5. Abena kafue

    Charlie don’t be cheated to come to Zambia. Ba coach tabafola. Ask wada. Even the current coach. Wait.

  6. Osei

    Zambian product

  7. bobo


  8. kasesema

    Ala Telwesha pa Zambia bukaitemwe bwlichilamo

  9. francis

    kk eleven the computer Charles Musonda just come and take over from this muzungu.

  10. bravo

    Nooo Charlie don’t make mistake bro better in the diaspora and enjoy life to the fullest.They will bewitch you and your sons and in no time will they play better football. So save your own life and legacy just as u are doing it.The Zambia that u left many years way back is not the Zambia today my bro.I thank you for your intelligence and critical thinking with good analysis skills.God has blessed you so hold dearly to that blessing. Your colleagues are just leaflaughs and wallowing in abject povert.Therefore better safe than sorry.

  11. tobby king byabya

    you can do well by coming to Zambia

  12. Mr.Him

    that would be nice to see junior Charley at work maybe he might be the saviour we’ve been longing for in Chipolopolo set up.

  13. Herv Rena

    Mwandi tekwesia pa z .Kuwaya waya fye bafolela mutumba.ishandi nanomba,balyakana.

  14. George

    Equipment Manager to Coach…. What does the Equipment Manager do?

  15. Joachim's

    A big welcome you Mr Charles Musonda to your home land in Africa, no place is like home sir, I want to congratulate you for being appointed as an assistant coach at TP mazembe which is a great archivement to you.
    it’s true when God directs you, surely their will be no one to redirect your progress sir.

  16. MUKUKA Emmanuel

    No place is better than home Mr bravo the bemba say kumwenunikwikoshi which means you should not forget your behind this man is the zambian jst come to your nation

  17. bravo

    Emma my bro the fact is us Zambians we don’t appreciate its better he maintains being in the diaspora for his great dignity.ngaisa kuno akebukisha nakubasungu muzambia tefintu nakalya.don’t for get what you did to the hardworking French man rennae

  18. Yehoshua

    This is one thing we can’t take away from kalu that is patriotism. Leave musonda with his family, all the best. There are a number of blacks in Europe looking for a country they can call home but here we have musonda

  19. chilufya

    home is home

  20. Ahmad sawendeli

    just have confidence in you self, even were he is today he can die, but what help us is God in everything we do. musonda if you want you can come in Zambia, and remember that money it’s not true life. True life is the life of the soul which will never perishable.

  21. Pulande

    Musonda and his family are not proud Zambians, tuwelewe,tupuba,tunangwa fye…

  22. Jms

    Have you ever seen a wife bringing her self in a house shame most people don’t know how one could enter a certain environment the government doesn’t recognize their players thats why they are scattered YOU WILL NEVER PROGRESS UNTIL YOU START RECOILING YOUR OWN

  23. Emmzyannah

    Do what your heart wants to….otherwise you will regret

  24. Tefyo

    Don’t try chali the same idiot who are saying just come home will be the same idiots who will be insulting u. And here in Zambia u will not be paid my dear if u want to stave your family to death come to Zambia

  25. Brow-g

    Mwandi weise limbi kuti bakutinako

  26. charles musonda

    sininga yese aids yapakisa muzambia atase panyo panu monse

  27. Smart Mwale

    Lol Awee Sure Ndepitakofye Ba Charlie Cool

  28. ok

    Just come to Zambia .remember that it’s the same Zambia which send you there fuck u

  29. Central power

    Coaching in Zambia is a share waste of time just concert rat e on your first appointment otherwise you will regret ifyaba bola mu Zambia pipo don’t appreciate u will be insulted in the first loss lobe

  30. charles musonda

    zambian kwacha no value, mahule nabo bali cheap atase cholera all over including government complex


    please leave this man alone better be at TP mazembe as a coach than here to be a zed coach.bakalamba tekwesha bakamiponya amakilos lekeni umusungu ababombe pantu balamutina kuti abatwala ku ICJ ngabakana ukumufolesha or ask ba kalu balamweba imipanba yabacikile bola pa zed kuwaya wayafye

  32. Charlie

    welcome back

  33. mr peace

    He is not former chipolopolo player but magnificent KK11.Any he may come to Zambia if he wishes but Zambia are always negative when someone is in.They only appreciate before and after.Nikulimba..What of people who do accept to loose?

  34. Bowa

    Tekweshya Boi ukachula takwaba money kuno lobe

  35. Footballer

    It’s Zambia!!!! Backward never go forward ever. Zambian football end in 1993 from there Zambia kuwayawayafye ine I can’t encourage you to come back here even me I am about to leave Zambia

  36. bigpompa

    Don’t come pa zed, BA player makula, kwisa kumwene shamo.

  37. Charlie lol

    People please we don’t need a kit man to come and coach z real men like the great kalu just came back and made us proud, for your info if you can’t make it in Belgium you can’t make it anywhere, wafwasa.

  38. Mweni Kasumpa

    Leave Chalie Cool alone. He is a mature person. You Zambians you don’t appreciate. Yes he can get back to his own country only if we change. Where is Kalu? Same people who tarnished Zambian Football are the same who will make you fail and make stupid comments. Please Mr do what the heart is telling you to do. God bless you.

  39. kalamba

    Comment I support pulande,yo Charlie is not Zambian, y pleading him now, y didn’t he bring his bone’s when We Zambian’s lost our heroes in 1993? I go for kalu for life and proudly Zambian’s

  40. kalamba 2

    Comment yo so called Charles musonda never love’s Zambian’s, we needed him when we where in pain’s and never thought of us Zambian’s, We lost the game to naiger in 1994 because of that foolish,I’m telling it heart me to hear that name I love football and proudly Zambian’s

  41. Abudou

    The problem of us Zambian we always discourage instead of make one thing like our motto, just to encouraging Charles & his family to come back home simple.

  42. Makwayanga Emmanuel

    Good News, but better you come home help develop football in your country.

  43. Zico

    that’s fine

  44. serge mutabwa

    Dont come mwandi Zambians dnt appreciate pipos efforts u ll just make one mistake and insults u like u are no hero so big man my advise would be jst take the Tp job

  45. charles musonda

    imwe nakambakudala panyo panu I can’t come not even my son charly junior munapusa maningi pamozi na kalusha fuck Zambia fuck faz

  46. Ba Passion

    He still thinks Zambians play football nobwanga, wait nd see ku Congo wiile


    Dont Com Mwandi Kacikala.


    Dont Com Mwandi .

  49. franskon

    Comment. don’t come in this corrupt country

  50. Jonathan

    Tekwesha mwandi, tabafolesha ama coaches echalenga na H. Renard ukuya. If you want ask wada and George Chicken 🐓 lwandamina

  51. Mc dee

    Ichimeko ba musonda,country men don’t waste your time crying over spilled milk.

  52. James

    Let him be

  53. Alfred

    wow,big Charley cool.we ar proud of u congrats for the new challenge as assistant coach, but my brotherly advice to u sir.never ever be cheated to listen to what these pipo ar saying. Zambia is no gud for coaches the moment u will loose 4 games the same pipo will start insulting you n u will loose all the divinity we gv u today.better were u ar than Zambia,no bwino-bwino.

  54. jojo

    Osayesa mwandi.

  55. Bruno mars the moonshine jungle master

    Don’t come to zambia takwaba fisuma iyoo just go to tp m

  56. Gsl

    Please my brother don’t come live your life there please

  57. Nyanyanya

    Mwandi nangu batukane tabaliko ninshi wabombele Zambia. Congratulations my bro as ass church to to m. Even your sins are doing much better than these who are talking rubbish but wallowing in abjet poverty. Let them learn to appreciate yo efforts u made pa zed.

  58. Gabriel Marcel

    From equipment manager to assistant manager is quite an achievement if you ask me

  59. Mukosha Freddie

    home is good just come pazed

  60. firefolksy

    Don’t even think about it..just stay there and enjoy your life with your family.Zambia is not good for your health

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