Input Delivery through Smart Zambia Posts over 90% Access

A total of 955,594 small scale farmers out of the targeted one million have been captured by the Smart Zambia institute as at the close of business on 31st December, 2018.

Agriculture Minister Michael Katambo, said the captured farmers are those who deposited their 400 kwacha contribution.

Katambo said redeeming of inputs has progressed well with 382,989 farmers from the districts that are under the direct input supply and 435,854 farmers have managed to do so through the card less electronic modality through agro dealers bringing the total to 818,843 representing 86 percent farmers that have responded.

He said a total of 1.02 billion Kwacha required for agro dealers, the Ministry has paid invoices amounting to 327.6 Million Kwacha further adding invoices of 423.6 million Kwacha are currently processed for payment by the treasury.

The ministry will close the accepting of farmer deposits for the K400 farmer contribution at the close of business on Monday 7th January, 2019.

And Katambo said that the Ministry will now deal with ensuring that all farmers that have made their 400 contribution deposits access their inputs so that the country’s households and national food security is assured.


  1. but Zoona a!!!

    Peleni ama farmers money please mr Katambo you are now distroying lungu’s name, if iam a president i can fare you and all pf carders.


    a total number of 23 co-operative societies thats about 200 small scale famers in chibombo district keembe block chiyuni camp didn’t benefit due to the corrupt local leaders in connection with the camp officers and the DACO. they diverted the inputs to some big famers who gave them money to do so. please Hon Katambo help us with this issue.your consideration will be greatly appreciated.

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