Kitwe Police Corner Mealie Meal Smugglers

Police in Kitwe have intercepted two trucks laden with 25kg bags of mealie meal destined for the Democratic Republic of Congo.

And six people have been arrested in connection with the illegal transportation of 775×25kg bags of mealie meal to the neighbouring DRC.

Copperbelt Commissioner of Police Charity Katanga said the trucks laden with bags of mealie meal were intercepted near Kakolo area in Kitwe.

“We have impounded two trucks one broke down along the road and was laden with bags of mealie meal which the community had started looting before our officers were alerted. The other truck was impounded just a few meters ahead. In the process we arrested people who are currently in police custody,” she said.

However, the Commissioner of Police was unable to divulge other details but further appealed to members of the public to help police in curbing such vices.

“As Police we will intensify motorised and foot patrols but we still cannot be everywhere, I therefore want to appeal to members of the public to partner with us. As you may be aware mealie meal smuggling can be a threat to food security if left unchecked, “she added.

The activities of smuggling continue despite Congolese authorities having shut border points with Zambia in view of elections that were held on Sunday.


  1. chiko

    It’s a threat already muletwishika. Milie meal price is too high

  2. Paul

    What is the penalty for such people who are caught smuggling mealie meal in the D R Congo?

    • Chimfwembe Tresphord

      Should be prosecuted and the trucks they were using be forfeited to the government as a detarant from the would be offenders.

  3. 1BORN.V

    Make a recruit again so that you become many officers so that you do well your job without fail

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    🔜am coming as future leader

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