Pres. Lungu Confirms Availability for Jan 18 Dialogue

State House has taken a swipe at political commentators that have been trading insults over the national dialogue process in public.

And President Edgar Lungu’s spokesperson Amos Chanda says the Head of State will attend the national dialogue meeting set for January 18, 2019.

Chanda told journalists at State House today that President Lungu was committed to national dialogue and hoped that Church Mother Bodies and the Zambia Centre for Inter Party Dialogue would bridge their differences.

He said that that ZCID and the church should find a proper functional arrangement for holding the national dialogue.

Chanda said the process has already began to explore arrangements to include the Zambia Centre for Interparty Dialogue.

He said President Lungu has emphasized that dialogue is an important national process beyond individual and partisan interests.

Chanda said the national dialogue is about the people of Zambia and every stakeholder must ensure that they put the interests of the population first.

He said the national dialogue must address constitutional, political and legislative reforms.

Chanda said President Lungu is disappointed at stakeholders that have been trading insults in public over the dialogue process and wants the integrity of the process shielded from misrepresentation by stakeholders.

He said negatives such as the outcome of the December 28, 2018 dialogue meeting that was aimed at maligning the Head of State should not be tolerated and must be avoided to allow for sincerity and transparency in the national dialogue process.

And Chanda disclosed that the report on the wok of the Commission of Inquiry into Electoral Violence and Voting Patterns is ready and will be presented to President Lungu soon.


  1. Ba Mwaata

    Way to go yo Excellence we love & hope those firing insults will stop b4 18th coz we will not tolarate them insult u in public…bazamuziba mukungu

    • leon

      Dialogue for what who wronged who I see no reason for it

  2. Ba Mwaata

    Way to go yo Excellence we love & hope those firing insults will stop b4 18th coz we will not tolarate them insult u in public…bazamuziba mulungu

  3. KwaZulu

    Nditse bantu bamodzi we need peace not panga we should fight ing for economy not fighting for state house, is us who voters who can put you their , if not we can change!! use yo common sence plz mwativutitsa imwe Bantu.

  4. Skb

    This is the approach that most of us were looking forward to. MATURE and diplomatic.For the sake of our dear Mother ZAMBIA, let’s put cheap childish politics aside. Let’s embrace an honest desire to move our Nation forward. Insults before , during and after this process should be treated with the contept they deserve.Long live the DIALOGUE PROCESS. LONG LIVE MOTHER ZAMBIA. Thank you Mr President.

  5. maxmillan

    way to go

  6. chiko

    Nothing last forever

  7. King cool

    I think what I can suggest is that, the national dialogue should focus on, election process and how they should announce the winners of the elections. They should also mention of the public order ACT. They should also mention of the cadrerism and police brutality on the oppositions , let them also mention of the inequality of the roads that are being made without a durable life span.

    • Steven mungalu

      I support that and that is main to consider. I say because it’s affecting the national affairs.

    • Gaffer

      Of course my dear

  8. Mr. Bemba land is great

    Some fools may think they are egual to you during the process you are. His excellency the president of the republic of zambia and must give respect or we shall pull you out there is no crises in Zambia crises imagination of losers

  9. Herv Rena

    This dialog s recomendation shoud not b subjected to parliamentary procdures.They ll defeat the purpose cos pf will shoot evrything down.

  10. Kem hero

    If this be the truth then fine Mr lunch job well done hoping to see its effect

  11. Steven mungalu

    Politicians are confusing the citizens. I say so because their promises during the campaigning period are fake. We will start arresting you. Citizens arrest should be active. Every time politics no progress busy wasting our time to support you then your living is good. We need the good outcome when you seat in that meeting. Tatuyandi kumvwa kuti cimwi ticambaulwa per alimwi umwi wakatakata. Mutusowela ciindi you call yourselves leaders then you are failing to resolve the problems for the country. You are old enough.we are tired of hearing that name so called dialogue. Finish it on that day. Don’t take us for granted us citizens. Please all stakeholders should be there in that meeting not for allowances,foods and enjoyment seating.

  12. bravo

    Mungalu point taken only if there can be such a realisation from our leaders

  13. Sylvester Kambowa

    Lets show maturity in making the date. better dialogue than monologue.
    let journalists do their part in due course let it not in camera.
    this is in interest of the zambians.

  14. Lion of judah

    Foolish Zambians

  15. john kalunga

    how long we being waitin since last year…..pf just ka formalite to attend it

  16. Gaffer

    Of course my dear

  17. Philip

    In a village set up, we live together as exetend families” know, in a situation were children born from the same village keep on quarreling,fighting,killing each other and calling each other names, its the parents of these children who seats down and find a solution to end the infighting.

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