High Court Grants Mumbi Phiri Restraining Order Against Kambwili Attacks

The Lusaka High Court has issued a restraining order against NDC consultant Chishimba Kambwili against issuing disparaging remarks against PF Deputy Secretary General Mumbi Phiri.

This follows an application for an interim injunction by Phiri to restrain Kambwili from further issuing defamatory statements against her.

The outspoken Phiri has sued Kambwili in the Lusaka High Court for defamation following the alleged remarks uttered by the Roan Member of Parliament that she needs help for drug addiction by the Drugs Enforcement Commission.

Phiri is claiming for K1 million for defamation.

The plaintiff has in her court action sought damages for allegations by Kambwili that she is corrupt and received kickbacks from Chinese and Lebanese contractors with which she built her house.

Phiri wants the court to order Kambwili to offer her general and aggravated damages.

In this matter it is alleged that Kambwili uttered defamatory words, which have injured Phiri’s political and professional standing in society.

Hearing on the matter has been set to February 11 ,2019.


  1. leon

    HH should also sue for 2 million

  2. Kambwili

    How many court cases am I going to stand pls you people?????

    • Jonas Sampa

      You are now in deep waters my brother,its the last hour you are almost there

    • Luke Mwale

      The problem with kambwili is that he talks too much and its like he knows everything in this country. To be honest u can’t be President in 2021 u are just wasting time ,its better u build yourself not on hate but on love .Your politics is that of personal attacks and to be honest its better u change your language. I use to like u but u have become childish and foolish. You were my inspiration but l never came to your office to ask for anything because u failed to find a decent job for your last born sister Febby kambwili who is suffering renting two rooms in kabanana site and service with all those children. You find her a job at a Chinese company and they didn’t renew her contract. ,the same Chinese u insult.Please my young brother be gentle in your character.

    • Peter zulu

      Its ok mudala. You are a real man. These court cases are nothing to you. We trust you bwana.

  3. Ck

    I dnt have momey to waste

  4. p buka

    Please lets pray on it so that it shall not come again

  5. Majoni Tyson

    Mumbai Phiri, claiming for a k1m vindicates that yo love for money is beyond what any one can imagine.it’s obvious that Mr kambwili spoke de truth don’t deny it but change for better.

  6. King cool

    Yes Chishimba Kambwili was right, how can mumbi Phiri sues her friend demanding K1 m yes she’s a money lover . She is just pretending that she never received a bribe from the Chinese. The truth it pains. Thanks CK remain focused

  7. FGM

    Court hearings are good because they give chance to the general public to know what goes on in the darkness.

  8. bravo

    Thatsy I enjoy komboni life which is free from court sessions and plenty of news and stories via the net maaaa.on this matter I have decided to be mute



  10. Jms

    This is an restraining order I wonder if you have to appear in Court CK is right why worsting money If one built something using his or her money their is no need for him to get angry unless its true. If you hear a lion ‘s voice even her (Mumbai) knows that their is something occurring

  11. Man wa Man

    Kambwili spoke his mind and for Mumbi pf chipili ‘s demand for 1million kwacha from him shows how corrupt she is now wants his corrupt court friend to rob from kambwili as he watch

  12. Jms


  13. Bashi Levy

    Elo lwanya

  14. Bashi Levy

    Mwebantu learn to check your English before you submit your comment twapapaata.


    Money is what I need so kambwili I need money like the way I collected from Chinese and other corruption is what I dream with my colleagues in government

  16. Bashi Levy

    Mwebantu remember to check your English before you submit your comment twapapaata.

  17. Barred from the bar

    Very biased courts. Such an order is never given to opposition members. Zambia should import the South African judiciary

  18. Edison


  19. Kapijimpanga

    Kambwili is very foolish he is corrupt cases of corruption are in courts those supporting him are stupid


    akanwa katali kaletelele bamfungo ba doctor kambwili kuwayawayafye personal atack its pet politicks imwe ngamwakula its fine bambi ati baliiba you are a doom politician

  21. Bbc

    I have a question is, do complanint charge? If yes why going to court?


    Please find an alternative way of solving this issue as you madam Phiri you know that an empty tin makes noise try to ignore and forgive him twapapata mwebantu




    ahh nizakuchinda mahala ka mumbi you have a sweet tight cunt kikikiki


    Chimbwili nizakugela mavuzi yapamatako kikikikiki

  26. Pumpken

    Ba kambwili beniko ngaba mutation twapapata.sale yourself diligently, you can not gain popularity through insults. This shows you where you come from and how you were brought up.I like Mr mutati’s standing on national issues and I would suggest of to bring back him in 2021 as a running mate to completely end hh’ apolitical ambition and so called alliance. I know mmd and of are still in good books they can as well make an alliance to to stop these other opposition parties without agendas and vision. Thankyou.


    iwe chimbwili nalakuponona kakakakakaka

  28. defiled girl

    nilibe mau

  29. Apostal paul

    Kkk politics is indeed a game

  30. Umuntu

    These pipo they think kambwili is their pay master?

  31. Jms

    LET ME REPEAT MY SELF Their no need for a restraining order to apear in court if we don’t have lawyers consult to good law makers they will tell you

  32. musutu

    Comment no smok without fire

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