Police Officers in Shootout at Munali Police Post

05TH JANUARY, 2019 – There was a report of shooting at Munali Police Post in Lusaka in which a Police Officer identified as Constable Lennox Kapila aged 26 was shot at by another Police Officer identified as Constable Edwin Kabasiya of Meanwood Kamwena Police Post in Lusaka.

This occurred on 4th January, 2019 between 20 45 hours and 2100 hours at Munali Police Post.

Constable Kabasiya is reported to have gone to Munali Police Post  where he picked up a quarrel with Constable Kapila and later shot him in the stomach using an AK 47 riffle. The cause of the argument has not yet been established.

Constable Kapila sustained a gunshot  wound in the right side of the stomach and was rushed to Levy Mwanawasa University Teaching Hospital. As at last night, the projectile was still stuck in the stomach.

The suspect is on the run armed with  an AK 47 riffle and a manhunt has been launched.




  1. Professor Banda

    Have you see! these are Cadres,watch out.


    Imwe ma police ba muma town nkhalankoni na chikondi nabanzanu monga mwamene bakondelana na kukhululupilana banzanu ma police bamu lundazi.My advise to the police officer who is on the run is!just be with God and hundle yourself to any oolice office.When you won’t do so it will mean that you did it deriberatly.

  3. Mutale chisanga

    That’s very dangerous

  4. Kalijo

    Where were the other officers on duty? There are always more one officer on duty at a station. It sound a joke to have an officer shot at his work place by an intruder, then intruder goes scot free.



  6. Petauke power

    kill him if he z a problm

  7. Hop kido

    What went wrong between those two ?

  8. Mutawale

    Why can these police guys just love one another the same way or even just close to the same way they love money??

  9. provost martial

    this officer is still armed with a rifle meaning he’s not ready to submit, take him him down at once because he’s no longer a police officer but a bandit, he’s now a threat to security in a country.

  10. Emmanuel banda

    Let the law work on such matters please……….

  11. Garry pounds

    Why killing each other in a new year … it’s not good please
    Police man iye chaipa

  12. Indoshi palupe

    Am just waiting to hear he slept with my wife! Confused generation.

  13. bravo

    Cadreism without etiquettes. The blame goes back to the entire police station put everyone behind bars for interrogation and negligence.How possible is it that two fun officers can fire arms at each other then the other one runs away haaaaaa kkkkkkkkk this is mappet in fact tezindangwa iyooo this is nani munani takwaba which training was that ok ?

  14. mulele

    Kanganja’s sons. Where is their father?

  15. Enoch Naluz

    Yes to me this is not strange.By the way how do you espect cadres to behave?This is the only result when you employ irrettratrate pipo.

  16. Contriver

    Osei,gangsta grabs,jms and ?learn from yo friends

  17. Gmam

    Check spelling before submitting. It’s ‘ illiterate ‘

  18. Trevor pambwe

    De Zambian police they don’t say wt happens wen de shame z on dem.

  19. Pythias Mambwe

    The only thing that our government should work on is to remove the human rights at the military training schools cause the two officers are so indiscipline to pick a quarrel at a work place and couldn’t listen to their seniors on duty.l believe every shift has the senior most.This goes back to the training instructors who made those two officers who were half backed to pass out.Previously we had had well desciplined officers fired,convicted or implicated and loose employment over petty cases which would be sorted administratively, now this is the result of keeping officers who are criminal minded in the service.Now becauseof kabasiya’s frustrations, the community is endangered and also his wife including the nation at large.Remember that firearm is in the hands of a trained personnel. Chili Kuli owe kabasiya.

  20. chikuwe

    Try to recruiting mature men not kids.ema results aya.

  21. Expandable 2

    Cadets at work

  22. One zed manex

    Aoneka anadya eka

  23. ganizani

    Breaking news….Torres country program manager (mr ken crutcher an american) rans away without paying employees their redundancy benefits. Employees were promised in the presence USA embassy officials and ministry of labour officers at the meeting held at the American Embassy comference room. This is true news….go to the USA embassy in ibex and talk former torres employees. Torres lost a contract to G4S.

  24. Pelekelo

    Yangu!!!!! Twafwa uuli na munina! Ashale!

  25. Head

    Stupid officer and I wonder why the so called Police officer who canf

  26. Mc dee

    Muppet moppet gumshoes….when we tell the PIG(police inspector general) wise up with you guys it seem as if we are joke cracking.see now these your nitwit guys have gone astray,& now having a shooting spree.shame on you the P.I.G!!!

  27. kris muko

    the probleme of employing failers

  28. Moses simwanza

    To bad to their families.
    What courses the incident please?

  29. Amon chola mwale

    I see no reason for an officer to shootup his fellow officer. Let’s hope for better of that officer in hospital.

  30. Bashi Kay

    This is not a laughing or political matter the police who is on the run is a danger to society and the country at large.

  31. Constable Kapila


  32. Police on the run armed with an AK 47 riffle

    chikala walakwaonso nibwela nyini ni yanga

  33. stevol stoto

    this is the benefits of recruiting cadres……..
    BOMA iyanganepo and punish him.

  34. NJEMA peter

    Are they fighting positions?

  35. francis Baddin

    gvt should introduce a policy to check on the state of brain functionality before recruiting police officers

  36. Joseph

    some pf0cadres, they behavers like anti virus.

  37. Tres K Tru

    In Zambia 🇿🇲 police 👮 they is a lot of corruption and that’s the result of employing people who has no passion of joining the service,because if really me Edwin has a passionate heart of been in the Zambia 🇿🇲 police 👮 service he could have calmed down and understood the situation .you see how the service has been spolied,so sad 😞 to the nation at large.

  38. Esau Chanda

    very dangerous development…

  39. Simpito Mukandwa

    Too bad

  40. Apostal paul

    This is very bad and a fugitive must be hunted if possible he has to be killed the scripture say”as your sword has made many mother’s childless, today your mother becomes childless.”

  41. Abel

    Too bad

  42. Baldwin Zulu

    The other one is a foreign

  43. Sbm

    Yayaya… the police man who got shot died yesterday…

  44. Jms

    When the people report that police are unfair by sometimes not taking people’s reports and in the matter the normally accuse people of not reporting well at the same time the do fail to catch the culprits this has shown as quite well(how can they catch their own criminal if they are also criminals IF THEY CAN’T PRODUCE HIM THE POLICE IN CHARGE HAS TO BE QUESTIONED HOW HE GIVES RESPONSIBILITY TO HIS OFFICERS.God has shown as how this entire officers work

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