Muchinga Teacher Arrested for Attempted Rape of Workmate

Police in Muchinga Province have arrested a 27 year old teacher for allegedly attempting to rape a fellow teacher at Wiya Primary School in Mafinga.

Muchinga Province Commissioner of Police Joel Njase has named the suspect as Rapheal Mulenga of the same school.

He has explained that the incident happened around 21:30 hours were the suspect in his drunken state attempted to break the bedroom window after the victim refused to open for him.

Njase said the suspect made several advances until the victim ran away from the house but the suspect gave a chase and managed to get hold of her.

He stated that the suspect screamed for help while the victim tried to have carnal knowledge of her after wresting her down.

Njase added that the victim was then rescued by neighbours and sustained bruises on her knees and has been issued with a medical report.

“Yes we have that report where a 27 year old man attempted to rape a fellow teacher, he is in our custody and will be appearing in court very soon,” Njase said.


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  3. Esau Chanda

    bad development mwebantu…

  4. Hop kido

    Cipuba saana ci teacher co, ninshi tacakwata apakulya ngacaumfwa insuna.bushe nokupa calyupa ?

  5. Mulenga

    My uncle o no he has to be warned only


    Pliz musiyeni niifuna mbolo manje namvela nyele inyeleza maweeeeeeee

  7. Rk

    Excel that teacher from the salary because next time he will rape our young school girls please ba PS.

  8. John Phiri

    There is need to introduce negotiation skills as a separate course in the teaching syllabus for teachers. Even going to an extent of chasing the female teacher???? hahahahhahahah!!! Mbuya unachita over.

  9. Osei

    He needs medical check up chasing your fellow teacher for rape ,don’t you see her during the day to approach her madness



  11. Rk

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  13. Supreme Court judges

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  15. can't wait

    Too bad BA teacher

  16. Chaipa pano

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  17. Emmanuel

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  19. PS CSO

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  20. ND

    even if it is said that “no one is perfect” self contral ilafyaika mwebaka

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