Hichilema Meets ECZ over Sesheke By-election Ground Rules

The opposition United Party for National Development (UPND) has raised possible conflict points ahead of next month’s Sesheke parliamentary by-elections.

UPND president Hakainde Hichilema led a team of top party officials for a meeting with the Electoral Commission of Zambia where he cited certain possible violations of the Electoral Code of Conduct.

Hichilema alleged that civil servants were already involved in the pre-campaign activities of the ruling party.

He also claimed that the UPND candidate Romeo Kang’ombe was being courted by the Patriotic Front prior to the ruling party naming their candidate.

“It is clear that the ECZ is not taking matters relating to elections management seriously. Our candidate was being enticed to stand on the PF ticket,” Hichilema said.

“We have reminded them of the involvement of civil servants. There are a lot of District Commissioners as was the case in the Mangango by-elections and even a Permanent Secretary from State House. We have seen a lot of civil servants getting involved in Sesheke.”

Hichilema said that the issue of political violence had been raised with the ECZ.

He said that if elections were not properly managed they could lead to civil strife.

“We cannot continue having elections as though there is nothing wrong. Elections must be managed properly because they can bring civil strife. You have seen what is happening in the Democratic Republic of Congo,” he said.

The UPND delegation included vice president Geoffrey Bwalya Mwamba,Secretary General Stephen Katuka, National Chairman Mutale Nalumango, spokesperson Charles Kakoma, Deputy Secretary General Patrick Mucheleka, Deputy Elections Chairman Michael Nyambe and other NMC members.


The ECZ team was led by the deputy Chairperson Ali Simwinga and other senior management officials.

Nominations for the Sesheke by-election will be held on January.


  1. ck

    better to warn these rats my president,this is balotse land,we r tired of these nosense from plot 1

  2. True Zambian

    Why Balotse land ,, Read the History and understand very well not just bringing division in the nation..

  3. mulobezi

    Hh don’t start shivering Leave ecz alone,and wait 4 the match 2 kick off.that’s wen u will feel th weight.

  4. Mr. Bemba land is great

    Ecz does not vote hakainde is just a crying baby all the time there elections

  5. Dr Fonicks

    please ECZ do the right thing so that the playing field is levelled. HH may have a point in what he has said. there must be sincerity so that who fail to make it, lose in harmony and with credit. even before voting, hh has allegedly highlighted irregularities. Lekeni abalepona election bapone fye in peace with honour. sometimes complaining becomes a talent. just abide to your colleagues request.

  6. talent

    Lets use this man, because things are going bad. even the time of the late Mr sata was condmed by people but he was a great man, so Katukesheko naba HH 2021.

  7. Sibweni

    Ecz control election and set conditional 4 all parties 2 follow. Any fair election must b observer by political leaders 4 good ground work and maintaince of peace is 4 political parties. I sense again upnd may lose the seat and are fearing now and complain of govt worker taking part in campignes but are by pipo in govt not private sector. We want free and fair election acceptd by all players 4 peace 2 continue. Congo dr wil divide bcoz certain tribal are fight 4 selfish reasons and zambia shall b lik congo bcoz zambians unders politics and hav chosen democracy has a way 2 chose a president not a gun. Sesheke is upnd seat now are gone 2 use all means not 2 lose again kikikikiki……….

  8. Morton

    HH is right. The ECZ must make sure that they protect the integrity of the commission by protecting the rights of the people to choose who they want. Opposition do observe and they complain and they have the rights to do so. Because the part in government can do any and can use anybody just to get what they want.now should the ECZ ignore what the opposition is saying what HH mentioned can happen. This world not everyone is thinking the same.so ECZ should and must make sure that there is a fair play for the all political plays in any election in this country.umutitikisha tawawama nakanyelele kalasuma

  9. Umwana wamano

    Mr hh why crying

    • king

      Hh is afraid of thiefs not loosing, u know what learn to accept were u are wrong ba pf when are u going to open your eyes u fools? Winning straight u can’t unless stealing. One day u will pay and it will be doubled just wait. But for now keep on prolonging your mouth.

  10. Courage

    Watch this video and see what the man was talking about Zambians,that we are the cause of what is happening in DRC.

  11. Kulupindo kuhite wove

    Mr Bemba land is great,are you circumcised mentally?Did hh say to ecz,”stop voting,”or he said let the elections be conducted properly e.g no civil servants e.g dcs,ps etc.How old are you and how far did you go academically?

  12. leon

    I hope ecz does not became the final voter all the time please change or us the voters will see no need for waking up 04 only to wast our time and most important our vote by lumping us with what we do not want.Be professional fear no body the people will protect you

  13. continue mr

    Continue Mr 2021 its yours


    lets wait only the vote shall speak the will of the people of sesheke that who is who.

  15. Sylvester Moomba

    The only solution is to insure that all these idiots from the civil service who are used as political careers are arrested by the citizens on sight and filmed. The referee the ECZ must not behalf like one who referees a boxing tonarment where one boxer,s hands are tied at the back while the other boxer has all his limbs free to release all the power punches to the head of the tied one. To all opposition parties please don’t wait to raise and act on your complaints after election. True rigging is done at campaign level and at voting is just a summary.

  16. Kapijimpanga

    Kulupindo kuhite wove your dink and mental capacity are uncircumcised why all the time your foolish boss wants ecz to help them win elections? He has no manifesto for the pipo. He only cries ati ma vote baiba when he has no effective campaign materials to attract voters what he talks a bout is tribalism and not what he is going to do for the pipo. Ecz does not campaign for anyone from 2001 to date you still complain your campaign strategy of going to ecz help win elections will fail


    muzakulaliti imwe bachikala ba HH grow up

  18. Siamese

    I think those who against hh u don’t understand the conversation. ..read properly , hh z ryt.

  19. Kulupindo kuhite wove

    Kapijimpanga,were you there in mangango when dcs were busy campaigning.what is the size of your ram coz you also seem to be a blind bat in daylight .Lilemese ove chinjavata.

  20. Jms


  21. Abashitina

    Our hand is ready to touch the trophy in three years time, as red family, we want to put every in place. Don’t think we fear any one,it will be a fortress in 2021.

  22. Mr peace

    “Civil strife”but this total madness.So this man admires a lot what is happening in congo?The Bible says a mad man begins with foolish words and end up with pure madness.What kind of a leader who always think that violence is the way?Does this man have leadership contents.May be Lungu should appoint him as CEO of civil war activists.

  23. Kamata

    It’s such kind of careless talk (civil strife) which brought war in war torn countries. This is inciting war. If UPND loses what is going to happen to those supporters who heard this kind of rubbish? If course they burning tyres and breaking things because their president said so. Every time this man talk, his words divide the nation.

    • Mr peace

      Surely,this is total carelessness.Little does he realise that very few Zambians are of his nature.Zambians love peace and this country is war vacuum.People who speak destructive words rarely rule this great peacifull nation.

  24. Sesheke

    HH will this elections whether you like it or not ki forward feela

  25. serge mutabwa

    Mwanya mwembwamwe mukalilafelyonse nelyo tetwibile so tukamba ukwiba mwaculeni cry babies chickening mukawineniko naimwe chalo cabonse

  26. Kulupindo kuhite wove

    Serge mutabwa,muwongo wove mwazala tuji na waza wa va noko.Be prepared becoz the tim of misery and regret is very near and i want you to be a pf diehard forever if not very soon.

  27. Mukelabai Liato

    HH and GBM behave like uneducated idiots. ECZ plays a very fair game. It does not favour any political party including the one ruling. How did the then opposition PF wrestle power from the then mighty MMD. Similarly, MMD from the then mighty UNIP. UPND only complains when it loses but not when it wins like just one example, in Dundumwezi in 2016. They had their ears on the ground when things were going their way and began complaining when things turned otherwise. UPND was a real party and at its whelm with Underson Mazoka and at its low with these crooks in the likes of HH and GBM.

  28. Sanks Tim

    Bribing be busy 100 ++ UK deselected 4 wat,ifiko

  29. king

    The game is over we are behind u hh these thiefs are not sleep since 2016. May God continue protecting u my president

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