Mwanza Joins Calls for Kambwili’s Exclusion from Dialogue

More voices are challenging the eligibility of National Democratic Congress (NDC) consultant Chishimba Kambwili at the National Dialogue on January 18.

Patriotic Front Deputy Media Director Antonio Mwanza says Kambwili’s duplicity rules him out of the National Dialogue.

Below is the full statement:


Yesterday, PF Roan Member of Parliament Hon Chishimba Kambwili VOWED that the Dialogue Meeting slated for January 18, 2019 will NOT take place if he is not allowed to attend.

Mr Kambwili said he will forcibly attend as NDC Consultant failure to which all opposition political parties will walk out of the meeting.

What Mr Kambwili should know is that ONLY Party Presidents and their respective Secretary Generals will be allowed to attend. Anyone else will not be party to the process. Consultants are NOT invited and proxies are not allowed. This is a serious meeting, it’s not MANYENGWE.

Our advice is that Mr Kambwili as a PF Member of Parliament is free to communicate his concerns or contributions to our Party President, HE Edgar Chagwa Lungu on what will be discussed through the PF Copperbelt Chairman, His Worship Nathan Chanda.

It is up to the opposition Presidents and their respective Secretary Generals to walk out in solidarity with the PF Roan MP or stay in the meeting and make progress. As for us, we will seat in there and discuss with the Church Mother Bodies and whoever shall remain in the meeting.

The people will judge.


  1. Abena kafue

    Whether kambwili attends or not, is the economy going to improve, is the money on fire tender going to be recovered, are the roads between sesheke/ Livingstone and mpika/ nakonde going to be worked on? Those are issues not more wastege of money through dialogue.

    • leon

      Kambwili is perhaps a threat to pf and his contribution to the dialogue will injure pf else I do not see why even the rebel mmd faction is also opposed as pf bootlicking party .


    We need all the opposition political party to attend the meeting why submit Mr kambwili is he not a political leader failour to that cancel the meeting when are you going to stle some problems if opposition leaders are leftout

  3. Apostal paul

    Mr kambwili is a political reader let him attend why descriminating ? Kambwili has to attend period.

    • Bupe

      Brother paul this meeting is not for members of Parliament, but presidents of political parties and secretary generals and he is none of that ,kambwili is Pf member of Parliament and a consultant for NDC he has to have direction and derisive

  4. MJ

    CK was told to relinquish the position from PF and continue being an NDC leader but he refused. CK is still a PF member, how can he attend as an opposition leader. CK is behaving childish. He deserves not to attend

  5. vanity

    why not CK let him take place there , don’t be childishly ba Antonio



  7. MK

    Who is your real father btwn biological father and step father? Am relating this question to Dr CK and let him come out and tell the nation where he belongs.

  8. Mr. Bemba land is great

    Kambwili will one walk naked on the streets bcz his head is upside down his brain is rotten he doesn’t know where he belongs there cases in courts of law challenging pf SG not to fire him from the party pf why then should he consider himself to take part in the dialogue process? Only fools like himself can support him and who want political mileage over the issue

    • david

      let him open up ninshinkashi

    • david

      let him ck open up ninshinkashi

    • Pumpken

      Kambwili,let me hear from you. You know, these are results.see yourself that you don’t have the direction.nimwe bamunshebwa!. Only a fool will follow you out of the dialogue !!. Fat,black fool!.

  9. Man Jay

    The meeting is for all party presidents not MA consultant so Ba CK let us know your position jokes aside we need to move forward us a Country please.

  10. Mazuba Isaacs halukuba hamumba

    What ar pf fearing kanshi…..????pf your dealings wil be revealed no matter what you do….

  11. James Lungu

    Hon. Kambwili should exbit maturity. If the dialogue if for party presidentsupplies then he visited not legible to attend. Let mwenya Musenge attend as leader of NDC. Avoid seeking political mileage over serous national indaba. CK is a scatter brain.

  12. Oscar

    Hello ba government we want you to work out on the road from simungoma to mulobezi,and there is an important road that side from sichili to kaoma.not working on it when there is some by-election.we want those roads now now, pipo are suffering that side

  13. Prince Mande

    Kambwili is caught in his own web. If he is still PF he cannot attend the dialogue meeting because the PF leader (ECL) and his Secretary General will be there.
    The NDC can onlybe represented by the SG of the party. Advice to the opposition party leaders.Do not abandon the dialogue meeting on account of CK, it will be childish of you to do that. Chimbwi afwile ntangalala, eifi CK one leg in PF and the other in NDC.

  14. Jms

    We know you fear fear thats why

  15. GMZ

    Ba Kambwili,is the doctorate u are holding real or fake?are u truly educated or not?u are the dull leaders that we as zambians dont need at all,please open up and tell the nation who u are,NDC president or PF roan member of parliament?

  16. isaac

    Umwenso ba mwanza.ninshi?

  17. Sibweni

    Kambwili is bigger than zambia and without him they wil b no peace. The church must b honest on kambwili and mutati bcoz both are facin hav court cases and not created. A consultant is undecision he is MP 4 pf and NDC President. Kambwili sound lik it starts with him and ends with him. Zambians do we need such a ministry under HH In 2021 the answer is simple no. Kambwili lacks tolerance and respect 4 others and comparing himself with late president sata M.H.S.R.I.P Is a wrong idea of wining founder leader of pf supporter. A junior cobra without brain and love 4 poor zambians but his business.

  18. kambwiliz lover

    Let him represents part present cause he is NDC member also.

  19. yusuf

    Comment CK is a PF Mp,he is refusing to relinguish his seat on the pretix that he does not want to waste tax payers money.Nindalama zanyoko.

  20. Bruno mars the moonshine jungle master

    Ba Mwanza think properly you are also a problem

  21. Mbaala Justin

    PF,allow Him To Attend You Have Already Made A Mistake Of Allowing Him To Register His Political Party,and Took Part In Some By~election.STOP DISCRIMINATION.BLAMES GOES DIRECTLY TO ECZ(DULLNESS) IMPROVE.

  22. Torage

    Kambwili is opposition leader, let the church say who they want to meet, I no reason to ck should not attend, what is he carrying which is so scarring.

  23. Majoni Tyson

    Y are u scared of Dr Kambwili? This shows lack of democracy, the dialogue must be inclusive. U simply telling us that ck is very brave hence, making him more popular.

  24. Lundazi eye

    NDC has a general secretary is the one 2 represent the party not conssultant kambwili. As long as kambwili is saving two parties he can’t b voted or support by a sober mind person bcoz he is has bin dirty in politic. Let us support pipo with clear cause not self benefit. In zambia, we see the talkive politicans has honest and our country wil b paradise and let us also MMD Promises b4 in power but after given we got poverty. Past mistake can controled but u can’t control future comes careful yo hate bcoz chosen a waste devil.

  25. Bupe

    Ladies and gentlemen law and order in any country or organisation is of great essence and indeed the importance can not be over emphasized. Its the ignoring of the simple rules and regulations that we set for our selves that has brought us this low. A country Where others are more equal than others if the roborts are red u stop,it does not matter who you think you are.respect the set rules for the up coming dialogue period. Not even a dota of the president can get their NRC before they are 16. To comrade kambwili my advise is let it pass, show maturity and leadership than cause confusion then people will respect and see a leader in you.

  26. Pumpken

    Kambwili,let me hear from you. You know, these are results.see yourself that you don’t have the direction.nimwe bamunshebwa!. Only a fool will follow you out of the dialogue !!. Fat,black fool!.

  27. No rigging on fb

    If u know DAT ck is nothing and not focused y can’t u allow him as u are not going to lose any thing

  28. Tell

    That dull man , he should first resign from PF that’s when he can be considered to attend the meeting. Very dull NDC consultant.

  29. The statesman

    Well under the circustance CK must not be anywhere near the meeting because he is not a leader of any political party.

  30. Barotseland

    Just work on the new established Kate district from Linulunga la mulena connecting up to Nangula high school which is sand road making development difficult without a proper road than talking about Chishimba Kabwili who’s not a thorn in a fleash just let him attend we want development in Western Province whichs a poorest Province in Zambia.

  31. Tundunyela

    Some people are fools. Is it English or what. CK is not president nor General Secretary. He wants to attend on which ticket because he is PF mp. The meeting is not for mps . Please don’t waste EL and HH time of resolving issues. If you continue like this soon you will be useless in politics.

  32. Kamata

    Imbwili yafwile ntagalala, one leg in PF another leg in NDC. Where do you belong chimdala Iwe?

  33. jimmy

    Mr CK is not fair.who does he want to represent?PF orNDC. He’s behavior is like that which look. Like an animal or a bird. This. Politics. Of. Kabils.He need a counseller to. help. him

  34. Deph

    plz let de political parties themselves choose who to represent them “chapwa”

    CK must attend

  35. Deph

    plz let de political parties themselves choose who to represent them

    CK must attend

  36. Deph

    CK must attend

  37. Chanda

    You are still an MP far away from attending the dialogue meant for bosses of political parties.

  38. muyuzy

    Hon ck please if you really want to have a very peaceful life with Zambian people, I suggest you stop yourself from attending this dialogue . because this dialogue it’s for party President and Secretary general only of which you seems not to have any potion either..

  39. On top always

    Why are you scared of him. He is the heave wait. Let him attend don’t deny his right. Don’t be afraid he will not harm you. The truth pains remember he was once a chief government spokesperson, he knows alot of the government. He’ll not Skelton someone.

  40. MJ

    On what ground should CK attend the dialogue? CK isn’t an NDC member but PF and PF has representative

  41. Mk

    Kambwili, Kalaba and MMD must sort themselves b4 18 January. This is total confusion. Hw can u b in ruling as an MP and lead an opposition? Is it possible to agree and disagree at the same time? CK n Hk are so confused than their followers. Pipo analyse their current status coz I can’t understand what they are trying to do.

  42. Abashitina

    Let the man of action 2 attend,may the late Mr data rest in peace,we don’t want strong people like kambwili,that’s why people are eating fruits on our head,we don’t want people like mulongoti,very weak

  43. Chongo

    A degree or 2 should not brainwash us. A thermometer has 100 degrees but works under armpits. Be humble Mr. Kambwili. Wait for the dialogue for party consultants. Your answer is E and the multiple choice is from a to d. You can’t tick on any. Your time is coming.

  44. Never mind

    Why do u fear ck as consultant ,means he’s a leader weather of member or not,if leave him out then you motive is not for the greater good but tricks to get ideal on how to fix your failure in running the country,dander heads are dander heads even wen given ideas can never implement.


    But why can’t CK resign as PF member of Parliament and concentrate on building his POLITICAL PARTY….. Dialogue needs be attended by POLITICAL PARTY PRESIDENTS I GUESS..

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