ZABS Opens Inquiry on Natural Power Drink

Debate over whether Natural Power High Energy Drink is a ‘sex booster’ or not has raged in the last few days.

Social media reports in Uganda have been harsh on the drink they says doubles as an aphrodisiac but the authorities in Zambia have given the drink the all clear.


7th JANUARY, 2018



The Zambia Medicines Regulatory Authority (ZAMRA), The Ndola City Council and The Zambia Bureau of Standards (ZABS) wishes to inform the general public that investigations have been instituted on the Natural Power High Energy Drink which is alleged to contain sildenafil citrate. This follows social media reports emanating from Uganda that the energy drink Natural Power SX may contain this substance, which is used for the treatment of erectile dysfunction in men.

We wish to inform the public that the three institutions are working together to ascertain the claims made about the product. Officers from the three institutions are on the ground to collect samples of the raw materials and of the finished product for analytical tests that will determine if there is any truth to the claims being made. The outcome of this investigation will be communicated to the public as soon as results are released.

In view of the foregoing, the three institutions would like to urge the public to immediately desist from consuming the drink until conclusive results are released that either confirm or dismiss the allegations. Meanwhile, the manufacturers of the product, Revin Zambia Limited based in Ndola, have been ordered to halt the production and distribution of the energy drink until all investigations have been concluded and appropriate action taken.

Issued by:

Zambia Medicines Regulatory Authority (ZAMRA)

Zambia Bureau of Standards (ZABS)

Ndola City Council (NCC)


  1. Hop kido

    Lets wait for the results to be sure about it.


    ba ZABS nalamitomba you want to destroy my drink

  3. Jj

    Your headline is misleading ba reports. Where in the story does it say ZABS ok’s power drink. Very terrible headline


    ahh nindani azanichinda??????????


    iye that’s why I was almost raped please ban the staff


    ine utuna oloumwe drum


    one guy from kasama made us faint ah its powerful


    ine nilinaya nsibi


    ine niyopa

  10. three institutions working together to ascertain the claims

    ahh tamwa mbolo zalinda 12hrs erection ahh

  11. shi B

    Comment it works well for a cough

  12. Jms

    Go and find out how it is made if you find out don’t just ban the product but fine the owner if not jail him this is one way of raising funds thats why their are so many taxes due to less punishment given to culprits such as these

  13. FGM

    Comments from empty vessels are distorting the discussion.

  14. Skb

    This Topic is good for serious discussion, but the submissions are making a big MOCKERY of what should have educated a lot of our young men who are busy consuming suspicious substances that may even cause permanent damage to their health. Fellow ZAMBIANS, WAKE up!!!!! You do not need to rely on some of those fake substances in order to satisfy your woman.What will happen when you go to the shop and you find that your drink has been banned? End of marriage?

  15. KAY FIGO

    iwe chi FGM nkala zi just sleep and don’t wake up

  16. Kay

    In my view really, i dont think the manufacturers should be held responsible for anything because those properties of the drink are clearly stated at the back of the bottle that it ENHANCES LIBIDO so i dont know what the ugandan man expected from an aphrodisiac drink apart from having an erection, or maybe he took a pill as well or tool much of natural power.. Of which too much of anything is actually bad

  17. unconcerned

    Ubuule tabwakapwe mu Zambia why, many projects and products are available in Zambia from other countries apalinga Congo is a very useful country to use and produced those medicines why Zambia is a Christian nation but Not i can talk more, but Nalekela apapene.

  18. Mk

    Mmmmmm, I’m surprised. Where was ZABS all this time that Power drink has been on the market? Does it mean that they just certified it without knowing the ingredients used? If that is the case then ZABS is to blame. This is not a new story even sellers they know that Power is a sex booster thats why 90 percent of buyers are men.
    In addition to the discussion, are we going to be waiting for outsiders to tell us that our products are not good when we have ZABS in place? My appeal to organisations incharge of controlling products is that they should do what is right to avoid embarrassment. How can foreigners wake ZABS up on products produced in Zambia. It means they are other products of sub standard on our market or dangerous ones like ” Tujirijiri”. Help us plz Boma ndimwe.

  19. dinos


  20. Smile Buddy

    Let’s wait for the results

  21. last king

    hahaha naseka ha,i do not see any difference at all

  22. Intellectual

    Foolish ZABS where you corrupted by the company when you was certifying the product? You can’t wake now….

  23. Ambassador

    I think that foreigner mixed with mutototo or other traditional medicine, we have used that drink many times, why don’t we experiencing that problem? Find out

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