15-Year Old in Court for Sodomizing another Juvenile

A 15 year-old male juvenile of Lusaka’s Independence Township has appeared in the Lusaka Magistrates Court for allegedly having unlawful carnal knowledge of another male juvenile, against the order of nature.

In this matter, the 15 year-old is facing one count of unnatural offences contrary to section 155(a) of the penal code chapter 87 of the laws of Zambia.

Particulars of the offence are that on December 3, 2018, Lusaka, the juvenile had unlawful carnal knowledge of another boy against the order of nature.

And when the matter came up for plea before magistrate Ruth Kapulo, the suspect could could not take plea because his parents were not present in court.

The matter comes up on January 14, for plea.


  1. Osei


  2. Justice Department 🏬

    They need to face nothing but justice ♎

  3. mulobezi

    Those practicing gay shudnt b left Scot free

  4. Gangsta grabs

    Mwaiche ndikiti ili nasupu diba,iwe wanyenga mumatuvi.U should have called me,i got bitches.

  5. Alfred

    uhmm to bad boy

  6. serge mutabwa

    These things might b happening under yo roof and u silent bafikala wake up from your slumber

  7. Edgar

    Sad for the 👦 boy

  8. KK

    Stupid boy let him rot at Katombola

  9. Khan

    Kunyenga kumatako kachikala iwe you to go to jail

  10. c eazy

    Justice must be prevailed

  11. Mmjeremiah

    Castrate him. We need to remove what makes us sin.


    all this is as the results of watching pornograph on phone he wanted to practice what he saw.so as parents lets do our dute to take care of our children and bring them closer to GOD by reading the bible than exposing them to the worldly things like buying them big phones or watch romantic films on TV’s one day we shall be answeareble to GOD.

  13. Fulunyemba wa PF

    Take that boy to jail direct,these are cases which should have no adjourne,wasting time ya boma

  14. Trevor pambwe

    God answer my prayers jst plz

  15. Isaiah chola

    For God to create a Eve for Adam he was’ nt stupid,this boy as insulted the law of Zambia & God so kamangeni dnt even waste time of going to court when you have all the evidence you need, that boy who was choped is evidence enough.

  16. Jms

    Chris Phiri although you gave us this situation you must be stupid you should have gone and take the actual matter why that other parent weren’t there you see some cases they need just discipline even judges due money you allowing such nonsense occurring shame good people are gone we don’t know when to return them (if you jail that young boy you are sharpening I steady of reducing you are increasing

  17. Ambassador Mosmuk

    Parents pliz educate your children

  18. Osei

    Practising what they watch that’s where the problem is coming from

  19. chinangwa

    Animals like dogs can tell the difference between females and males it surprising how humans fail to tell the difference between females and males. Even mukombwe knows that iyi ndi nkhuku yaimuna iyi ndi yaikazi.

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