Chiteme Hands K140, 000 to Women Clubs

Nkana Member of Parliament has given out K 140,000 to five Patriotic Front women groups in his Constituency as an empowerment initiative.

Chiteme said the money is a revolving fund meant to empower women and allow them to support their families.

He said that the empowerment fund is a start-up capital for the women groups to invest in various business activities.

Meanwhile, Chiteme has also disclosed that he is in the process of procuring cars to be used as taxis for the youth as an empowerment strategy.

He has appealed to all the beneficiaries to pay back and allow others benefit from the empowerment initiatives.

Chiteme was speaking when he addressed Party officials at Buchi Hall in Kitwe.


  1. Mr. K

    Its a good move Mr chiteme move with people all the time some idiots will say you are campaigning time to campaign is over this time to work go on with this good job

  2. Abashitina

    The women will vote for you,some schools don’t have desks, and spent that money to married people,we can’t surprised because it is not from your pocket

  3. Osei

    Hard lucky

  4. Milambo

    Mr so called ‘K’, idiots like u can think like dat. Jst close yo big beak. Don’t judge wat people don’t think.

  5. Bayoka

    You pf why are you westing that money instead of using it to per farmers that is not a good campaign for 2021. you will see what munsholomo saw us use money wisely this country is not like Congo.

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