Solwezi Residents Raise Dust over Plots Allocation

The touchy subject of plots allocation has resurfaced in Solwezi District with top government officials accused of having only shared the plots amongst themselves.

Some Solwezi residents have risen up in arms fingering some of the top officials that have allocated themselves more than one plot.

According to the list among the beneficiaries of the 124 plots, with others having more than one allocation are Provincial Minister Nathaniel Mubukwanu, Permanent Secretary Ephraim Mateyo, his Deputy Douglas Ngimbu, District Commissioner Rose Kamalonga.

Commissioner of Police Hudson Namachila has also been listed  among other prominent personalities.

The residents have raised concerns as to why some individuals among them Deputy Mayor Nephan Kamwandi have been allocated two plots in different areas.

A petition has been forwarded to the Ministry of Lands to investigate the matter as the council was at the centre of the controversy.

But when contacted on the complaints, Solwezi Town Clerk Seke Mbulo said there was nothing irregular on the allocations.

He said the council considered individuals with capacity to pay the service charges which are pegged at K 8,000 for residential and K100, 000 to K250, 000 for commercial.

A similar exercise in Kitwe recently stirred controversy with some councillors getting a lion’s share of the advertised plots.


  1. davies kamalata

    Town Clerk, i applied for a plot at Mulemba Villa Park ain 2013 and paid the service change in full but up to now, I haven’t been allocated. What else should I do?

  2. Truth

    Shallow thinking ! U mean when one is a senior gvt official then he has no right to get a plot for his or her house ? Dust could be raised for the councillor who could have gotten two if that is true.Petty jealousy will not get u anywhere.

  3. John

    These are some of the plots which were reposessed and advertised because in most cases the plots have stayed for more than ten years without even a foundation.Do u want to see bush in the township ? Let people with the capacity build.It is also illogical to expect the council to give plots to every one in Solwezi even to those without capacity to build a simple poultry house.

  4. TC

    Solwezi residents never benefit from their own land; of cadres including those in offices share plots, and the truth is these cadres never pay service charges.
    These quacks are a danger to Solwezi and its people.
    I end here; more to come tomorrow!!

  5. Son of the soil

    I am afraid, it is common for those response to ‘give’ themselves more plots. Usually such plots are sold later to their benefit. Part of the game!!!!! Ha!!!!! Ha!!!!! Ha!!!!! Ha!!!!!

  6. John

    Stop day dreaming and be a champion of development.I am a resident of Solwezi and have not heard any body complain.If u failed to get a plot, try to apply again next time than creating a false impression about an area.

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