Vespers’ Death Inquest Opens

The inquest into the case of slain University of Zambia (UNZA) student Vespers Shimunzhila has started in the Corner’s Court.

Magistrate Sylvia Munyinya has set February 11, 2019 as the date for commencement of the inquest after the matter came before court today.

This was after a State Prosecutor Zalila Sakala, from the National Prosecutions Authority (NPA) informed the court that none of the parties in the matter were before court.


“Your honour we intend to call 12 state witnesses to appear before the Coroner’s Court but none of our witnesses are present,” told the court.

He has said he will prepare summons to subpoena the witnesses to testify in the inquest.


In October last year, the fourth-year student in the School of Education died during a student riot over delayed payment of meal allowances.

Various stakeholders including student bodies demanded an independent inquiry into the death of Shimunzhila.

The Director of Public Prosecutions Lilian Siyuni then ordered for an inquest to ascertain the cause of the death.

Hearing of an inquest was expected to commence today but could not take off due to the unavailability of the 12 intended state witnesses.

At this point The Coroner Magistrate Munyinya was left with no option but to adjourn the hearing to February 11 in the Lusaka Magistrates court.

A coroner is an official who holds inquests into violent, sudden, or suspicious deaths.


  1. Domity Kafwamba

    May God help in this case.

  2. Ambassador

    May the soul of the innocent sister rest in peace. At the end they are stating shooting themselves, because of innocent blood.

  3. Chriwell Simaambo

    May her soul rest in peace.

  4. Mr peace

    I hope this case shall be looked at so professionaly.We need to see wrong people answering to the law here.When I say this I mean starting with the students themselves who started it all to attract these poorly trained Zambia police officers.These students from higher learning institutions like universities or colleges should ex termly be punished for such primitive acts which result into very deterioration consequences.It is understandable that police should act professionaly when such incidences are at hand.Moreover our so called should also realise that education has much to do with behavioural enhancement.Hence they just need to show us that they are really educated and are ready to serve our nation in an advanced manner.This is where managers come from but with such behaviour one cant doubt they are bad ones and so foreign investors prefer coming with their own managers.We can’t always blame the police simply because of our stupidity.

  5. Kamata

    Well said @Mr peace, no politics involved, only the students and the police.

  6. Brian Mujuku

    Only God the Almighty knows,may our sister rest into internal peace

  7. mable

    May God comfort her family. MHSRIP.

  8. Vespers Shimunzhila


  9. Lulu lulu

    Let the court judge all the police officers because are the ones who throwd the tiyagas .
    Caused the girl’s death .

  10. unconcerned

    Umulandu upwa kubantu elyo nokupwa upwa kubantu, please you people you should know that matter, it was happening on the influence of the gornvament.

  11. Simfukwe

    Mr peace you are on the right track the students were motivated by a known political party and acted foolishly leading to unprofessional action by the police that loss of innocent life of a young lady is really shocking mhsrip

  12. Jeremiah laphel phiri

    My sister may your soul rest in Peace for u were innocent and we are in lose to miss people like.God is at work and he is going to do something before you soul ,o God why is this???

  13. Jeremiah laphel phiri

    My sister may your soul rest in Peace for u were innocent and we are in lose to miss people like you.God is at work and he is going to do something before you soul ,o God why is this???

  14. Dr Fonicks

    The circumstances which led to the death of the innocent student leaves much to be desired. firstly both the riotous students and the police officers were wrong. the officers used excessive force and the students had gone far beyond normal behavior. unfortunately an innocent life was lost. nonetheless, the police are culprits in this inquiry. let justice prevail.

  15. the eagle

    don’t blame the police only in this case there is management by crisis to the caretakers of student when the working government is at their disposal only fighting for their salary increment ignoring student s little food allowances

  16. Sichula Titus

    Justice for Vespers

  17. Trevor pambwe

    God pls hear versper’s prayers to all her life she z my sister spiritually amen

  18. Truth man

    A good move.But was there a postmortem that was carried out by a pathologist to ascertain the cause of death? Otherwise I think that is why the state witnesses are nowhere to be seen. If a postmortem was never carried out by the police ,then questions shall arise as to why and then an exhumation of the body might be ordered by the coroner and the police should bear all this burden.

  19. Stefanie nyirenda

    M.H.S.R.I.P & peacefull at all

  20. Stefanie nyirenda

    Dear God is taking care of u ok I know that one day we will visit you too so continue to rest in peace (R.I.P) may your soul be protected by the blood of Jesus Christ rest in peace (R.I.P) my sister

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