Kambwili Declares No One Will Stop Him from Attending Dialogue

The NDC Consultant Chishimba Kambwili says no one will stop him from attending the National Dialogue and reconciliation meeting.

Speaking to Journalists from his residence in Lusaka, Kambwili who is a Patriotic Front Roan Member of Parliament said he will lead the NDC delegation to the dialogue process.

Kambwili said that he was surprised that the ruling Patriotic Front had put so much emphasis on excluding him from dialogue when they did not want him in the party.

“I made it very clear on the agenda of the dialogue that one of the major issues to be discussed should be corruption because this dialogue and reconciliation does not make sense without tackling the issues of corruption”, Kambwili said.

“I am sure that all these who are saying Kambwili should not attend the national dialogue have been sponsored by PF and President Edgar Lungu because of the issues I raised in the first meeting at Kapingila House.”

“I made it very clear that they would be no dialogue without discussing corruption. We need people to explain how they have acquired their health and because of this, the thieves have not been sleeping and now are trying to exclude me from the meeting that somebody in PF is going to represent me.”

He said that he was in court to defend his seat in parliament and not his membership in the PF.

“I am capable of representing myself I don’t need anybody to represent me. I know why you are scared of me in that reconciliation meeting because they know the issues that I am going to raise,” Kambwili said.

“There can be no national dialogue and reconciliation if people continue to steal by stealing and not wanting to pay back or bring the things they have stolen from the people of Zambia,” he said.

“Let me make it clear this dialogue is not about political parties or inter party political meeting but it’s a dialogue for the nation for everybody who has an issue against the affairs of this country.”


  1. Umwana wamano

    Finshi fyenda mumutwe wakwakambwili kanshi

    • leon

      Kambwili so you know the thieves in that party then why not bring evidence so they pay back or they go behind bars or else you will be charged for carector assassination

  2. MK

    Bushe on earth who can manage to describe Dr CK based on his characteristics.

  3. Kamata

    The dialogue has changed now? It is not between political parties but for any body who has issues against the affairs of this nation? I didn’t know maybe he’s the only one who knows.

  4. Jms

    It may just be cowardly to exclude a mindful person by creating so many negative motives against. Its clear enough to see how he has outlined his partspation motives bravo (ingronance shows how low less people can show their minds why fear leave him

    • Winner

      The dialogue won’t succeed because of hidden agendas.

    • Gary cee

      Ifisungu ba jms? One fails to make meaning of what you try to say. Use simple English. Good English is simple English.

  5. GMZ

    Ba Kambwili,are Your Claims Genuine?So Today Is When U Ve Realised That Pf Is Stealing And Should Pay Back,What About The Money U Received When U Unlawfully Stayed In Office B 4 General Elections?Hon.U Are A Disapointment To The Zambian People,why All This Bitterness?Is It Because Edgar Fired U?Shame!

  6. Skb

    Honestly ZAMBIANS, is this the quality of untamed representation that we are looking for in that meeting? CRY MY BELOVED COUNTRY. Vengeance, witchfinding and unbridled boasting will make the MEETING become a TIME WASTERS’ CIRCUS. Let those with issues related to crime go to courts of law

  7. Geoffrey Bwamba Mwalya

    Elyo mwamona at PF is a corrupt gvt after being fired?Bring back the money u got after being declared illegal in office.

  8. Hammer

    It is becoming a circus . I also want to attend the dialogue . My neighbor plays his music at awkward times.

  9. Rotsebull

    Ck is sick and needs urgent mental check up

  10. Wilz

    Ok ndeufwakofyeComment

  11. Wise me

    What type of parenting did this character have who did not impart respect, wisdom and love for others.
    What type of education did this character have which did not teach him to differentiate public from personal issues.
    This Kambwili has demonstrated The lowest capacity of leadership. He wants to be in the dialogue meeting for only corruption matter. The dialogue issue started before Kambwili was fired by president Lungu. The issue of corruption had been with us through all the governments that have come and gone. Now Kambwili wants to pretend he is the champion of it. We don’t need him to be there when legitimate and well articulate presidents like HH, Chipimo, Nawakwi, etc. are there. Kambwili take your confusion elsewhere with your group of dull supporters.

    • Rocky

      Very correct, thanks for your comments.

    • dennis

      Very Right,also Name The New Road Frm Ring Along Railway Line Going To Jack As Kambwili Road Becos Of Kambwili Neck Like Bend.This Is Bcos The Council,lusaka Province Minister,the District Commissioner Did Not Demolish The Illegal Structures Built Near The Road Bad Llke A Neck Of A Lunatic Who Wants To Strike

    • dennis

      Very Right,also Name The New Road Frm Ring Road Along Railway Line Going To Jack As Kambwili Road Becos Of Kambwili Neck Like Bend.This Is Bcos The Council,lusaka Province Minister,the District Commissioner Did Not Demolish The Illegal Structures Built Near The Road Is Bad Llke A Neck Of A Lunatic Who Wants To Strike

  12. Hakainde

    I had a wrong picture I wanted fire GBM and replace him with kambwili so that was going to be the end of me this kambwili is rotten

  13. amos

    This kambwili his head is not thinking just there for personal attacks

  14. mulase

    Kambwili is a confused man who i can compare to a wagging mad dog.For us who wea with him at the Pf conference in Kabwe..seeing him campaigning to become president of the Party he calls rotten with corruption today.Brethrens..hv u forgotten the rants on opposition Parties wen he wz Pf/Govt spokesperson?The truth is Kambwili hz bn part of this looting he is nw trying to expose till he got FIRED.I wud rather support Hon kalaba who left on his on citing corruption than this hyena example of a human being full of BRUAHAHA in his head.Until he tames his mouth..nd takes his legs for allignment..i will NEVER tolerate him let alone allow him to be President of this dear country.

  15. Fisunge

    CK my brother ifitala mapalo uko fitwala umuntu you know what my dear brother ukukaka ichinsenda kunkoko kunakilila this dialogue is not for you why waste your time and energy to force your self to a meeting you’re not supposed to attend Mr kambwili we want to go ahead with everything not to go back when the police drugs you it will pf let’s maintain law and order kuli bakulu

  16. kopala swag 4 life

    Go go go Chishimba kambwili, no one.

  17. Mk

    Fellow Zambians, If Kambwili says he is unstoppable, are we going to blame the law if it visits him ? We can’t progress with politicians who are ” Attention Seekers”. They do things deliberately so that when they are arrested they should blame the gvnt . Lets watch out for time wasters like CK who always condemn the body to which he is also part of.

  18. Cmk

    Mr CK ask for advice if you have a problem in differentiating meetings. You can present that issue during a parliament session.

  19. Edgar

    Kambwiri to b a President, Zambia can b worse n I can support kalaba not iyi ngwere

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