Pres. Lungu Requests to Buy Budding Artist Works

Pretoria- Wednesday 9th January 2018

His Excellency President Edgar Lungu has surprised a budding artist who has drawn a detailed portrait of President Lungu by calling her on the phone.

President Lungu encouraged Mercy Gondwe to pursue her artistic passions.

He called the twenty year-old artist, from Chimwemwe in Kitwe.

President Lungu offered to buy some of the works that Mercy Gondwe has done.

President Lungu also encouraged Mercy to continue with her passion and talent and said government was keen to promote all forms of arts in the country.

Meanwhile Minister of Foreign Affairs, Hon Joseph Malanji has donated an undisclosed amount to Mercy.

He requested Mercy to pick the money from his accountant in Kitwe.

Mercy had drawn a detailed portrait of President Lungu.

Zambian High Commission



  1. isaac ng'uni

    wow,,i wish we artists can be promoted in such a way that our works can go even up to the next leval,thanks Mercy for making even us artists to be recognized in our nation.

  2. Man Jay

    Congratulations Mercy you will be making big fortunes in life for your talented works already president Lungu & hon.joe Malanji are cashing big

  3. Mwamba mutale

    Wow beautiful works there mercy

  4. bravo

    Thats it sister wandi Umuntu kudabwisha icaalo kumonabakateka wow nice artistic work keep the fire burning

  5. Mmj

    keep it up sister congratulations wishing you all the best

  6. St. Sweet Angus

    Zambians need to appreciate good art a little more. Thanks.

  7. fanta coca

    Congratulation mercy and Mr 4 the support

  8. mulase

    What is good is good!!so goes the saying.Congratulation Mercy.U hv a Blessed hand.Please use it responsibly for the good of the people

  9. Mutale chisanga

    That’s very good mercy l feel good what grade are you doing or your already out of school.

  10. Abudou

    Wow that’s awesome congratulations mercy good luck.

  11. Francis

    Wow, Mercy, your art is quite amazing. You absolutely deserve the reward. It’s so encouraging to have such recognition, even to others.

  12. Marley

    She’s Good Look Our President Even Looks Handsome

  13. muyuzy

    Oh gosh! What an awesome Work!

  14. Jomwa

    We hope the monies are coming from your own pockets not government coffers, we have so many serious issues which the government should attend to not that small issue ,bwana president consider my request

  15. Jacksonkaminsa

    Wen u are good u are good nice one mercy

  16. moses malichi

    wow,nice one

  17. Osei

    Wow what a talent

  18. Thomas Banda

    Great work

  19. Prince Moses

    congratulation Mercy, surly when u ar good, then u ar surly good . Keep the fire burn on your talent and especialy on our blessed country Zambia.

  20. mutule

    Who looks handsome ? Tamumona

  21. Joseph

    Indeed that is women empowerment i am happy to see that woman participate. Kindly am suprised that is a great achievement

  22. Edison

    Jomwa & Mutule pessimist’s who don’t give praise where it is due. Akalijo if you’re failures in life leave the girl alone. Congratulations Mercy.

  23. Eemm Cee Keez

    Congratulation to u mercy

  24. malimawa

    keep it fly girl job wel done

  25. rich bayz

    Wow! I like your drawin mercy congratulations

  26. Osei

    Nic art

  27. hakainde hichilema

    Congratulations to her though I might oppose it but its lovely even musicians needs to be taken to greater higher. They are campaigning for us as well. Just waiting for my art as well

  28. Gsl

    Congratulation to you my friend

  29. Herv Rena

    That small girl can t peform such work.Some one is behind it..

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