OPINION: Kambwili in Catch 22 Dialogue Conundrum

The debate over the eligibility of Roan Patriotic Front Member of Parliament Chishimba Kambwili has continued to rage.

Kambwili is a parliamentarian on the Patriotic Front roster but has also founded a political party, the National Democratic Congress (NDC) where he has fronted his side-kick and former Patriotic Front Chimwemwe lawmaker Mwenya Musenge.

His political adversaries have gone to town about his ineligibility to attend dialogue on account of his duplicity of membership.

Kambwili has been expelled by the Patriotic Front and has contested that expulsion in the courts of law. As a matter of fact Kambwili remains legally a PF member of parliament until such a time when the legal process is exhausted.

The lesson for Kambwili as for anybody else in politics is to have a clear mind once one makes decisions.

Kambwili has to decide whether he wants to be NDC all the way or remain in PF to fight for his membership.

After all why should his legion of supporters follow him when he is unwilling to give the comfort of incumbency? Stepping out of the PF shadow will help him build his NDC brand easily ahead of the distant 2021 elections. He would have no drama around his case of being possibly thrown out of the dialogue process that he so desperately wants to be part of.

Kambwili cannot have it both ways clinging on to PF membership in parliament whilst also propping up his image as opposition NDC 2021 candidate on the other. In street lingo Kambwili’s spread eagled behaviour is referred to Ichimbwi afwile intanganana.

The Roan lawmaker has six days to sort out his dilemma or really risk being hounded out of the dialogue.

Kambwili has the option of renouncing his PF membership and forever pursue his NDC dream. The NDC consultant is surely between a rock and a hard place.


  1. Geoffrey Malayiti

    The Hon member should should decide either to continue as PF MP or go for NDC party. He should stop confusing the people of Zambia please we beg. Be straight forward.

    • leon

      When it comes to inauguration laws are not necessary but these laws apply more on the opposition side just let his attend problem we have a bootlicker party mmd which is imbeded I pf how

    • Jm

      Kambwili is not supposed to attend the dialogue. It doesn’t need one to go school to understand the simple logic. If Kambwili attends the dialogue meeting, it’s like PF is being represented by two groups. On this issue Mr Kambwili should revisit his motive or his advisors or his legal team should look in this.

    • vern

      It’s him who is confused

  2. Geoffrey Bwamba Mwalya

    Chimbwili afwile intangalalo.

    • King

      Wala let ck resign as a pf mp n be part of the national dailogue otherwise he will derail the much awaited indaba.hh advice the young boy afterall u intiated the whole prgm

  3. One zed manex

    I think it’s comedy what kambwili is doing mwandi? It’s like he doesn’t know what he is doing azapuba coz the police will man handle him and throw him out like a kaponya

  4. Kulupindo kuhite wove

    Mind you ,the more you talk about c.k the more you make him popular and in the process he wil raise to be the most popular and powerful man on the political platform.I don’t support him but it is just my opinion.

    • Daniel Banda

      Yes he will be popular with dull or the uneducated. It is clear that this an impulsive man among the kaponyas who survives on misplaced priorities. He has demonstrated that he can’t run any organization but a parasite. Musela ukwakaba. Forgive my poor Bemba. He doesn’t even have any idea of what voters look for just like many other opposition political parties. In their eyes a loss of an election will remain a stolen vote until Jesus comes.

    • Hammer

      @ Kalupindo wolf , The opposite is highly likely . I used to admire Kambwili but not anymore . He doesn’t have any principle. He is just trying to save his skin . He knows the corruption charges are closing in on him, so he all this drama will make us forget what he did


      That’s true my bro

  5. Lesa Bonaventure

    Let’s leave it to the law

  6. Chisha D

    Leave me alone, you want me to loose my graduality bakaba kkkkkkk

  7. Chendabusiku

    There is only “ Chimbwi afwile intangalala” that is the Bemba saying, anything else should be in another language and should be stated as such.

  8. Rocky

    The dialogue programme is clear, “only party Presidents and party secretaries are invited to attend. Nowhere it is indicating that even party consultants should attend. The problem with ba the so called Dr Kambwili has little knowledge about politics. He is yet to come to know that he used to be the crowd pular because of being a comrade to the late Sata. Otherwise his political career has come to an end so early.

    • Wala

      Wala! CK is Sata reincarnate. Just watch this same space

      • Mk

        Wala, Sata never behaved like CK who can’t differentiate his head from his stomach.

  9. Anthony

    only fools feel kambwili is becoming popular through his foolish drama. in fact he is just a thief stealing a salary he is not working for he is both an Mp and holding another position elsewhere where people did vote for him for.

  10. Bk

    Real Men are Never Double Minded No matter what They are Principled Help Kambwila Become A Leader

  11. Chisembele

    Have we all become dimwits or plain dumb, because the issue of Kambwili has been clarified, Zambian Centre for Interparty Dialogue has stated that its the prerogative of each participating political party to appoint whom ever they want for the national dialogue and reconciliation meeting as simple as that, so stop giving conditions, mwebantu we want peace.

  12. Morgan Mukosha

    Kabwili should be man enough and decide where he belongs if it means going for a by election let it be. Why then fear a by election what more general election

    • Wala

      Your comment shows how little your understanding of modern Zambia politics is, just shallow


    The last kicks of a dying horse. Wait how close will be engraved when the court…………… will nullify the Roan seat.

  14. Joseph

    Me I just help kambwili to be a leader in 2021

  15. Chipolopolo

    Childish manners

  16. Tamvelako

    Wanting to eat with both hands. Let not people take us for a ride. That meeting if for party presidents. Which party is Kambwili president for. He has openly said himself that he is not a Ndc member

  17. Jomwa

    If Dr kambwili is decided ,he must come open and tell me the nation especially roan constituency where he belong .if he is still pf or NDC coz his voters are now confused they don’t know where he belongs ,if he is of then he is not eligible if NDC the issue is still not clarified. Bwana give the organisation the platform to settle the issue and see see the way forward. Its not for your benefit but the well meaning Zambians. If you think you have supporters 2021 will come and they will vote for you.when you talk much people will see a mistake in you and they will not vote for you next time.

    • Wala

      Mind your business, who asked for your advice Kanshi? You want to steal even his seat after stealing all he suffered for in PF? Is there anyone apart from UPND who can win a by-election against PF?

  18. Abena kafue

    CK. Just forgo the so called dialogue. If I had a way I would also discourage HH to attend. Its a waste of resources. Is dialogue going to bring down fuel prices, is it going to improve peoples lives,is it building the dilapidated roads the answer is NO.

  19. Kulupindo kuhite wove

    Hammer, i said i don’t support him but that was my opinion only.Forgiv me if you hav reading,understanding and interpretation problems ove chilima.

  20. Mk

    Kambwili is behaving like Chama Chakomboka who came on the political scene without knowing himself. Even if it’s madness, you can’t be an MP in one party and president in the other. Define your destiny if you want to succeed. Even God doesn’t like double minded people like Kambwili. What you are doing is ” Chimbwi no plan”.

  21. Emmanuel

    Ck’s political affiliation is undefined so in which party God will bless him

  22. Kamata

    @chisembele you are right that’s why PF has chosen it’s president and secretary General, not kambwili who is an MP.

  23. Winner

    The dialogue won’t be a Battle field to settle old scores,the guide lines are simple to follow.

  24. mulase

    Iam only worried of wat may happen if Kambwili gate crushes nd he gets arrested….fainting!!!!!

  25. Smart Lungu

    Hon kambwili should reconcile to himself first.his state of mind is a danger to the nation .all he thinks about is violence and abusive luangue.

  26. Tefyo

    What about those mmd membrrd who accepted positions given to them by the pf. No one says they must choose either pf or mmd and no one calls them names and yet they are the worst idiots we have. Felix is one of them.

    • Charles

      Tefyo you are lacking understanding here. We are talking about the National event here. You can’t be an MP in one party and President in another….who is he going to represent? This is madness. Even God cannot bless the hands of a double minded man…..this is schopeti

  27. Concerned citizen

    This man should be advised he’s not himself. We need people who are level headed.

  28. mulobezi

    Frankly spikin c.k shud b evacuated 2 india 4 more mental medication

  29. Observations judge

    Ck go a head with childishness, but blame no one at the end. Mind you, you are not strong in police cells

  30. Blessed Khosa

    I Tink Mr Kambwiri Should Resign In Politics,cause He Does’nt Know What Politics Is.

  31. Lil wayne

    Imbwili nimbwili

  32. Godfrey chalwe

    One Zambia one nation let us be one.

  33. One zed manex

    CK comedian of the year award winner.!!! I like his comedy short movies when I watch them on TV,he should be accorded that award coz he is the best suited winner and if he doesn’t get it then there is corruption in the Zambian movie industry. I read enjoy his comedies week in and week out? When need such comedy to keep us laughing it’s healthy to have a good laugh weekly.

  34. Charles

    He is a double dealer.Even in labour matters you can’t be in the employment of two companies.If one has fired you just move on surrender their identity card.

  35. abner sakala

    The dialog has leaders who are responsible the same has define the type of this meeting & who attend whether imbwili will say whatever he may say its useless

  36. reub

    BA ck awe mwandi ,how can you continue playing double game you are NDC and you still claim as pf you are a disgrace ,resign from pf and you will be respected, has we know that you are just a traitor who want to win sympathy from people ,just resign from pf you are just a noise maker and you have no quality for president leave ecl along ,a was one of your follower but I have change my mind to continue supporting his excellent ecl and pf

  37. Kambwili liar

    Kambwili is a goat in a sheep skin and use sata name 2 win support. Where is satas family 2 stop this abuse bcoz sata formed pf 4 zambians not 4 him family but 4 general populars. Kambwili is fighting 4 contract in mines and transport sector but sata went round met poor pipo and promise a zambia if he bcom a president. Kambwili is saving his skin and sata saved zambian remote area. Kambwili busy insulting lungu but sata was busy organse pf in remote at section,branch,ward,constitutency and district this made him 2 win.

  38. Lastone mudenda

    Ck is not right just coz wat he has done is mor lyk resighning from pf to which he stil clingz coz of being an mp.

  39. Fines@five,five

    Lastone ,,,You dont follow events ,,Dr ck never resigned from pf he was fired by the cc of pf sanctioned by Ecl He pertioned the decission to the court .Grounds of firing Dr ck were very un readable and lacked merit from Sg Mr Mwila
    In this country any person who opposses the Presido is fired from the party
    What a mediocre and no sense
    Dialogue is not for Dr ck or who ever but Zambian Hh was a laughing stock but now he has proved to be a hero ,Ba Ecl bayamba kuthaba mudziko which means he is a foreigner
    Ba Pf groom Dr ck for presido or Harry
    How ever HHwill wallop the election with help from Western powers ,
    Drc is an example
    Ecl wake up enginer where to go Ba pf sorrounding you are fake
    The economy is bad and there are no jobs ,mines are pruining and workers are victimised by the leaders ,.Shame in Zambia ,,lets allow Dr ck to attend akalande filikumukoshi Mwandi Dr ck go aheard ,

  40. John

    If we follow the law Kambwili right now is a PF and tied himself to that the time he refused expulsion
    How can he present both sides opposition and ruling parts awe ba Kambwili kuleni, tell us were u stand

    I advise to concentrate on one thing otherwise u can loose double

  41. ndapapa koswe

    When somebody/something is talked about then it has value,continue sailing Kambwili, am enjoying,he has no fesr

  42. Kings

    Ck Is The Best In Comedy, He Is Mp In Pf And Ndc President Like Mutati Who Is Holding A Ministerial Position In Pf And He Is Mmd Presido, Just That Ck Talks Too Much Thats Why He Is Bringing Trouble To Himself, Otherwise Ili Ce Pa Zed Politics To Hold On To What Is Feeding You And On The Other Hand Your Speaking Against It As Long As No One Has Power To Kick You Out, Ck Makes Good Comedy For Zambians, Not All You Can Like It, Kkkkkkkk,

  43. chishimba

    Ba Anthony you are the only fool here on this platform…

  44. zed dweller

    Ubututu bwali bipa sana fye,Ba CK and Ba Sata have a lot in common.Serious and passionate crusaders,laced with a mercilessly sharp double edged tongue.The only difference is that Mr Sata was once a more physical guy,he once fought with Dawson Lupunga the late.At one point he kicked a woman in the groin at an MMD convention. When it came to name calling no one can surpass the late King cobra. The late Levy Mwanawasa had a fair share of name calling.The Cobra had mastered the art of spitting venomous phrases and paralyzed his victims RB can attest to that.Dora siliti,Chanda Chimbwi, Fackwell Shamenda,Nashala neka political party and at one time he told the late ken Ngondo that politically he was not as heavy as his own body weight.With Ba Kambwili you will find him referring certain individuals as “Kakunkubiti” (small container).Ba pompwe and the like.Basically speaking these men shared a common zeal to speak for the poor.Only a bias mind can deliberately ignore the stark semblance of character in the two political larger than lifes.Actually CK is a graduate of the MCS school of politics,and his professor was non other than Micheal Chilufya Sata himself.There are of this breed namely GBM,Obvious Mwaliteta,Harry Kalaba and KBF.The rest have adopted the RB syllabus under the Ubomba mwi bala motto.

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