15-Year Old Kitwe Girl Murdered by Unknown Gang

Suspected criminals in Kitwe have brutally murdered a 15 year old after hitting her with an iron bar.

The incident happened when the criminals broke into house number 6637 Lantana Street Nkana East.

The deceased who has been identified as Auxiliary Chungu, 15, is alleged to have gone outside when she encountered the criminals who hit her with a suspected iron bar.

Copperbelt Police Chief who confirmed the development said the deceased was found lying in a pool of blood with a deep cut on her forehead by one of her relatives after she had taken too long outside.

The suspects are still at large.

Katanga stated that the girl was then rushed to Kitwe Teaching Hospital where she was pronounced dead.

Her body is lying in Kitwe Teaching Hospital mortuary waiting post-mortem and a manhunt has been launched for the criminals.

“While they were watching football in the house with the family,  the girl decided to go outside around 23:30hrs it is believed that it was at this time she met the criminals who broke into the house, it is suspected an iron bar was used to hit her, after one of her relatives noticed the girl had taken long outside, he decided to check for her only to find her in a pool of blood while a suspect escaped by climbing the  wallfence,” she stated.


  1. One zed manex

    Too bad for the young girl,the future leader has been robbed of her precious life.let the culprits be brought to book and answer for there crimes

  2. Osei

    Deliver us oh Lord of Marcy

  3. Emmanuel Zulu

    They will run but they will not hide, the blood of a person is not simple blood, God will surely find them on our behalf

  4. Innocent banda

    This people why,is this Christian nation,vulnerable child

  5. Exilda Katotobwe.

    Apparently those thieves never stole anything, does it mean if they hadn’t encountered the girl, they would have proceeded into the house. Jumping out of the yard after killing the girl just goes to show that, their purpose was accomplished. Which is very bad, no one should take the life of another as a means of survival, I suspect they must be ritual killers. So residents are no longer safe even if they are in a wall fence. Therefore, avoid going outside to use the bathroom at night, rather use a toilet pot or something that you can use and empty it in the morning. Rip.

    • Shuto

      That is sad development, for sure.
      But I have few areas that needs to be filled up? What did she go to outside at that time? Nkana East have toilets inside the house, could it be that it is one one of her boy friends? Was the noise inside the house too loud not to hear such an encounter? This should be a person close to her because before hitting her, she should have shouted for help. God is in full control, what is done in the dark will come in the light one day. RIP

  6. muyuzy

    This must be a reason to each and every Young people that it is very risk to be out of your place during night time. To avoid such bad new , young people shd stick to the rules and regulation of their parent please…..my sympathy to the deceased s family.

  7. James siwila


  8. Gangsta grabs

    Maybe kanakana kuchaiwa panyopaksa,but as head of gangstaz iam sorry

  9. Evans Jones phiri

    soo sad a young life has been lost in such a way. but this goes to parents and guardians …how do you let a child go outside at that time…alone…mmmmmm???

    • nd

      Why the criminal had to wait that long even, for them to be seen jumping the fence…

  10. aaron

    this is really sad 😔 but is don’t understand what she went to look for outside at that time

  11. Chitalu Chilufya

    If serious action won’t be taken in this serious issue, kitwe will be a savage yard were anything will be happening at anytime 😟 We have large number of criminals including the upcoming young guys… ZP must take serious action… My condolences to the family😢

  12. Banda Japhet

    Very bad encounter…too bad for the girl. My sincere and heartfelt condolences to the bereaved family, friends and relatives.

  13. Nick Reags

    Brothers and Sisters some of your comment are useless please say what you know do not judge only God knows

  14. muntungwa

    Very sad indeed. I live in the same neighbourhood. The same night a couple living in Kaleni Street was also attacked and both are in Kitwe Teaching Hospital. Then we have a girl and a boy both battling for their lives. There were attacked in the same neighbourhood Could this be connected as it happened on the same day in the same area? Poliice must find these guys and sort them out

  15. Comandaa01

    Something is not adding up with this story.@ The thieves broke into the house then the girl was out side…??
    There is so much to investigate in this crime….🤔 Ba police inchito iyo yamoneka.Rest in peace girl…

  16. Mary

    I think the police should take very serious actions in this gang thing, coz people are now living in danger and innocent people are being killed by the gang jerk

  17. feddy

    nice one why blaming officers mwandi pamene pali kubala ni Ku bala Nana nothing wrong, koma those with long fingers charge them stealing sure ninjala kuma nyumba yao.

  18. gift bwembya

    this is a sad development

  19. Edson Diego lungu


  20. Jonas

    Sad indeed but i can smell a rat, how can a young girl be let to go out side unacompanied at such an awkward time?

  21. Mkay

    God only knows

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