Male Nurse Probe Hits Brick wall after Complainant Shuns Hearing

Investigations into a male nurse who is accused of having denied services to a mother who took her child to a health facility in Kalomo District have hit a brick wall after failure of the complainant to appear before the investigating team.

Phebias Munsaka was thrust in the limelight after having allegedly refused to attend to a mother who had taken her child to the hospital for failing to speak Tonga.

Munsaka was subsequently suspended on January 2, 2019 with investigations opened by the General Nursing Council of Zambia.

On 27th December last year, a Kalomo based woman Esther Mundenda circulated a video in which she accused Mawaya clinic male nurse Phebias Munsaka of refusing to treat her child on grounds that she could not speak Tonga, a story which led to the suspension of the nurse.

Southern Province Permanent Secretary Mwangala Liomba has told Journalists in Choma today that authorities have concluded the investigations on the part of the male nurse.

The Investigating team now awaits to hear the complainant’s side of the story.

Liomba disclosed that complainant has so far failed to appear before the investigating team despite being summoned several times.

The ministry of health will release their findings on the matter in the course of this week hoping the complainant would have appeared by then.


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    No mwana mutonga uyo. Ba namujiesa mo.

  2. Osei

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  3. Gangsta grabs

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      Did you see the condition of the baby the woman was even crying just seek the services. Tongaz and Loziz minyelo ZANU Bonse.

  5. Kati Bela

    It was not necessary to suspend the nurse on such a flimsy case when we have heard and seen negligent cases that have even led to death of patients. Tongas are likely to be offended by such action. Can leaders learn to be wise in dealing with matters.

  6. RUTH banda

    She is Tonga how can the fail to speak the language she just want to bring confusion between the two tribes. PF suspension her she is not Worth to be a leader

    • Roddz

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  7. RUTH banda

    She is Tonga how can she fail to speak the language she just want to bring confusion between the two tribes. PF suspension her she is not Worth to be a leader

  8. Nkhata mathews

    No weapons formed against the inoccent shall prosper, congrats mr phebias as you all continue saving lives

  9. Evelyn chinke

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