Mwanza Raises Questions on Dialogue Preps

Patriotic Front Deputy Spokesperson Antonio Mwanza has maintained his critical stance on the January 18 dialogue process urging the church and the Zambia Centre for Inter-Party Dialogue (ZCID) to put their house in order before convening the dialogue.

Mwanza reckons with the ZCID and the Church Mother Bodies quarrelling over ground rules for the dialogue process it could make the process messier.



In the Gospel of Mark 3:25, Jesus states, “And if a house be divided against itself, that house cannot stand.”

We are concerned that the three Bishops representing the Church and The Zambia Centre for Interparty Dialogue are fighting over a number of issues that include:

  1. a) What must be the Agenda
  2. b) Who must attend the Dialogue meeting
  3. c) Who should be in – charge of the MONEY for facilitation
  4. d) Who should run the Secretariat.


In offering SOLUTIONS on the way forward it is important to give a brief account of this dialogue.


  1. In June last year, all political parties met in Siavonga and AGREED on the AGENDA of the much talked about NATIONAL DIALOGUE.


  1. The parties that met and agreed included PF, UPND, FDD, MMD and political parties outside Parliament.


  1. The AGREED upon AGENDA was or is as follows:
  2. a) Constitutional reforms

b ) Judicial reforms

c ) Electoral reforms and

  1. d) The Public Order Act


  1. The Church Mother Bodies (CMB) were brought in to CHAIR the process and NOT to make an AGENDA because that was already AGREED upon by the Political Stakeholders. The Bishops as Chair have a clear mandate of chairing and NOT make the AGENDA of the meeting because that was already AGREED upon.


  1. The Parties AGREED that ZCID will facilitate the process as Secretariat while the Bishops would Chair.


  1. The Parties AGREED on who was to attend the meeting.

Our concern is that if the Bishops and ZCID can’t agree between themselves how can they successfully LEAD over hundred stakeholders?

Let the Three Bishops and ZCID dialogue between themselves and put their house in order before asking us to meet them on the 18th or else this VERY IMPORTANT meeting/process will degenerate into a mere academic exercise, a circus even.


  1. on top always

    Just leave the imbwili alone, he has done alot to the part not even you mwanza can do do that. Why are you scared of him.

  2. Osei

    Dialogue dialogue dialogue what is wrong

  3. CHIZUNGU nelson m

    Let you not direct them what to every department has to do as supposed and must come up with reports of the out come

  4. Truth man

    As usual the so called church mother bodies are looking to be very disorganised.These people are going to confuse people.They seem to have their own agenda which seems to be diluted with partisan overtones and as such the dialogue process might lack the seriousness it deserves .

  5. My husband

    Ubwafya ulaimona uwamamo

  6. Ba Mwaata

    No road map no ECL ..Head of state can’t attend a circus full of confusion..no…& if Kambwili will attend even commando & his followers at intercity bus terminus will attend & not ECL…put it in mind…ECL will be in Congo for inergulation…!!!


    The meeting is to chaired by the church mother board no more directory from pf or any other party let them do what they can do we are tired with you pupu fool (pf)

  8. Man of the day

    You pipo….!!!! Let the meeting b chaired by his excellent Mr Mulyokela.

  9. Dr Fonicks

    From the look of things it seems the organizers are no where near ready. This has been expected a long time ago. why should there be such bickering a few days before the dialogue. I foresee a situation where this will be a flop. A good event is foreseen by its preparations. This portray a situation of not reaching a conclusive solution. awe mukwai kuwayawaya fye. The ones to attend must be clearly stated because some are claiming to attend and others are refusing. Why is there always confusion when matters of such magnitude are tabled ? This is sensitive issue which requires utmost address. Ifya cipantepante preparation out.

  10. Justine c. Mukungule

    The church should just chair the dialogue as ZCID runs the secretariat.

  11. Mr. Bemba land is great

    Some members of these church mother bodies are on upnd pay roll that’s why you have seen this confusion they are carrying the agenda of upnd this confusion will go on like this I don’t think the dialogue will succeed many issues they have are targeting pf gvt and not national issues

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