Pregnant Police Recruits Sent Home

Some of the police recruits from Lilayi Police Training College have been sent packing after having fallen pregnant and also presenting fake examination results.

About 20 recruits have been dismissed half-way through the program that ends in March for pregnancies ranging from one to five months.

The program commenced in September 2018 with only 1, 000 recruits selected from the highly sought after exercise given the high unemployment levels in the country.

Others have been dismissed for theft among other breaches of regulations of the training programme.

Fake results and pregnancies are top of the breaches among the recruits with others having been sent away last year at the beginning of the exercise.

Random health checks were done on the recruits following alerts from among the students.

Last year, government selected over 1, 000 people aged between 18 and 30 to be trained for police service.

The recruitment period is expected to end within the first three months of 2019.

(Picture is just for illustrative purpose)



  1. Zacharia

    So bad weh

    • Roddz

      With That mini bangasiye kukuTombani
      In fact guys Tombesani. Bachilamo kuvala vaupuba.

      • Jay

        ( picture is just for illustrative purposes)
        Is it so hard to understand?

  2. Gibson Chisenga

    Too bad

  3. Gibson Chisenga

    Some are criminals

  4. the cryer

    maybe our pre ladies will be called back like like it is done in schools but not for minwe ishitali craft guys strainght selo chosa beluti seluka pasapato selo kkkkkkk awe mwandi

  5. the cryer

    maybe our pre ladies will be called back like like it is done in schools but not for minwe ishitali craft guys strainght selo chosa beluti seluka pasapato selo kkkkkkk awe mwandi

  6. Drumma Boy

    That’s what happens when nepotism takes full control.


      Comment point these are the results of nepotism n corruption

  7. gift skiz

    Who pregnanted all this Ladies? Bcoz 20 is a big number.

    • Drumma Boy

      maybe their trainers and maybe some went pregnant already. Women are so vulnerable.

      • Ndoleshafye

        These girls should be interrogated it could be that the reciponsible people for those pregnancies are within.Those girls shouldn’t be rashed out of Lilayi police Training School they should be given time to excalpate themselves.

  8. Mark


  9. on top always

    Kupopa vs police.kwachita over. Nyamula kwendo naeve anyamula

  10. shumba mark

    the number is too big for those ladies to be sent home .my concern is these are not exposed outskirt the premises are just in the camp.so askvthem who have made them mothers .maybe its the fellow male corps

    • cm

      Too, bad for you ladies after struggling for so many months sure. Patience pays ladies. Cabipa saana.

    • Raymond

      Meyb to find out from the commnders

  11. Marvin kapya

    this too bad

  12. firefolksy

    Where did they get those pregnancies

  13. Osei

    They knew why they whent there and they ignored the rules rules for human
    rules When you do it you do it what do expect science is real my sister’s

  14. Mark

    Now are thy going to be replaced?

  15. Osei

    Failing Just to maintain for few months to be whom you whanted to be shure not serious wife life ukulya nuko trainer

  16. Raphael cascool likando

    Sorry, so bad

  17. Raphael cascool likando

    Sorry, so bad to hear

  18. Jah rules

    Dnt just blame these so called recruits,ask them nicely,CZ it is a well known fact that unemployment in Zambia is high and anyone can do anything to be among those picked for recruitment,am sure some of these ladies were duped in sleeping with the ones involved in the process

  19. The Bill Guy

    They should have also find out from them,the people responsible for their pregnancies,probably some of them use sexual services as part of their fake qualifications.

  20. Mk

    Too bad but i think this is the confirmation of the report that came up in the recent past that female police offers are abused sexually by their bosses. Many of those ladies were impregnated during the course of their training. So who impregnated them ? Human rights must investigate this issue thoroughly. Bakapokola it’s too much now,

  21. Razor

    These recruits should not only be dismissed but also prosecuted as a deterrent to other would be chancers who are not serious with employment at the expense of genuine candidates.

  22. One Cheng-lee

    Sad development

  23. Kaziya narycious

    Too bad for the girls nchito yavuta

  24. Zax

    I think mk u’re right,b’coz lilayi iz well known 4 so.It’ s too much! B fair ,let justice prevail.

  25. My husband

    Even that one on picture! Ba trainer balipitapo ask her!

  26. Son of the soil

    I am not for the idea of withdrawing a person from a training program basing on pregnancy. Women institutions kindly rise up to protect your fellow women folk. This mentality belongs to the past. Times have changed.

    • F.m.x chiti

      Military and police no ways you can recruit a pregnant trainees NO and no human rights at all,coz it needs physical fitness ,what could be a situation on training and enemies bounced on them or fight against enemies bounced on the site ,run for your life so let them with drawn ,thus is coz of family recruitment this are the results recruitment should be down like days of KK.
      HENCE INDEPENDENT investigations TO BE conducted… OH MOTHER ZAMBIA.

  27. gee millz

    but zoona ndiye bupuba ubo.. na job yavuta mu zed you just make a fuck ku last minute zoona mamamama

  28. Man wa Man

    I smell a rat,who impregnanted those ladies,may u tell the public as per your findings

  29. yabazungu

    Comment They have approved themselves that they can’t work

  30. dukeloud

    Some are of these criminals are cadres, some want jobs and you give the wrong ones thats wat happens

  31. Fisunge

    You pipo who are saying they should not go are you being fare to this country training ya ba police is not like teaching or secretary courses it’s physical therapy OK how does one who is pregnant climb the mountain and take cover crawling on the ground it’s not the duty of government or the police command to find out who impregnated them but the parents let them go so that they learn from the mistakes and besides they went to train as officers not to become mother’s atase these girls are just prostitutes which women do you want to stand pafyabupuba fyonse apapene mwafumine Kuma bottles again Ati stand up women for prostitutes who knows the feedback atase let them reap what they sowed they didn’t want the job period abo bene balefwaya ukwima are the ones who sent them don’t support immorality in the name of human Rights stop foolishness ba NGO working with women this country in the end will have no laws me let them go back but that one on top also should know how to dress not like that she can cause an accident on the roads dressing like how

  32. KAZYOKA natural soldier

    y sending them back?? the one who re serious are the one they didn’t pick!!!!!
    yo secret is now no more!!!! this is what u agreed for that they shud pay back in this way.
    u re the one who makes them feel that everything is possible bcoz they are connected.

  33. J s

    CommentThis is a serious matter it has to be investigated. How come the examiners during recruitment process did not discover this? Was there, transparency is the selection process ? I really, have doubt.


    She is so sex baby ……all anyway so sad 20 ladies kkkkkkkkk bantu nibakala kusex dont mess with men ladies…….?

  35. Lol

    Mmmmm sad news indeed

  36. Gibson

    The main question is how did they fall pregnant because am sure they are in camp training,let the investigators do the job maybe it because they are being abused…πŸ˜•πŸ˜•

  37. Bob Kaima

    Mwami mwaona manje mwangenesa muli recruit ,ankala namimba mwana bwana ,mwalakwa kale mwami,uyu recruit samayendayenda nso alinalupala awoneka monga nimwamuna, ndimwe mwami muziba nkhani mushe, ulula chabe

  38. Andrew

    The story here says, the pregnancies r btwn 1 and 5 months. The training began in September 2018 and by to date it makes 4 months for urgument sake. Meaning some ladies conceived within the training camp. The question is who is that person in a camp? Hence an investigation must b done b4 sending those mothers back. If it found that the fathers are with the trainees or instructors or those who were responsible for recruiting law must visit them.

  39. Mwase chirwa

    Too badπŸ‘ŽπŸ˜ˆπŸ˜ˆπŸ˜ˆ

  40. Mwase chirwa

    Too bad

  41. ZOKO

    True: this govt leaves people who are health and having good and genuine results”””

  42. ZOKO

    They know each other for doing that….. Who knows apart from them no one

  43. Joezman

    nepotism +corruptionπŸ˜†πŸ˜†πŸ˜„πŸ˜ƒπŸ˜

  44. DJ BAM ZEE Pro

    We want the answer please where they get all pregnants

  45. Mulenga Patrick

    Those are so called corruption in front of the traders. You know people to get rid of the employed they need bribe πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚lol

  46. Mathew

    the trainees fucked them, thats a doubt

  47. Moses

    There were not serious from the beginning, these are the results. You have missed the opportunity mama to became someone in life.

  48. David

    i am 100% sure that the Instructors are the ones responsible NO DOUBT!!

  49. Commando

    If there is replacement ,I’m here don’t forget me :call 0965450990/0973130499

  50. sylvester

    count how many months from september till date you will find who gave the ladies pregnancies

  51. Hop kido

    This is shocking indeed ! and a set back for those culprits without doult.

  52. Judas Exodus

    That’s y Zambia is no developing

  53. Hakainde Hichilema

    Lungu has failed to protect the girl child. Vote him out in 2021 for able leadership. I pregnant woman should never be dismissed from work

  54. Chocks

    Mmmmmmmmmm vibelo venso_oneka mushe mwati bamuna banga kusiye iwe mmmmmmmmm matako cee vikulu zoona

  55. pweto mpwi

    too much ubuniginigi

  56. Brian kazembe

    Boma eyanganepo

  57. Jk

    Issues of pay it will show, this is the end results and no doubts about it.

  58. guya John

    Comment this do happen to everyone so this ladies should be given justice be course that is a plan of God for them to get kids

  59. chihinga mutti

    They were trying to push ma files

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