Albino Doctor Murdered in Kapiri

Masked criminals have killed a medical Doctor Lewis Chola, an albino person who was attached to the Cancer Diseases Hospital in Lusaka in circumstances that has shocked his family and send fears to the Albino Community in Zambia.

The masked assailants abducted Dr. Chola, from his home in Kalingalinga in the evenings on 3rd January, 2019.

Information gathered suggest that the abductors later demanded for a 5000 Kwacha ransom from his Family before killing him and dumped his body near a Lodge in Kapiri Mposhi.

The deceased body had no parts missing to suggest that his killing could be a ritual murder but the Albino Community through Gift Sakala, a representative of the Albino Multipurpose corporative, the Zambia Police has been called upon to thoroughly investigate the matter.


  1. Mwape

    This is inhuman and heart breaking some pipo r weaked n evil,police shud bring the culprit to book and face the full wrath of the Law wit hard Labour at Chimbokaila.

  2. Gangsta grabs

    Mother fucker panyo pa paksa

  3. Kabuswe umu ras

    Sad very sad indeed
    Judge them lord.

  4. Takondwa01

    Sad story

  5. Osei

    Too much act of wickedness now Lord deliver us

  6. One zed manex

    Killing a human being for a ransom of k5000 what a shame,i pray they are brought to book and pay for there crime

  7. Jonathan Simanda Kabanda

    May God be with the family which was under his care. The ones who murdered him God will judge them they are evil.

    • Zozie Robert

      This is inhuman such culprits must be shot to death.

  8. Kakundanyina

    Police please use all avenues in investigations, they are not going anywhere. Let them face the law.

  9. Christine Kangwa Kapampa

    May the good lord who sees in secret and darkness expose the culprits in the name of Jesus!!

  10. Twaambo

    This is inhuman for every person has the right to life.
    The police should thoroughly investigate the matter in its quickest possible time

  11. Njila

    Heartfelt condolences to the berieved family.

  12. Naomi Nambela

    Justice should take it’s course no one kills a fellow human being and goes Scott free….. these criminals are not anywhere far police should take proper investigation

  13. Kays

    So sad,police do something

  14. dy

    The people shud help the police to investigate & track down the murderers they r known people thus why they were masked mhrp O God expose them & comfort the bereaved family

  15. Kaone

    The story about the dead that he was a doctor is not true.he was working for cancer disease’s hospital, not as a doctor.he was a telephone operator,may his soul rest in peace

  16. Ntenga

    May your soul rest in peace our dear Doctor

  17. Nsondo

    Very very sad I personally knew the gentleman. They used to call him guy scott

  18. Nich Reags

    This is the time Home Affairs Should improves its system to modern. We need all to take finger prints and head photos. Home affaire should’ve saved all citizens in their server. Police stations should also connected to the server this will help our government to apprehend killers it’s just a matter of spraying power to the victim’s body then a simple plastic scan it’ll much name of the killer and picture will appear even influx of foreigners will be easy for our government to arrest them.

  19. Brian Nkandu

    God forbid this ransom thing shouldn’t come to Zambia. Sounds small but may grow big. What happened to the many road blocks from Lsk to Kapiri. RIP chola.

  20. David ndhlovu

    No matter how you masked yrself, to god u r not.

  21. Chinyemba M

    So sad. But these are some of the repercussions of too much watching of movies. Criminal minds capture what they see happen in Nigeria and want to do it here!
    I pray that these criminals be caught and punished. God knows you!

  22. ALBINO

    Gangsta grabs mapolo yako nikauka chibanda uzapya

  23. Pentagon

    Please… Let the law take its course

  24. babyluv

    it’s sad indeed that Bashi saili you are no more. Lewis Chola was a telephone operator and also served as an executive officer at uth cancer diseases hospital. he worked hard for his family.

  25. joe muti

    Comment ..even if u love money, u don’t have to kill, Lord help us

  26. romi gift

    this is a sad development, zambia police ensure you bring the suspects to book and be punished or imprisoned for life

  27. Catherine

    They should find them. And give them a good reason. Very evil

  28. Hello, am one of the people that knew Mr Chola in persony, am asking for your contact details. So sad just want to sympathize with family. So sad

    So sad

    • Rabbeca

      May the lord help Zambians become smarter in the way we handle our duties in the various institutions. The country’s workforce and security wings keep growing but are we seeing the equal improvement in service delivery! Can we then maybe reduce the staff and hire mor machinery and technology to be able to track faster coz if the criminals called the family before killing that was an opportunity to save the victim with the help of the security wings! Cry my beloved country. The blood of the deceased is also upon all those that should have done something! Let us improve our systems. The question is what are we doing?What am I doing?To save a life in danger!


    Why killing innocent souls

  30. Nicholas Chaka 22

    I agree with Rebecca in the strongest of terms. Our security wings have a lot of house keeping to do. The police investigative unit should have been quick to react. We would still be with Dr. Chola today… Sad turn of events. May God provide comfort and guidance to the family during this difficult time. To the killers,your days are numbered…human blood is hard to wash away… May they rot and suffer in hell!

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