Betty Mulongoti thanks President Edgar Lungu for evacuating her Husband

Pretoria- Monday 14th January 2018

Spouse to People’s Party President Mike Mulongoti, Mrs. Betty Mulongoti has expressed profound gratitude to President Edgar Lungu for evacuating her husband to receive specialized medical treatment.

She said the quick action by President Lungu  to evacuate Mr. Mulongoti will save his life.

She said that Mr. Mulongoti was admitted to the University Teaching Hospital(UTH) for two weeks and his condition was deteriorating as special medical tests that were being done were being sent to South Africa for analysis.

She said doctors in South Africs had assured her that they have began the process of tests and treatment.

And Zambia’s High Commissioner to South Africa, His Excellency Mr. Emmanuel Mwamba said tremendous efforts have been made to invest in the health sector in Zambia.

He said the Ministry of Health had continued to invest in laboratory, diagnosis and specialized medical equipment, factors that usually cause foreign medical evacuations.

He said Zambia had qualified medical personel running hospitals all over the world hence the decision to invest in gaps that caused  foreign access to treatment.

He said in the long term, Zambia would achieve regional and  world class standards at the pace of investment being done to the Health Sector.

He said this when he visited Mr. Mulongoti at the hospital.

President Lungu last week directed that People’s Party president Mr. Mike Mulongoti, be evacuated to South Africa for specialised medical treatment.

Mr. Mulongoti is admitted to Avrwyp Medical Center in Johannesburg.

He was brought by an air ambulance on Sunday morning.

In the picture is Mr. Emmanuel Mwamba, Mrs. Betty Mulongoti and daughter, Juliana Mulongoti at the Hospital Cafe.


  1. Sibweni

    Mr mulongoti receive help frm president lungu wil mak him 2 lose HH As a friend. HH Never go along with any get govt support 2 him is sign of weakness bcoz mr mulongoti receive help frm govt he has worked 4 durin mmd were he saved has a nominated mp and appointed ministry but only pf rejected his political method of bin in govt

    • The first was Mwanawasa towards Michael Sata and has become culture since then life is more than politics


  2. amos

    where is his idol hh to help a friend in need.shame on u hh

    • leon

      Mulongoti has been evacuated on tax payer’s money you idiot why insult HH does he owe you

      • Wise me

        There’s nothing more idiotic than to insult people who challenge a leader’s attitude. If you want to rule Zambia learn to be humble while you are aspiring. UPND cadres should not be painting a gloomy future about the type of leadership our country should God permit.

    • Muvado

      That’s government money nt Mr lungu’s money hence he also pay taxes


    iwant to hear about the alliance one of your group member is sick,the GRZ under mr e.c.lungu has taken astep what about you?

  4. Mulenga

    Is HH a president of zambia?mind your language.

  5. Kakundanyina

    A president of tongas. what can he do?

    • Anthobalachio

      Iwe kupusa y ukamba ati president of Tongas ? Don’t u know that kwaliba naba Tonga Ababa mu PF ? Kupusa, me iam a LAMBA , but I can’t set DAT ukupunama.

  6. Herv Rena

    This is a good gesture from ECL and acrucial step to reconcilliation.A true christian gesture to love yo adversaries.

  7. AAMBA

    Are the resources being used state resources?

  8. Barça Managers™

    Kkkkk…..Ati President Mulongoti must be suspended from the pact with HH because the latter doesn’t recognize HE ECL lol Zed pipo

  9. Osei

    Do onto others that you may want them to do to you

  10. Baby George

    Whatever you say and whatever your political inclination, the final Authority was the President, and in this case Lungu.


    LEON have manners its not time for insults its time to wish mr mulongoti well. No wonder people vote hh out because of people like you leon.

  12. mulase

    Evacuation ‘only’ for the elite..nimadabwa ine???????

  13. Luck Muwaya

    Good move H.E ECL, forgive 70 times 70

  14. Anthony Chibuye

    FDD join the rest in thanking the head of state for a good statesmanship practice of helping national leaders who have served this country like president Mulongoti. And urge the president to extend this gesture to ordinary Zambians in need of similar help.

  15. Ks

    In as much as I love lungu, I think it’s a wast of resources coz these people where in government but didn’t improve health facility to the standard hence they shud be subjected to the same facilities moreover we have kid who are future leaders of this country who are in these poor health facilities

  16. Joseph zulu

    Bane let’s be fair and genuine criticism to thank the president for wat he has done


    Nice act ECL…BUT ….

  18. Chisha D

    Thank you ECL FOR HELPING MR MULONGOTI, but Mr HH and his friend GBM do like what ECL DID. KUWAYA WAFYE

  19. Maximal chilufya

    Has am true Green am very very happy ECL well done

    • Biloko

      How does he justify his own medication abroad if once a while he does not sponsor some useful opposition leader abroad. Solution is to improve our own hospital not these knee-jerk reactions.

  20. Maximal chilufya

    Has am true Green am very very happy ECL well done PF do good to your neighbor life is precious Zambia is bigger than politics, remember ICHIBUMBA did the same thing on COBRA please we are one dispit our political affiliations get well soon ba MULONGOTI !!

  21. Jms

    Poor are we imagine you claim of doing what ever is possible for a human being of do forget who and what ever wrong dids occurred then you will be called a person just talk of how we may acquire such equipments in our hospitals not the way some are vomiting bad word concerned ( true Zambian)

  22. Hams

    Its only fools who compare The government and HH,government uses tax payers money for such while HH is an individual with hard earned personal money, don’t be jealous if rich people,please work hard also if you want have money like HH or GBM

  23. Hams

    Its only fools who compare The government and HH,government uses tax payers money for such while HH is an individual with hard earned personal money, don’t be jealous of rich people,please work hard also if you want have money like HH or GBM

  24. Pumpken

    See what happens in US,Democrats are not in white house but contribute funding to developmentle projects unlike the boarder wall which they have refused to contribute they feel it is waist of resources and will just affect the economy. Same applies to our opposition parties let them be contributing even financially in some of these programs than just keep on promising things to do once they form gorverment .Batiila ichikwanka bachimwena kumampalanya.this system of critisysing for the sack of it can’t help us.

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