Chipata Pastor Nabbed for Defiling 14-Year Old

A 20-year-old pastor has been arrested for allegedly defiling a 14 year old girl of Mchini compound in Chipata.

Eastern Province Police Commissioner Alex Chilufya confirmed that Mathews Mwale, a prophet at Bible Ministries Hope of Glory Church in Mchini is alleged to have defiled the minor on January 7 and was arrested on January 9, 2019.

He said in a statement made that the incident occurred around 16 hours at the house of the suspect in Water Affairs area.

Chilufya says a medical report was issued and disclosed the suspect was currently in police custody saying he will appear court soon.


  1. Steven mungalu

    Men of God, we should pray hard because devil is at work. Also we should learn to control ourselves. Self-control should exist in us.pray hard for self-control. A suggestion, with or without any spiritual gift, unmarried young pastors should monitored and guided by senior pastors to such nonsense. That young man he will be no longer trusted and the name of the church is dent.instead of preaching the good news, you have now preaching bad news. Y pastors? Pray without ceasing.

    • Moses mubanga

      I agree but how can we put this nonsense to end because it has started long time from now and if this gets deteriorated I don’t know were are going in this state.

  2. Bwalya

    So that pastor can’t take one of his church members rather than defiling a small girl,shame on him……take him to jail

  3. Osei

    White out side but black inside you have been disclosed this is whom you are not that name you’re called

  4. Gangsta grabs

    Panyo pa paksa potomba,get some chili and mboloksa

  5. sylvester

    this is blaspheming the name of the lord sure pity on you

  6. Benson

    too bad

  7. Mk

    Sad story indeed. But what has gone wrong with many pastors and prophets? If its not defilement , its theft, adultery or money loundering, men of God! Let me advise you men of the most high, you are disgracing our God so you better change or stop if you dont have a calling. God will punish you one day. WARNING TO LADIES/ GIRLS : Dont entertain these men of God( papas) They will ruin your life. Trust in the pastors with good reputation eveñ if he doesnt seem to perform miracles that you dearly need. Above all trust in the Lord and everything will be given unto you.

  8. Third

    We’re not unaware of the schemes of the devil..

  9. Jebby Nyambe

    too bad pastors way

  10. A 20-year-old pastor

    ala 14 years nyini kukula ati defilment

  11. defiled girl

    mbolo kuwama ahh nyini yanga kukula

  12. Zondani Manyozo Zulu

    Paster have no problem …akazi masiku bano amazifunitsa beka guy. there is so many prostitude in this world, the luck of respect..

  13. Revelation 1:7

    mmmm this girl what was she doing at the pastor’s home girls of nowadays sivintu too much chibeleshi or maybe the two know each other 14 & 20 no big difference they can make a good couple

  14. romi gift

    Men of God mmmm this shame to our nation which is a christian nation….i urge governement to ensure all churches in zambia are registered and that all so called pastors, evangelists and so on show proof of training from any bible college which is recognized in zambia…some of these men of God they just rise up in the morning and start telling people am a prophet and bla bla bla…this young pastor be jailed and let young girls be protected for they have the rights to freedom

  15. Joseph Innocent

    We, can’t surprise to hear, such story, we are in last last.

  16. Catherine

    25years with teacher him a reason

  17. Bukala bwandi

    Pastor mapolo yaba maibako

  18. KAOMA

    Sweet 14

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