Mwelwa Ditches Wife’s FDD for PF

Husband to lone FDD Chienge Member of Parliament Given Katuta, Dr. Mwelwa, has resigned from the opposition political party and joined the Patriotic Front.

Mwelwa was received by PF Deputy Secretary General, Mumbi Phiri at the party secretariat today.

Phiri welcomes Mwelwa and urged the youths to avoid politicians who advocate for politics of violence as no politician sent their children to fight in the streets.

She also refuted claims that the PF uses money to buy off their political competitors.

Phiri said that her party’s visible works had attracted new members including those from same households.


He was accompanied by three senior members of the FDD with over 34 other FDD supporters drawn from Lusaka province.




  1. Gangsta grabs

    Panyo pa paksa is all i can say,the fucker couldnt stand his wife being that high,hence mboloksa stance


      ba gangstar lets respect someone’s decission he knows that fdd has no life .what if he joins UPND will you like him or happy?

  2. jenallah mwanza

    great move Sir

  3. Osei

    He has a right to choose.Democracy

  4. Anthony Chibuye

    As FDD, we respect the decision of members who chose to leave the great party. We believe and are not surprised with what is a common trend in African politics. We wish them well. But one notion needs to be corrected. As FDD, we don’t practice politics of violence and we believe so much in the development of individuals as a key drive to national development. We are very intact and urge our members to continue working hard and mobilize more members heading into 2021. ‘LET THE PEOPLE GOVERN’.


      ba chibuye things are changing everyday dont behave like the UNIP’s iyo FDD ninashalaneka party ngatimulyamo limbikileni until you regreat of waisting your time. if you cant beat them join them

  5. One zed manex

    Why insult Zambia is a free country and everyone has the right to join a political party of there choice,eg I know someone his wife is PF and him PF his child UPND but have never seen them insult,but they articulate real issues affecting our believed Zambia.its unzambian to just insult on anything.

  6. Wizard Witch Pompwe

    Be reasonable in articulating issues, insults are long gone. Now certain people who were fathered by rucifer take insults as their daily bread.

  7. Razor

    Next is the wife to follow so that she can be adopted in the next elections by PF as FDD is now a dead party.

  8. Chongo Gift

    Recently his wife was saying that, Kalaba in luapula is popular than PF. Ndelolelashafye?

  9. Dabs

    No wonder you call yourself gangsta. Very dull in thinking. How do you insult someone who has made a decision to join a party of his choice not your choice for that matter. That man might be your father’s age. I wouldn’t be surprised that you say say those insults to your parents. You have too much rote in that rotten mouth. Please shut up if you have nothing to say or we will look for you and shut it for you.


      Dabs forgive him,this chap gangsta is a UPND cadre that why he always vomit insults has his way of life.

  10. Philip Nyoni

    the guy looks uncomfortable
    was he forcibly taken????

  11. Chanda jk

    hmmmm? Ba Dr iyoyena ni wrong move. U leave yo wife’s parry Ro join another one. Support yo wife

    • Brian bugga

      There’s no wrong in what the man did,can someone tell me where he went wrong

  12. Osei

    Nothing is wrong Zambia is a democratic country I can join or support any party of my choice.

  13. Zambian Obama

    Zambia reports please edit what to publish , do u have editorial department? The first comment is not health for public consumption, we make bundles to read and get informed with sensible or educative ideologies , criticise to educate not such insults please stop displaying such insults….. What has he benefited and what has he portrayed to us by such insults

  14. Proud Lozi

    With me who is a Proud Lozi I say FDD fr life

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