Ex-Ministers’ Sisters Apply to Sell Her Property to Settle Debts

Administrators to the property of late Gender Minister Victoria Kalima have filed an affidavit in the Lusaka High Court seeking an authority to sale part of the deceased’s property to allegedly settle some of the debts she left.

Without disclosing the value of the debt, the sisters to the deceased Mutiyo and Alice have filed an affidavit indicating that it has become necessary to sell some of the properties in order to erase the debt.

Kalima died without writing a will and is survived by two children aged 23 and 12 who the administrators say they have consulted.

According to the affidavit filed by Mutiyo and Alice it has become desirable to sale the properties due to the fact that the time she was alive she had amassed some debts which they feel duty bound as administrators to offset.

It has been disclosed that some of the properties forming the former Minister’s property who was also Kasenengwa Member of Parliament are four namely plots No . 18160 /M , 18159/M , Plot LN -37087/90 and 11926/M/9 in Lusaka .

It has been submitted that the deceased died without living a will .




    It’s a good move.

  2. The scientist

    Let them show the court a proof of those debts . Otherwise I don’t trust administrators.

  3. Lovechild

    Even if there was no will left there are proviso’s under the inheritance law that will ensure the children are covered. Only one child of the 2 is above the legal age to give such consent to the 2 ladies…i concur the evidence of the debt needs to be shown and there is s process too for claiming from a deceased estate and the court should guide accordingly…big lesson to all let’s ensure we leave things in order especially for our children..its really a practice that people need to get into to safeguard the rights of the vulnerable children

  4. William mtonga

    But why bring that into public domain. And what has that to do with the public anyway.

  5. Derick

    That’s a private you foolish reporters and what’s wrong with that?

  6. Proud Lozi

    Let the children get their 50% share and den thy can sale at least 15%

  7. Gerald

    it’s a good suggestion but should surrender administrator to 23 year child. I feel is big enough handle and be responsible at end of the day.

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