President Edgar Lungu leaves Pretoria for Addis Ababa

Pretoria-Wednesday 16th January 2019

President Edgar Lungu has left South Africa for Ethiopia where he is expected to attend an emergency SADC double troika Summit Meeting.

Minister of Foreign Affairs, who is travelling with President Lungu, Hon. Jospeh Malanji said a SADC emergency meeting has been called over the recently held DRC elections and the announced provisional results.

The Summit will be held on Thursday  17th January 2019.

Presidents Lungu recently called on the parties in the DRC to consider forming an inclusive government.

President Lungu was in South Africa to hold bilateral meetings with his counterpart President Cyril Ramaphosa.

President Lungu was seen off by Zambia’s High Commissioner to South Africa, State House Senior Private Secretary, Daniel Siwo and Military Officers from Waterkloof Military Base.


  1. We are all Politicians by birth.

    Ka mwendo munjila. Go Presido go

  2. Osei


  3. Osei

    Perform your duties Mr president it is your time why not if there’s something to travel for

  4. Break News

    Johannesburg – The Committee to Protect Journalists has joined more than 20 rights groups in urging the Zimbabwean government to restore internet and social media services blocked during a nationwide protest against a steep fuel price increase which turned violent.
    Police said three people, including a member of the force, were killed during demonstrations which saw angry protesters block roads with stones and ransack and loot shops in major cities.
    In response, residents in Zimbabwe said internet services had been cut off, with only those on virtual private networks enjoying continued access.
    “The government in Zimbabwe should take action to ensure a free and open media environment, which means swiftly reestablishing internet and social media access,” CPJ Africa Program Coordinator Angela Quintal said.
    African governments too often use internet disruptions as a tool to stifle the free flow of news and commentary.”
    In the letter to Zimbabwe’s minister of information communication technology and cyber security minister Kazembe Kazembe, the 20 organisations, including CPJ, Human Rights Foundation, Internet Sans Frontières, Reporters without Borders and the Right2Know Campaign, said internet shutdowns harmed human rights and economies.
    “Shutdowns disrupt the free flow of information and create a cover of darkness that shields human rights abuses from public scrutiny,” the letter read.
    “Journalists and media workers cannot contact sources, gather information, or file stories without digital communications tools.”
    It urged the Zimbabwe government to encourage telecommunications and internet services providers “to respect human rights through public disclosures on policies and practices impacting users”.

  5. Geoffrey Bwamba Meal ta

    Perform your duties Your Excellence.

  6. Zondani Manyozo Zulu

    The country without leader is not a country …… He is a leader for every one in zambia. edger c lungu god bless you .

  7. Zondani Manyozo Zulu

    God bless zambia amen

  8. Luck Muwaya

    Safe journey ba kateka

  9. Kamata

    Go well sir

  10. Pearson Gustavo chola

    Safe journey n may almighty God bless u.thanks for not traveling with that trouble maker Mr freedom sikazwe

  11. Evans

    men at work

  12. Leo Zulu

    go on bakateka

  13. Hams

    Its a good thing, though for us in Zambia,results of these trips haven’t been seen much..what we are experiencing are more problem’s,despite these important gathering..

  14. Razor

    He left zambia for SA over a week ago and only met Cyril for a day. Where was he all this time? Checking the progress on his mansion at eswatini.

  15. Wise siakalenge

    The President lungu didn’t do the promise to people
    so we ar so worried about him

  16. mr-i

    That’s Westing tax payers money. Yet we need network in kawama mbala district.

  17. Alfred kashiya

    Do your work Mr President I hold your back

  18. One zed manex

    Work for our neighbors it started with Kaunda,we are the becon of peace in southern and central Africa,show them how it’s done Mr President

  19. Big pipe Aisha

    Had it been Mr. Chintombwa travelling some disgruntled, illiterate minions could have been singing songs of praise and worship.

  20. Sams

    Traveling frm planet Jupiter to mecury etc
    Anyway- Iyi ni up & down surely.

  21. van parera

    Go well

  22. Proud Lozi

    Thy meet to discuss de happenings in de DRC but their resolutions are never put into effect a share west of tax payers money

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