Rival MMD Factions Outdo Each Other at ConCourt

The battle for the MMD was back at the Constitutional Court with the Felix Mutati faction telling the court that the convention that elected the former Works and Supply Minister in Kabwe was duly convened.

National Secretary for the MMD faction led by Felix Mutati, Raphael Nakacinda has insisted that the convention which was held in Kabwe which saw the election of Mutati as the legitimate president of the MMD party was legal.

Faction Secretary General Raphael Nakacinda who is also a nominated Member of Parliament told the Constitutional Court led by its president Hilda Chibomba that their petition was properly before the Constitutional Court as every court that they had gone to had said they were in the wrong court.

This is in the case in where Nakacinda petitioned the Constitutional Court seeking for a declaration that the convention which elected Mutati as the party’s president was Constitutional.

But the Nevers Mumba MMD led faction that have a similar action in the High Court are disputing the Nakachinda group claim.

Nakacinda through his lawyer Joseph Jalasi of Silwamba and Company has asked the court to dismiss, Mumba’s application filed by general secretary Winnie Zaloumis.

The Mumba faction are asking the court to throw out Nakachinda’s petition because there is a proper case before the High Court.

“We were in the High Court, Supreme Court and Court of appeal and we were told by the Supreme Court that we were in the wrong court and that we should commence our action before this court (Constitutional Court) so we are here as directed by the court,” stated the Nakachinda faction.

Meanwhile, The Mumba’s lawyer Jeah Madaika has maintained his earlier position that the petition should be dismissed because the reliefs sought are the same sought in the High Court.

The genesis of the confusion in the MMD stems from the legality of the convention which was held in Kabwe from May 20-22, 2016 which elected Mutati as president.

The court has since reserved ruling to January 25 at 14:30 hours.


  1. F.m.x

    The only solution to this ,is dialogue between Nevers mumba vs Felix mutation
    Not dialogue for others not applicable

  2. Sams

    The ordinary political party,y not showing maturity ? Pls we r tired of hearing such confusions in our country it’s shameful.

  3. Razor

    Concourt will rule in favour of mutati faction since they are a surrogate party of the PF. That is why they rushed to concourt since the high court was not giving them a favours me response.

  4. Jms

    Shameful so it means MMD is finished this is abominable how can one wife be shared by two men if so then it means the wife is a fool she is unable to choose one husband. This is an example of unfaithfulness people here I see Nevers winning because for Mutati let them agree to have (convention) and let mutati stand to have a chance now it started wrongly by neglecting a leader and this is sign of having wrong advisors .THE MUTATI GROUP IS WRONG AND GUILT OF WHAT THEY ARE DOING THING TWICE PROPERLY

  5. Kawax

    JMS, y

  6. Kawax

    JMS, you are wrong. It was the Mumba faction who refused to go to the convention claiming the term of office goes up to 2017. Which was wrong as Mumba became president after Rupiah Banda retired. In short Mumba was serving the remaining term of office of Rupiah banda.According to mmd constitution, mmd was set to have a convention to elect new leaders in 2016. But Nerves Mumba refused.

  7. Zondani Manyozo Zulu

    Madzi yakataika sa yoleka.end is end .chinatha chinatha chinantha good buy Ba MMD.

  8. One zed manex

    The MMD conventions historically 1990,1995,2000,2006,2011 &2016 so those who didn’t go for elections in 2016 didn’t want to be part of the convention and the have themselves to blame,if I was a judge as an individual I can go for mutation,its just my opinion guy’s will wait to hear from the concourt and qualified in such cases.

  9. Bowa

    Ba mutati ndeyekusila uku ka kuvutana na ntayo zya muntu nervas mumba

  10. Tefyo

    Fighting for a finished party… By the way Mumba & Mutati one thing you must know is that no one wants mmd no one.

  11. Leader

    Both Felix mutati & nevers member are not principled boys it one thing in common they have they are both fool or idiots

  12. Abantu bakana

    Mmd is as bad as a funeral.. So if u want to lead mmd then you must be worse than a funera

  13. Ks

    What good does being mmd president mean? It’s just a finished party will no hope of coming back.

  14. Dr Fonicks

    This is a sad development. isn’t there rules in the MMD constitution which guides on such scenarios? the biggest set back is that whilst other partys are busy mobilizing themselves, the mmd will be busy in court. This case has been dragging on for some time. put an end to it. The once vibrant party is slowly going into oblivion. Please put your house in order. just be clear on what your constitution stipulates.

  15. Barça Managers™

    Whilst it’s true that mmd is finished, one needs to ask themselves why two grown up adults are fighting for control of this dead vehicle; its because of its spare parts! MMD has a lot or assets hence the one who wins control becomes a rich dude.

  16. John

    Stop fighting bcoz MMD shall never bounce back into power, then why fighting for nothing
    Mr mutati must sett on other ways of life and Nevers Mumba go back to your spiritual call then MMD choose another one who can cool and coordinate the party if u want to remain as opposition for ample time

  17. Samson chilepa

    Pipo surely! Are you still struggling for an old Rotten borns. Even hynas can’t be attracted with. We differ in thinking. I see.

  18. Jms

    Nevers and MUTATI are right but the worst part goes to the whole MMD members they don’t know what they want Imagine how can you use two paths when you legs are in one trousers the members are to blame when Nevers begged by saying lets do it in 2017 you could have a say why he had that opinion although you were sticking to your ideas neglecting mumba’s in fact you could have granted him another term now see who is mutati with Nakachinda useless be careful you are laughing stocks how can people vote for you if you don’t know what you want?

  19. Charles c

    Ba Nevers go and take over Bushiri church in South Africa, preaching you are good, politics,it won’t take you anywhere in MMD,, ba mutati,leave MMD, and go back your line village and concentrate on your farm, farming is good business, you are very educated, can’t you see that you are loosing respect in a finished party MMD?

  20. CKK6-75MF

    Nevers Mumbai is dully MMD president. A date was set by both of them to have convention in 2016 but when Mutation and his group saw that Mumbai is popular and he is going to win they withdrew and set another date were Mutati was elected………. Mumbai was elected at their convention by all MMD delegate from all ten provinces of Zambia.Felix Mutation just apologize to the party and reconcile with Mumba for the sakof peace in the party and Zambia at large

  21. C2


  22. Jms

    MUTATI is leaning on Nakachinda just get Nakachinda out you will believe me (Nakachinda is a person who says and hide himself whereby you fell to understand who,where and why situations occur we know its politics but don’t bring useless politics mind you don’t forget that what ever you do or say you are teaching

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