Closed BitCoin Clients Storm DEC Offices Demanding their Money

Clients of Heritage Coin Resources Limited have stormed Drug Enforcement Commission offices housed at the Former Ministry of Justice offices for the second time seeking answers on when they will be paid their money following the seizure of the account of Bitcoin Company last year.

This relates to a matter where DEC arrested and jointly charged three directors of Heritage Coin Resources Limited for money laundering activities involving over 28 thousand Kwacha which is contrary to the Laws of Zambia.

Particulars are that the suspects, on dates unknown but between 1st June, 2018 and 15th October, 2018 jointly and whilst acting together did provide banking business, financial business without a license, by collecting deposits from the public disguised as partnership fees and participated in a money circulation scheme involving K 28,346,800.00 by purporting that the company was investing the money collected as partnership fees from the public into Cryptocurrency trade on the web on behalf of the partners when in fact not.

However the complainants were turned away as officers handling their case were allegedly out of station.

They have since resolved to stay put until they are attended to.


  1. mavis namwila

    DEC is trying to steal the money together with the government.

  2. muntungwa

    DEC is just another useless body.

  3. Leo Jere

    Why did they arrest the owner of Mikulile Company who store 4housands of kwacha from unsuspecting Zambians in 2015 and 2016.Double standards.

  4. Paul Lungu

    Dec is one pathetic body like the current government very useless😂

  5. Gangsta grabs

    Sons of bitches,i got nothing on them bitches but iam on the way up.fuck shit

  6. Magnificent

    Zambians we are sleep. Why can’t you invest those monies on your own? Bitcoin (cryptocurrency) is a peer to peer thing, why involving third parties?
    Hit my inbox on +260969913981, I show you how to trade in cryptocurrency (bitcoin) without external interference.

  7. Malcom X

    Fuck the DEC… And motherfuck the system…!!!

  8. Burgley w

    Am told they are starting to payout this week I don’t know how true it is?can someone please advice

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