Court Warns Attorney General on Continuous Adjournments in Impeachment Case

Lusaka High court Judge Annesi Banda-Bobo has warned the Attorney General Likando Kalaluka that she will not allow any further adjournments in the case in which two Lusaka residents Robert Chabinga and Henry Mulenga wants to know whether   Speaker of the National Assembly Dr Patrick Matibini was within the law to allow for the impeachment motion to be tabled in parliament.

The petitioner were seeking to stop the Speaker from tabling the impeachment motion against President Edgar Lungu in parliament.

Hearing of the matter was set for today in chambers, however trial could not commence as prosecutors from the Attorney General’s Chambers informed the court that there was an application for an adjournment as the Attorney General was out of jurisdiction.

The application for adjournment angered the petitioners who made their feelings known to the court tthrough their lawyer Hobday Kabwe.

Justice Bobo agreed with the petitioners and warned that there would be no more adjournments.

She directed both parties to file their additional bundles by March 11 and set May 9 for hearing of the petition.


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  2. Majoni Tyson

    Is the impeachment motion still active? If so let it succeed in order to dispel de anguish we have suffered from PF government.



  4. zed dweller

    Each time Mr Sata lost a presidential election he would complain of rigging ,but never went to court,neither did he push for impeachment of the incumbent. He simply went back to mobilising the people of Zambia.The man sold himself vigorously to the electorate,because he knew that the most effective way of removing a rotten,corrupt and heavy handed regime was by mobilising the masses,exposing the filth that political cannibals often try to sweep under the carpet on a daily basis.One thing the Zambian opposition should know is that,crooks don’t sleep they plot day and night on how to outplay political foes.You will not get a victory from court under a corrupt regime this is not Kenya or SA,please wake up and mobilise the masses an enlightened electorate is your biggest weapon.The marketeers, jobless youths, retirees, students,school leavers,graduates,peasant farmers,civil servants,miners,labourers in foreign owned firms etc.Stand up for such people and be seen to fight for them and you rewards will be bountiful ,I can assure you.Time for fear of POA is gone.POA was there in colonial but it did not stop KK and Team .It was there in KK’s time but it never spared h from change.RB waved the same POA wand but it didn

  5. zed dweller

    Poa never stopped Sata’s boat from sailing through abandon impeachment and right to be heard just be heard by Zambian people and they will impeach that person in a clear manner,the ground is ready just add manure and water it consistently the harvest awaits by the horizon.

  6. Rhash Chishimba

    My dear frnd no matter wht u will do shall not help you coz it has already happened jxt knw your next attackd in anothr war comng betwen you,dnt be lik a steam getng lost in sec..You still hv to fight hard and harder to convince Zed pipo othr wise in tht style tumimonafye upuba bwenu tata,work up its not drimng tym kkkkk

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