Kalulushi Councillor Suspended for Organizing Protest Against Council

The Kalulushi Municipal Council has suspended its Lulamba Ward councillor Febby Simwanza for a period of six months for alleged gross misconduct.

Simwanza has been suspended from the council for allegedly having organised residents of NAMBOARD area to protest at the Civic Centre in connection to the lawful demolition of structures carried by the local authority last year in her area.

Council Public Relations Dorothy Sampa said the decision taken by the council is in accordance with regulations No. 5, sub regulation (1) (A), (B) of statutory instrument No. 140 of 1995.

“The Kalulushi Municipal Council resolved to suspend Lulamba Ward councillor, Febby Simwanza for a period of six months from 28th December, 2018 to 28h June, 2019. Councillor Febby has been suspended for organising residents of NAMBOARD area to come and make a protest at the civic centre in connection with the lawful demolition exercise carried out by the council on 21st December, 2018,” Sampa stated.

She further said that councillor Simwanza posted two recordings on the Kalulushi Municipal Council and Community WhatsApp Group aimed at creating an impression that ordinary citizens had lost confidence in the council, a conduct that contravenes standing orders No. 46 (1),(3) and (4) for councils in Zambia.

But Councillor Simwanza said she has appealed the suspension because she was not given a chance to be heard.

Councillor Simwanza said it was unfair for the Council to suspend her without hearing her side of the story.



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  2. on top always

    She has the right to tell the people were she fills their is abnormality in her ward. Don’t deny peoples voice they’re the one who s you in power. So recall her en don’t intimidate her

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  4. njoni wabantu

    Freedom of expression . Let the people talk ..

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