Pres. Lungu Will Not Attend National Dialogue…Kambwili Withdraws from Dialogue

President Edgar Lungu will not be part of tomorrow’s National Dialogue.

And National Democratic Congress (NDC) consultant Chishimba Kambwili has withdrawn from the National Dialogue.

Chief Government Spokesperson Dora Siliya said that President Lungu could not attend the dialogue as he was out of the country attending a SADC Extraordinary Congress on the DRC crisis.

Siliya said even if President Lungu was in the country he would not have attended as no official invitation had been extended to him.

“The President of the Republic of Zambia has not received any invitation to attend the dialogue. Even if an invitation came today it is impossible for two reasons, the President is out of the country,” she said.

“Number two even if the President was in the country, government does not move the President on an invitation that comes less than 48 hours before.”

And Kambwili has withdrawn from attending the national dialogue and reconciliation meeting slated for Friday January 18.

Kambwili has told journalists during a briefing at his residence in Lusaka that he has withdrawn from attending to ensure that there is no excuse for the dialogue to be suspended.

The Roan Patriotic Front Member of Parliament said he was aware that the ruling party intended to break up the meeting of he was in attendance.

“At the last meeting I attended at Kapingila House I made it clear that the meeting will be meaningless if the issue of corruption will not be laid on the table. The PF got scared and said if I attend then they would not attend,” he said.

“I have reflected on the matter and for the sake of the dialogue not to be disrupted using Kambwili I have decided that I will not attend for the sake of the nation.”

He said that the NDC would be represented by Secretary General Mwenya Musenge.

“My message to the PF is go and tell your president that Chishimba Kambwili will not be there and he should go and face Zambians, but even if I will not be there he will face another Kambwili as  other political  parties will represent me  I can never be represented by Lungu because he has no integrity”, he said.


  1. Barça Managers™

    Aba nabo kuwayawayafye, I wonder what sort of president he’d make if at all he would. Today I listened to HH on Christian voice and for the first time he convinced me that he can make a good President than Mr. Neckless. Sober up

  2. Mr. Bemba land is great

    Mr kambwili shame on you pipo have spoken against you attending the dialogue talks simply because you don’t gualify then today you are saying something else yes your head is upside down scope is rotten

    • PM

      Yes people have spoken and he has listened…so whats shameful about. People have also spoken that Lungu must attend but he is not attending. Thats shameful!!

  3. Henry Muuka

    I knew that it will come to this point, but how far will this national dialogue go now?

  4. Osei

    Dialogue dialogue dialogue dialogue dialogue for how long

  5. lozi bull

    Y y ?jonathan is afraid as if someone can pull him out of plot 1,ma rubish bakoswe aba

  6. mulobezi

    Truly the present z bzy he CNT separate himself apart coz the Congo situation z very bad indeed it can affect Zambia negatvly (2)why is this so called 3 mother church bodies slowly becomin biased?they ar failing 2 invite the he’d of state,I’m smell in somthin strange with this guy.

    • Yangu e

      You sound halfwitted. Why should the president mind the speck in Congo DR when there’s log in his country? Which is more important between the two?

      • PM

        Indeed why should the DRC crisis that has been there for over 50 years be more pressing than the unfolding crisis in Zambia?

        • Bk

          Pipo are dying in DRC

          • Zedlicious

            They’ve been daying for over 50+ years this isn’t something new

          • P.M

            People are also dying in zambia due to lack of medicines in hospitals. The luck ones are evacuated to south africa where there are medicines. They are attended to by Zambian, Congolese, Zimbabweans, Nigerians and other African doctors who have fled their countries due non existance of medicines and other medical facilities to carry out their duties. Dying by a bullet in DRC is probably less painful than dying excrutiatingly painful in an empty ward at UTH.

      • mulobezi

        Its u hu dsnt look at both sides of the coin.don’t u know that wat smells in yo sitinroom will oneday affect the bedroom?So u ar hapy 2 see Zambia being floods with refugees do u know wat they com with?wake up man.

      • Ronman

        We don’t have a crisis in Zambia. But there’s crisis in Congo which can affect Zambia. I don’t see the need for dialogue in Zambia. What is just needed is for all of us to accept that we have a president in Lungu Edgar. How many times did Satan fail to go through? Even when it was clear that they had manipulated his results.. He never called for dialogue whatsoever, but one day his chance came. Let everyone do away with bitterness and hate. Then,it will be well. when another president comes,be it HH or any other,we should accept..

      • Shameful

        Indeed, why leave the log in your eye and what will be the benefit of this? This dialogue has obstructed serious issues like poverty, farming inputs, etc. the country is going through.

      • Isaac

        look if something happened to Congo don’t you think Zambia would be affected as well😂😂

  7. Shimwana

    PF does not have the leadership acumen to dialogue,to them tbe advantages of incumbency is what keeps them in power and they are not ready to lose them.
    But soon they will smell the coffee that they cant scoop 2021 especially with their preferred candidate,that is when they will come running to dialogue,not for the nation’s interests but to save their skins…

    • mulobezi

      Actually its u hu is now smelling the fever of losin again in 2021 coz u ar bzy pushing 4 a wrong agenda togetha with yo 3 church mother traitors.wait 4 more losses kam 2021

  8. Kelvin

    Comment kambwili z the man than pfool. y ar they afraid to face him

  9. Mckayz

    We are tired and sick with this dialogue issues

  10. jd

    I thought Kambwili is a political cadre and dialogue is for political party Presidents,SGs not disgruntled cadres. This man CK should slow down this time cos he has now proved his irrelevance in National issues due to his cheap politicking.

  11. mumbwa rep

    We knew that Edgar changes lungu will not attend these leaders do not want what is good for the people but themselfs. I don’t see reconciliation here its bulshits

  12. Ms

    ni dialogue every time.

  13. Singoyi

    We anticipated this, ba Lungu learn something ,from what happened in Kenya.

  14. Chipongwe

    Mr kambwili true why worsting your time. We have problems in which needs to be attached to. The dialogue thing in Zambia now, it can’t be.

  15. Fisunge

    Atase singoyi this is not Kenya Zambian citizenry are not Kenyans OK plus amacomparisons fyabipisha we have refused war we love each other don’t incite 2021will come who ever will win Will win so y comparing lunguu is president for now no matter what

  16. Chanda

    What you should understand is that ECL is the SADIC chairman so he can not fail to go to that meeting more over he is a president you have to give him formal notice 48 hours before apo even me I don’t go to events on short notice

  17. Bk

    Bitterness will Kill You Sir. Let Jesus Reighn in Your Heart.

  18. Son of the soil

    Almost was celebrating; now, I am lost!!!!!!!!!

  19. ECL aba pama

    Bakali bakali. ECL is stalini

  20. Lundazi voice

    Kambwili were making noise 2 win support frm zambian 2 fight his cases 4 him. He won contracts and undermine govt 2 win contracts now want pipo 2 fight 4 him has he doing 4 them. The withdrawn frm dialogue is bcoz his campaignin of seting dialogue aganda has failed and he is ashamed. Zambians politically are good no politicans can use them to his financial and political benefits all what they need is developmt and fight poverty our common enemy. President lungu present or absent dialogue wil go ahead bcoz this dialogue is 4 zambians and vice president can also dialogue 4 a bettermet of our country.

  21. Tr mpamile

    First he said he will attend y dd he say hell attend f he ws nt invited? No wonder pigs enter parliament u ar busy solving problems in drc whn u hv faild 2 solve yo own problems

    • Bhaka

      His a SADC chairman n it’s important he attend the meeting. Which part of the world do you leave in such that you seem not to understand issues that are simple surely.

  22. Hammer

    Security wings check any area where the President will go days before . The institution called the presidency is a highly secured one. The president was ready to attend then you don’t invite him in order for security checks to be done and the ignorant are making noise that the president is not available . Even if ECL wants to go, the security wings won’t allow him. I don’t know when people will make a difference between ECL as an individual and The Presidency he represents. Can we grow as a people and respect our institutions ?
    As for Kambwili he is just trying to save his skin , why can’t he first deny those huge deposits done into his account and his son’s?

  23. Jms

    Kambwili shouldn’t have stayed out because this was the chance to discuss how and when to remove chagwa lungu down

  24. Pc

    I think what has happened is not showing a good example coz he is the father (ECL) of Zambia,so before going to Congo,he was sapoz to dialogue first so that even when he is in Congo,those protesting can listen to him coz he understands the importance of dialogue, so nothing will change in Congo coz him he doesn’t want to dialogue

  25. Expandable 2


  26. Albert

    Kambwili, you you have data on corruption itemize it in amounts, person involved bank account used, if not available pictures etc. we are tired of your barking senselessly on corruption. By the way you were you not fired for being corrupt?

  27. Didie

    I wont talk about the dialogue,
    I want to tell you guys that this peace we are enjoying should never be taken for granted, this hate speech and desire to misguide the public by your so called right to express yourself will cause blood shed here. Lets learn to find better ways to sot out our issues.
    Secondly the issue the head of state is handling over th congo DRis of continental concern, other heads of states are also attending because tje gravity of the matter is high. U can not compare dialogue to the blood shed in congo.

  28. Ronman

    There are alot of people the president is looking after including those same,so called political leaders.hh,Kambwilis and everyone else.. let’s bo chagwa. Amubeleke Bo ndate..

  29. One zed manex

    Zambia kikikikiki sadc meeting and 03 church mother bodies??? Differenciate people before you utter any insults on the head of state.there is no crisis in Zambia only one bitter person

  30. Kasongo Lole

    Dialogue dialogue. The UPND alliance have dialogued already by going into ana allaince and what are they doing at a gathering shunned by PF? Dialogue is a give and take situation. It is not a special court where you want to go and put the ruling party on trial like Mr. Kambwili has been ranting.

  31. Christopher

    Comment it’s like the head of state is not serious in resolving this issue. let this confusion keep going on.

  32. Central power

    Dialogue ine nanaka

  33. Wiseman

    The fact is that the president or any other leader should first respect his / her people before respecting other nations. Without Zambians, he wouldn’t have been appointed as a SADC chairman .ok???!! That’s y he has a vice chairman to represent him if he is not available. He would have first attendede the dialoge and then leave to DRC. Lets be serious brethren, if u are given a chance to lead please lets use it wisely not only for your benefit but for the benefit of all.

  34. Chishi Chiketo

    Am just watching

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