ZCID Pull Out of National Dialogue

Friday’s planned National Dialogue has hit a snag with the Zambia Center for Inter Party Dialogue ZCID pulling out of the meeting.

The ZCID Board chairperson Nathan Mulonga said they will not attend due to unresolved issues with the three Church Mother Bodies.

Mulonga said the three Church mother bodies have refused to sign a Memorandum of Understanding with the ZCID and their refusal to agree on the agenda and road map of the dialogue process.

He said this is contrary to what was agreed with ZCID and the church and that the decision to withdraw was arrived at after meeting with 31 political parties.

He said ZCID will pursue its own dialogue agenda and that a new date for Presidents’ summit will be announced soon.

Mulonga said this at a media briefing in Lusaka.



    public announcement the fighty between RULING PARTY vs OPPOSITION PARTY’s has now changed it’s ZCID vs CHURCH MOTHER BODIES venue shall be announced later

  2. Osei


  3. Majoni Tyson

    This clearly vindicates the assertion that zcid is for the government and have no capacity to champion such an important program. We want an independent organization like the the Church mother bodies to take charge so that the issues which have affected de pipo of Zambia shall be no more in de near future.

    • mulobezi

      Tyson u ar a dull citizen coz u CNT even read in between lines,go any where on earth the church shall Neva spearhead a political issue unless they want 2 benefit from politicians period

  4. Proud Lozi

    Luka zibona kozi kaya ze

  5. Rocky

    From the look of things, there’s something burning inside which has made the three church mother body not to sign the memorandum of understanding.
    Now, who is the boss, between ZCID and The church mother body?
    Pa ZED kuwaya waya fye, fyonse ma politics.

  6. Jms

    If a big institution like ZCID does not respect the Church then the date organized by the state for prayers may exclude all members of ZCID because they are fake members who don’t know anything this is pure embarrassment they have to be excluded

  7. TOP G

    Let see if pf will attend this dialogue. Am sure pf will give silly reason not to attend the dialogue. Then it will be the beginning of things…

  8. Jms

    Who is siliya to say that no invitation has been given to president Lungu weather invited or not he must attend siliya so ZCID must go for good and let good workers to occupy it bring in new members or fire mulonga he has failed to run the organization

  9. armstrong

    Zcid are pf. church u are wasting time.

  10. One zed manex

    ZCID the owners of political parties withdrawal from the dialogue,wise move coz it’s about political differences not Muslims fighting Christian’s and other religious.This is purely politics and the church should be neutral and offer guidance,its very interesting how the whole thing has turned around respect ZCID to handle the dialogue issue.

  11. armstrong

    Pf Will not support peace. Useless party

  12. armstrong

    Church are under gvm. are u nomal. U do not know u paying sumaili

    • like a star

      which Church is under government? be serious with what you say. don’t play with churches like Catholic, ic you are of, shut your mouth.

  13. Kapijimpanga

    The three church mother bodies have opposition driven agenda they are not neutral they are afraid to disappoint upnd their pay master zcid withdrawal is commendable

  14. Herv Rena

    The so called dialogue will not solve any problems zambians ar goin thru.its anther talk show as usual.

  15. Jms

    If investigation were to be held you may see that Nathan mulonga has a n SMS indicating ZCID to withdraw the meeting

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