Dialogue Launch to Start with Church Service

The three Church Mother Bodies will hold an open church prayer meeting at the Anglican Cathedral of the Holy Cross this morning before the launch of the National Dialogue this morning (Friday).

According to a communique signed by the Fr Cleophas Lungu (ZCCB Secretary General), Rev. Pukuta Mwanza (EFZ General Secretary) and Fr Emmanuel Chikoya the service will commence at 10:00 hours with representatives from all political parties expected to be present.

“The purpose of this Church Service will be to officially launch and pray for the success of the National Dialogue and Reconciliation Process. People from all walks of life are invited to attend this official launch and are expected to be seated by 09:30 hours,” reads the communique.

“President Edgar Lungu and all opposition political party leaders are expected to be in attendance. All Media Houses and Journalists are free to cover this important event.”

The conveners have advised political party cadres not to wear their political party regalia.

After the church service the Church Mother Bodies will kick-start the process of the National Dialogue.


  1. Oscar kampamba

    May God guide the whole nation.

  2. Oscar kampamba

    May God guide the whole nation.

  3. Jms

    This is how a Christian county should be and may God anoint his leaders and may the Lord punish all those who thought they may lead their nations falsely we are praying had in the name of our Lord God to protect the nation from harmful people

  4. Jms

    Anyone not taking part should be considered a non Zambian and this dialogue started before if one goes for a trip trying to confuse it must be condemned this issues is for well behaved people who want progress in their work

  5. Sibweni

    Kambwili praise and worship corruption song 2 b included in national dialogue has gone and he has lost. Politicans can’t set the dialogue aganda but ZCID And CHURCH 2 guard what 2 discus not kambwili aganda. Kikiki….. President are treated the same look at president kk was once painted black but president chiluba saw fit 2 please capitalist who brought 2 power using protests and riots but president chiluba remember after losing power that he was cheated and lik today HH is a biggest capitalist tool 2 get mines back and look how is supporting job loses in mine sector yet he is benefit the same companies has a weapone 2 win power. Be Patriotic zambia and not b capitalism 2 get more rich

  6. Kombe

    God bless Zambia and men of God who are leading this dialogue.ZCID doesn’t mean well for this National Dialogue

  7. Chris mainas

    Plz let’s work together as a Zambian, over the dialogue coz we say Zambia is Christian nations.

  8. Steven mungalu

    The mother church bodies have a bigger role to play. Do it for the seek of Zambians please. Zambians are still need to enjoy peace. Don’t forget our father kaunda kk to be there. His presence is vital where is he?

  9. Chris mainas

    amen people of god

  10. Sibweni

    Both ZCID And CHURCH all politicans are members and what is a secret bhind these two institutions. ZCID And CHURCH are doing it zambians only GOD Knows the truth bcoz every human bin love or like money and president lungu can invitated lik a commonmen no and if he fail 2 show up the vice president or ministry of presidental affairs wil present the president. ZCID Can do dialogue without church same 2 ZCID bcoz of these two are middlemen or groups in negotiation. Village has shown wisdom by problems using village headmen with no education but do slove problems kiki…..

  11. Mr Zulu J k

    Comment the cmbs are too excited they have failed to reconcile with zcid.how will they handle the complex matter???

  12. One zed manex

    Is the head of state attending?

  13. Ask

    Be honest with comments guys, sure how can you leave your dad or mum is itc and you go attend someone’s problems, that means you don’t care of it. Loving of money nowander tusapotela namashilu umuntu alanda ati shikwete icimonwa” imwe ati umuntu nakantwa.mwamona?


    INTERNET ISN’T HELPING AT ALL. WE NEED PLANE “A+B”. Social Media Is Doing its Part, But On the Other Hand Its Not Helping. WE HAVE TOO MUCH INFORMATION, Yes But What Are We Doing About The Info We’ve Got WE ARE OBESED WITH INFO. WE NEED TO ENGAGE Plane “B” to Set Things In Order, and Not Posts Only. THE JUDICIARY NEEDS TO BE PLACE IN ORDER. Because its the Security For any Given COUNTRY, ” I Question My Self ist that the UPND is doing Everything Wrongly???”(_Answers_Best_known_by_Our_Selves_). Zambia is Bigger than Any Political Party through the Courts Of LAW. To my Look of Things UPND has never Been Favoured by Any Courts Inspit it being a LAW abiding PARTY. What is it That The UPND is Doing OUT of ORDER Or aganest the Law or abrogating the LAW. My FELLOW COUNTRY MEN and WOMEN ZAMBIA IS OUR PRIDE, LET US FIGHT FOR THE LAW THAT IS PROTECTING THE TRUTH IN ITS SELF, in Short The LAW That Stands And Never Be moved. LET OUR VOICES BE HEAD IN PEACE HARMONY AND ONENESS. Thanks BUNKUTWE here… One PEACE One HARMONY One LOVE One ZAMBIA then One NATION will STAND with LOVE to You All.

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