UPND Councillor Opts to Remain Silent in K56, 000 Theft Case

UPND Kanyama Ward 10 councillor Brighton Bvilumba opted to remain silent when called upon to open his defence in the matter he is charged with theft of K56, 000.

Bvilumba was today scheduled to open his defence after he was found with a case to answer by the court in the last session.

He had told the court that he would give evidence on oath and call witnesses but when he appeared in court today he opted to remain silent.

The court then directed him to file written submissions for his defence.

In this case Bvilumba is alleged to have stolen K56, 000 that was supposed to be paid to 13 people engaged by the Lusaka City Council to distribute bills for ground rates arrears on behalf of the local authority.



  1. Sibweni

    Corruption and stealing a politican conduit 2 get rich. Upnd angles who sing songs on corruption are got up in it. Zambians was there wil b there once upnd in power. Freedom zambia frm corruption

  2. Fff:ffgg

    This idiot sbweni must not take advantage of 1 UPND member who has stolen. The idiot mut think of how much these PF idiots have stolen from the Zambian people. Who doesnt know that lungu has led a team of theives to steal from the Zambian people. Who doesnt know that these idiots have stolen to an extent of completely destroying our country. Sibweni keep your mental impontense away from the public. Your camparisons are not only dull but stupid.

  3. Tefyo

    These positions find people who who have morals and money not poverty striken people otherwise this foolishness will continue.

  4. jay

    @ Fff:ffgg, one rotten groundnut spoiled the whole lot

  5. Rhash Chishimba

    Fikakeni ifye tulechula amaafu bwena baleiba

  6. Haringa wifton

    Dont defend thieves.Whether is upnd or pf that money should be paid back to the owners why ar u coparing?Kulibe ndine wakuti a culprit is a culprit

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