EXPOSÉ: Foundation of UPND Based on a Fraud – Documents Reveal How Anderson Mazoka Stole the Party from Original Founders

Just this past December, Zambia’s main opposition party, the United Party for National Development (UPND), celebrated its 20th birthday. However, according to rare new documents obtained by Zambia Reports and shared for the first time publicly below, the foundation of the party itself is mired in controversy, fraud, and deception.

Many observers and historians have taken it for granted that when UPND was founded in 1998, it was founded by the late party president Anderson Mazoka, a prominent businessman who nearly defeated President Levy Mwanawasa in the 2001 elections. In fact, the myth of Mazoka’s foundation of the party, his supposed vision united the membership, and the immense weight of his legacy has been played up and practically canonized by the current party leadership. The only problem? It appears to be based on a lie.

How to Steal a Political Party:

According to documents recently obtained, the United Party for National Development (UPND) was not founded by Mazoka.

According to these documents founders state that the party was established on a broad and all-inclusive spectrum, but over the years narrowed its focus and strength to one province.

An invitation for Mazoka was offered by a group of its founders who met at the Lusaka Showgrounds on December 7, 1998.

The first UPND chairman Justin Mweene, secretary Greyson Ndhlovu and trustee Patrick Banda, signed the minutes of the first meeting that resolved to invite Mazoka as president.

A letter dated December 8, 1998 signed by Justine Mweene officially extended an invitation to Mazoka to assume the party presidency.

“The Executive Committee of the United Party for National Development held it’s first meeting on Monday the 7th December 1998, at Secretariat, Show Ground. It was resolved that we write and invite you to lead the party as it’s Presidency,” Mweene’s letter reads.

Mazoka was also advised to respond to the correspondence and invitation in the quickest possible time.

A month later, Mazoka had not responded prompting a follow request from within the committee.

And that follow up letter by committee member Greyson Ndhlovu was written to Mweene, the chairperson of the Executive Committee, requesting Mazoka’s response.

“We write to request the Committee Chairman for submission of a reply as reference above for the confirmation of the resolutions passed at our meeting and consider the same for endorsement of Mr A. Mazoka’s adoption as party president.

“We therefore request you sir, to furnish this Committee with the relevant information within 7 days from date of receipt of this letter,” Ndhlovu’s letter of January 14 to Mweene reads.

That correspondence, according to one of the UPND founders Maxwell Lufungulwa, did not get any feed back from Mazoka who later, albeit deviously, sprung up as the founder of the party.

The first meeting that mooted the UPND structure included Mweene, Ndhlovu, Patrick Mweene (Co-secretary), Lufungulwa, Patrick Banda (trustee), Andrew Nshamba, Mathias K. Mwanai, Lawrence Muyunda (Security).

The meeting also resolved that upon acceptance of the party leadership, Mazoka was charged with the responsibility of appointing the National Executive Committee.

The documents reveal that the structure of the UPND was also decided and established through provincial district constituencies and ward organs.

Although the founding executive committee gave express guidelines to Mazoka as to the structure, its founders were not in the picture when the opposition party picked up.


Why This Matters Now?

After failing to win the past five presidential elections, current UPND President Hakainde Hichilema appears to be seeking yet another chance (possibly his last chance?) to seize power. He will likely become the party’s candidate for the sixth time in a row despite – amazingly – never having been elected with the express approval of the party’s general membership by standard party convention procedure.

Since being imposed on the general membership in 2006 following the death of Mazoka, Hichilema has driven the opposition party as the author and finisher of its being.
Early stalwarts who tagged along Mazoka in the likes of Dr John Mulwila, Sakwiba Sikota, Patrick Chisanga and Bob Sichinga, among others have all jumped shipped. They were either forced out or opted to seek other avenues that presented better democratic participation.

Their biggest crime – seeking to assume leadership of the party. The only criteria they did not meet was they were not from the same region as Mazoka.

Calls for a convention within and outside UPND, which should ordinarily be held every five years, are often met with bitter resistance. Anyone who emerges to challenge Hichilema is unceremoniously shown the exit door.

Hichilema was not the presumptive leader after Anderson Mazoka. The likes of Sakwiba and Chisanga were frustrated out of contesting the poll; therefore, could not assume party leadership.

But it seems the UPND is wedded to its way of deceptive operation. Like Mazoka, Hichilema were not the torch bearers of what the opposition political party should have looked like.

In 1998, Mazoka was invited to steer the ship. He did not acknowledge the invitation but went behind the founders of the party to take total control and changed the course of operation.

Since its founding, the UPND has taken the character of a provincial party leaning largely towards Southern Province where both of its leaders hail.

Mazoka and Hichilema are both from Southern Province and from the early days of the party engineered its vision and direction with the latter forming the backbone of its backroom financial backers between 1999 and 2006 when he was installed as flag bearer.

With the 2021 elections fast approaching Hichilema and his leadership are not entertaining any calls for a convention meaning the opposition candidate would be seeking national office for the sixth time without official approval from his party.

Instead Hichilema has focused on forming a 10 party opposition alliance where he is expected to impose himself as leader to challenge President Edgar Lungu.

But given this troubled history of deception and rejection of democratic consensus, will HH be able to earn anyone’s trust this last time?

We shall see.


[Editor’s note: We are proud to launch our new “EXPOSÉS” channel on Zambia Reports, which will feature deeper investigative reporting and document leaks from our news team. If you have leaks, story ideas, or tips, please get in touch with us at editor@zambiareports.com.]



    Mr Chris, My Brother ZAMBIA IS BIGGER THAN HH OR LUNGU, and Zambia is Bigger than Your Article “CHRIS”, and Zambia Is Bigger Than Zambia Reports Media. So Let as Learn to live by the Wisdom Of Peace. MoreOver HISTORY is’t Going to Do Zambia’s any Harm at this Time and in this Kind of Governance You Understand. Money Making must continue yes But in a Decent way and not in a Desintful way. thank You Brother Bunkutwe Here.

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      “Without history the Future has nothing” Wise people embrace history because it feeds the future. People need to know all these aspects of our political history. Knowledge is power, it helps us to make informed decisions. What you should have been arguing about are the merits or facts about the article not just to dismiss it without discussing the facts about it.

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    This kind of mediocrity is a clear indicater that someone is so desperate to bring confusion because the party U. P.N.D is a threat to other major parties. If the founder members never complained for 20 year what is the benefit of this nosence report.

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    The history of the party has nothing to do with the current challenges us citizen are going through.you want money but work to earn money through a right way than rebellion stop this nonsense you are posting to defamate HH form your own party to post nonses be a moral grounded person than this rubbish you are posting imbwa iwe

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      You want claim that HH was never elected by UPND members, but ignore the fact ECL was never elected by PF members. In fact PF has no membership to be able to elect it’s leaders- hence the chaos Zambians were subjected to in 2015. ECL was imposed on Zambians by corrupt Judges who signed injunction papers at mid night- just to be rewarded as ConCourt Judges.

      Like it or not HH will be President of Zambia one-day. In fact Zambians all know that, the man was denied victory by your corrupt ConCourt Judges and the Malawians leading the ECZ.

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        hh was not elected by any member of Upnd but it was this for Tongas only Ask Chisanga and Skwiba Sikota

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    The authors of the article lacks merit. I am not upnd but issues raised are not done in good faith. what has the founding of upnd got to do with our current political woes ? please leave hh and upnd alone. What is your motive behind this revelations? as a Democrat, I don’t support this. It clearly shows that the writer is anti-upnd. dont bring articles that disgrace or degrade political parties which you detest. why can’t you talk about another party whose majority of the founding members now look like outsiders. The author may be needs political education. baleke fye abene ba upnd and their hh. whoever supported you in that article is a dunderhead.

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      Dr Fonicks you are right. The writer lacks political ideas therefore he can’t be a political analyst. Unip was formed when KK was in prison, he became it’s leader, mazoka was invited to UPND and even ECL just joined PF now is leading it. Founding and leading are two different things. Think Mr Writer.

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    The headline is misleading. Mazoka did NOT STOLE the party acording to what you have written yourself. He was INVITED to be president. Mr Writer, Mazoka was not like the current breed of politicians both in ruling and opposition . He was a genius thats why those who formed the party called him coz they knew that no was fit to be president of UPND at that time. So he did not steal the party.

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    The first National executive committee of Justine MWEENE who formed upnd on 20 November 1998 invited Mazoka to lead the party, that was on 7 December 1998. After taking over the upnd leadership, Mazoka started appointing other people leaving the founders completely. 2001 upnd national executive committee is different from it’s origin and since then, all organs of the party have never gone in to election apart from one when Mazoka died which is also not in line with its founders. This can sure raise a lot of questions. From branch to National executive committee no one is elected just appoint and disappoint happen anyhow. How can you lead a big organization like that. Nga mwalusa at naba twibila kanshi chaba my mulopa wenu ukwibla abantu no kwibila kumo no wapangile ichipani. You are paying for the sins commited against Justine MWEENE and his group. Love your friend as you love yourself.

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    Even if mazoka is not the founder of UPND does it matter? I learn one thing from your article mr presenter: the founders saw something in Mazoka that led them to appoint him and they themselves are not complaining meaning they are still satisfied with the current leadership

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    Whether you have truth in that, I don’t know, but I won’t care….on the contrary, I think the truth you should have been searching for now are the malpractices that transpired during the recent past election, e.g. what made some named polling centres to have the number of votes cast overshoot the total number of registered voters because those are such things that have a bearing directly on the status of our country. If, for whatsoever reason, need be, to track the background of a political party or its leader, it must be those parties that have ruled that should come first…I’m not very sure the kind of person to whom I’m writing this, so I will cut my message in case I might just be wasting time talking to one who doesn’t understand situations.

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    Chris Phiri you have written quite okay but see no
    matter what you say of do what matters is that we need the promise by the party and end it where ever the headquarter is thats were the roots are although its an equmblium party which is consisting of various people among all Zambian tribes this is a party which is trying to bring equality in the whole country weather rich or poor without neglecting any colour

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