Zesco United restored some wounded Zambian pride with a master class performance that saw them defeat South African glamour side Kaizer Chiefs 2-1 at the FNB Stadium to reach the Group Stage of the CAF Confederation Cup.

Goals from Anthony Akumu and Jesse Were sealed off a popular victory that took the aggregate score to 5-2 after a 3-1 first leg win.

George Lwandamina’s side were in electric form as they silenced the South Africans on their own turn.

Nkana will be in action on Sunday in Ivory Coast against San Pedro who they defeated 3-0 in the first leg.


  1. Concerned citizen

    Congrats zesco well done.

    • Hector banda

      Congratulations team zega well done guys continue with the same spirit

  2. Franco sai mutakatala

    Well done to our electricity guys job well done keep it up

  3. Franco sai mutakatala

    Well done to our electricity guys keep it up we are proud of you guys

  4. Alex Mwelwa

    Job well done team ya zico tiyeni nayo

  5. nsunbu Laurent

    ikali team ya ziko

  6. Tembani

    Team Iliko Ni Team Yaziko

    • wise leader

      Am nkana fc fan but apalifye ba zed teams,kusapota mwe

  7. Gift Cool

    Nice play guys….u made us proud

  8. Junta

    Go Zesco Goooo…..

  9. jonas Ngambi

    Comment You have done it Zesco

  10. ALOLA

    Well-done guys may God bless

  11. Dathan Simwanza

    Comment well done zesco guys

  12. Rcmp

    Well done zesco keep it up

  13. Andychip

    Weldone Zescolo guyz

  14. One zed manex

    Nice performance team yaziko

  15. suntwe

    Good that u tortured them at their home ground, balaimfwa Sana bakaboke as if they know football

  16. Simpito Mukandwa

    Mwabombeni ba Zesco keep it up and continue with that spirit Bola na Lesa

  17. Mr chola m

    Congrats zesco United very happy and proud of you keep it up

  18. Alick Ng'uni

    Well done Zesco United don’t relent

  19. Ben Shaft

    Go Zesco,Go.These are happy times.Thanks

  20. Mark

    Mulenashako uku celebrater bane nikwabene uko abakusauthafrika nshabacetekela.anyway congrats for the job well-done.

  21. Howard Chiluba

    wonderful Zega Mambo

  22. Nalolo Boy BlackBull


  23. paul

    Well done zega mambo

  24. Lloyd Banxy Phiri

    zesco malaiti waikatako wapya..go zesco go we are behind you..

  25. Bs

    Congrantss boys,keep it ups,team ya Ziko.

  26. Rcmp

    Pliz continue yo winning streak but don’t relax guyz

  27. ndawa i

    Well done zega for life,watch out this time



  29. felix simuchimba

    Congratulations Zesco, you’ve made us proud. Go go Zesco all the way, kaizer chiefs walloped, wired, butchered, buttered, in their court yard

  30. Justine Makani

    So grateful to Zesco for rekindling the Zambian passion for the game. We are so much behind you. Go go team Ya Ziko

  31. zemo

    zega mambo


    Well done zega mambo, demolishing KC at their home group, excellent.
    But remain focused for other upcoming group stage games.

  33. CKK6-75MF


  34. Luck Muwaya

    Congratulations zesco, go zesco go, we are behind with you.

  35. Nash

    Well done continue doing it for mother Zambia,Ba seven nabafilwa

  36. John

    Comment We are proud of you please keep it up.

  37. Charles

    Well done our boy’s, team yatu team zescolo

  38. Charles

    Well done our boy’s, team yatu team zescolo eyabako

  39. Kaluba BWALYA

    Teyabana I yo, likulu lyalikula, kaizer chiefs felt the electric shock go guys go

  40. ?Fm-sun-b ?

    Congraterat ,continue Bafikala , Well Done , Next Match R.Kambole Be Serious In What U Ar Doing Coment From Fm-sun-b The Matrix.

  41. Stephen Chishiko

    Coach and technical bench, congratulations for reading the game.
    To the boys, thumbs up!

  42. Previous

    Congrats zesco for winning and for making me win my bet ticket too.Bet Nazi,Cheza bola nalesa

  43. luckson mwale

    now lets talk about Chelsea

  44. Dee

    That was awesomely beautiful performance thumb up guy n continue with the same spirit

  45. LMK

    congratulations team yaziko

  46. lameck Nguni

    congrats power to nation. we are proud of the team.

  47. awan

    weldone guys. not ifimashilu fi national team.

  48. d j more

    Zesco ni power

  49. Mmj

    congratulations keep it up feeling proud of the team

  50. Samuel

    Will done guys

  51. Hector banda

    Congratulations team zega well done guys continue with the same spirit

  52. Young Chips

    Congrats Zega FC

  53. Chipili James

    Congrats malaiti guz

  54. Chris sake

    Comment wow ZESCO am happy keep it up guys

  55. MULUTI jr

    Well done zesco… Gooooo nkana fc red devils

  56. MULUTI jr

    Well done zesco… Gooooo nkana fc red devils for life

  57. Emmanuel chama

    Well done Zesco united congrats.

  58. Frank Shingano

    Team ya ziko …congratulations

  59. Musa Claudius

    congrats team ya ziko.Go go forward.

  60. Tembo the first

    Thanks Zambia for believing in zega. Mambo.backward never forward ever

  61. Douglas

    Well done guys u really make us proud keep on working hard

  62. sydney

    congrats guys

  63. Paul C Naosa

    congrats team ya ziko ni patari keep it up guy

  64. Mumbi kaps

    Mwabobani ba guy ba zega

  65. Christmas

    Good performance guys.

  66. Justin

    Congrats team ya dziko

  67. President Edgar Chagwa Lungu

    Congratulations !!! Boys Keep Up The Great Performance Make Zambia Proud Good Luck !!!

  68. Joseph Innocent

    Congrats Zanga mambo.

  69. Jms

    Lwandamina do it we appreciate viva zesco

  70. chip spax chipeta

    Well done for your good effort expecially,jesse were,ankumu for you spirit.go zesco go

  71. moses nyamulani phiri


  72. Schoolboyandrea


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