Impasse in Zimbabwe, DRC to affect Trade.

The Centre for Trade Policy and Development (CTPD) has observed that the recent standoff in Zimbabwe and Democratic Republic of Congo (DRC) will negatively affect the trade relations among countries in the Southern African region.

CTPD Head of Programmes, Brian Mwiinga has since called on regional trading blocs to help in resolving the situation so that the trade is not disturbed further.

Mwiinga disclosed that many countries in the African region depend on each other for different goods and services adding that, any disturbance in one of them has a direct impact on intra-trade.

He added that this is why there is need the for the Common Market for Eastern and Southern Africa (COMESA) and the Southern Africa Development Community (SADC) to press governments in the two countries to quickly resolve their differences.

Zimbabwe has in the past days recorded unrest following government’s decision to increase fuel pump prices by about 150 percent.


Meanwhile, in DRC electoral commission last Thursday declared opposition leader Felix Tshisekedi the winner of the December 30 vote with 38.57 percent of the tally against chief rival Martin Fayulu’s 34.8 percent, an election that has been disputed and is being challenged in the courts of law.


  1. lozi bull

    thats the way to go…Wise thinking bo mwiinga

  2. Herv Rena

    Mugabe must be turning in his retirement sick bed…

  3. Francis Mbewe

    That’s the way to go……Resolving the issue

  4. Francis Mbewe

    That’s the way to go……

  5. jose samaria

    Zimbabwean people you are all Dogs

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