Zambian Clubs Drawn in Same CAF Group

Zesco United and Nkana Football Club will face each other in the Group Stage of the CAF Confederation Cup following a draw conducted today in Cairo.

Both sides have been drawn in Group C alongside Sudanese side Al Hilal and Asante Kotoko of Ghana.

The draws have seen three Moroccan sides drawn in Group A with only Congo Brazzaville side Otoho d’ Oyo the only outsider.

Group B has two Tunisian giants in Etoile du Sahel and CS Sfaxien with Enugu Rangers and Salitas competing the group.

Group D has Zamalek, Go Mahia, Hussein Dey and Petro Atletico.

Zesco and Nkana are the two Zambian flag carriers in CAF competitions but will have to cancel each other out in the lucrative group stage.

(Source: FAZ Facebook Page)


  1. Oscar kampamba

    Have never seen such thing in football,, where clubs from same country be withdrawn in same group has if it’s a knock out stage. Even UEFA champions League have never seen Chelsea or man u being withdrawn in same group of UEFA champions League. This has shown that ba caf they Jelous for Zambian football.kamanga and his the entire faz team must do something about this. Cos it’s not fair. Coz the possibility of Nkana and Zesco not going through that stage,,into the quarter final,, is there. Please ba faz twapapa

    • Dorcas Victoria

      this happens, I have Barcelona put in the same group with athletico Madrid and many teams from the same country in Europe and Africa in the same group

      • James

        It’s not correct. No team can be pitted against each other from the same confederation. Check your facts

    • Kuku

      Check your soccer history.

    • Tabavoka Sana

      Iwe Oscar tawamonapo’inshi uliwamushani iwewine..olo utampile ukutamba bola ayi.. Uliwamushani uliwamailo ayii

    • Raphael

      Look at group A and B before you complain about Zambia. It’s not jealous of Zambia but the pipo who conducted the draws might not have done their homework properly.

    • Phumelele

      You don’t know anything boss….

    • Alinani mulambia

      Learn to watch football last year it was liver pool vs man city


      In Group C zesco will be on top and nkana second n finally btn zesco and nkana one will play the final . (ESPECIALLY UCL final Barcelona vs Juventus)

  2. Munyono

    Drawn with not withdrawn

    • One zed manex

      How uncompetitive we are,we are supposed to meet only in knock out stages.

  3. Kaluba

    Mr Oscar it’s high time you should understand some of these things if you haven’t heard or seen something doesn’t mean it’s not exist, in this case it seems there are too many representatives from the same ‘countries’ for instance if you complain about Zesco& Nkana what about the Tunisians who’s got three clubs in same group? Anyway some how it doesn’t make sense

    • Gilibe

      Kaluba you are right. Mr kampamba filachitika this is nt the first time it happens everywhere

  4. Gregory

    Br Oscar thanks 4 yo comment,putting of 2zambian clubs in one group does not mean caf don’t like Zambia OK,remember,Zesco traveled twice to Sudan when they were drawn together with el melleck and al hilla both of Sudan. This time (G_A)3 morrocan clubs (G_B)2 Tunisian clubs and (G_C)2 Zambian clubs, so where is jealous my bro sure!

  5. Soccer fan

    This is incompetence by CAF. One can put measures in place to avoid teams from the same country meeting each other at this early stage.

    • Frank talking Turkey

      No teams from the same country should not be protected from meeting each other. Ratings are what should count

  6. Adriano

    The Draws jx reflects how primitive and illiterate Africa is! no wonder we usually perform bad at world cups, if you see uefa champ… ,copa america or other Champions leagues they have got rules that prevent teams frm meeting each other at this stage until knock outs! Three teams frm the same country drawn 2gether! this is plainly ridiculous!

  7. Jolezya Mulunda

    This draw is not fair .

    • Frank talking Turkey

      No teams from the same country should not be protected from meeting each other. Ratings are what should count

  8. Leonard

    this is pure West Africa idea and influence

  9. kOd

    this is so useless
    nowander idgaf about African football

  10. Luck Muwaya

    Fair draws and I can see zesco Nkana progressing to quarter finals believe me bamuntu.

  11. Kuku

    And it’s to our advantage avoiding north African teams.

  12. Kuku

    And it’s to our advantage avoiding north African teams.if it will be two teams to qualify from each group definitely our zesco & nkana are through.

  13. Rcmp

    Fair draw coz one the club can qualify

  14. Nyaano

    Do you know that Africa is popularly known as black continent and most witches wizards are coming from this so called black continent. Jealous people are everywhere just why even our leaders fight they want to be there at all cost, don’t be surprised my brother.

  15. Gregory

    Family, there is no problem these two clubs drawn together, let them emerg first and second in the and avoid each other until the final. This is just a min league.

  16. Bomah

    In group stages that shouldn’t happen,but in knock out it’s possible, CAF lacks the criteria here.

  17. Able Philips

    Ebola…that’s football guys.has surprises in all aspects…

  18. Gersh

    there are only 16 teams remaining at this stage, of which if it were uefa, it would have been the so called knock out stage (leading to quarter finals). CAF has simply grouped the team at knock-out stage (through a draw)… there is nothing wrong with what CAF has done. The problem is you thinking someone somewhere is jealous, just because you’ve been brainwashed into thinking there always has to be a knock-out before quarters…

  19. MR SINGO'S

    We are blind about continent football⚽️

  20. Jom


  21. Jom

    Just Learning

    • Brian bugga

      Its fine ba muntu,all that is needed is for our teams to emerge 1st and 2nd.

  22. Mubanga

    mmmmmmmm since when. football rules changes almost everyday fuck

  23. Jms

    Clubs are tested just like this just watch and see mind you two teams are picked Zesco and Nkana may go through if you believe in the Lord Jesus start supporting and praying even before they start their games Go Go Go Zambia

  24. Chisi Suzika

    African club competition is been restructured,we had two group previous and whosoever qualifies to the group stages will be drawn in any group. Now they have increased the number of groups to four without amending the rules which implies that the old rules stand. Therefore we need not to complain they are still working on the system,soon these abnormalities will be dealt with.

  25. Kelly

    First of all, u need to compare how teams goes to UEFA or Europa as compared to caf confidaration? How possible can that be to isolate three Moroccan teams to meet when we only have 4 groups that consists of 16 teams? In Europe this is the knockout stage but here in Africa the creat groups but it’s one and the same

  26. Brayo

    He only concentrated on zesco and nkana without going through the all schedule

  27. Gregory

    If Green Eagles and Gbfc had qualified to this stage, then Nkana and Zesco dropped into this category,meaning we could have 4 Zambian clubs in the confederations cup.Imagine what could have happened to the draws! 3 clubs in one group.

  28. Kasale jr

    This is rubbish…. This is a group stage not a knockout stage…. Besides the the Morocco teams could have been placed in three different groups while our Zambian sides also in two different groups…. When they say “umwina AFRICA!!!”. this is exactly what they mean

  29. Mic~Yankee`

    Hmmm yabako rather…

  30. nineo

    Using simple permutations and a ranking system would have avoided having teams from the same country in the same group. These people were just plain lazy!!!!

  31. Musonda

    This is why AFRICA is far from lifting the world cup, from African Player of the year, to teams from the same country meeting at the group stage, #Onlyinafrica #CAF #Isolated

  32. Drugsquard

    There is a very high chance of match fixing. Ba Nkana let us strike a deal because us as Zesco we are the most likely team to proceed to the next level so just give us the points, we will reward you handsomely.

    You will also be exempted from Load shedding…

  33. Melinda casius

    It has happened the sad way,however let’s go a ba red

  34. king kenny

    it’s not Zambia only drawn in same group take a look at gA

  35. Tell

    Fake draws. CAF why?

  36. Mawele Blackson

    If they can put three Moroccan teams in the same group why do you complain of two Zambian teams ,be serious this is football…

  37. Schoolboyandrea

    aba red

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