CAF Lifts Sikazwe Suspension

CAF has lifted the provisional suspension of top FIFA referee Janny Sikazwe after being accused of corruption in November last year.

The top referee who has been flying the Zambian and African flags high has been handed a reprieve by the CAF Disciplinary Committee.

“After having thoroughly checked the elements presented to them regarding the violation by Mr Janny Sikazwe of CAF Regulations, in particular Arts. 82, 136, 152, of the CAF Disciplinary Code: The Disciplinary Board decided that there is no sufficient evidence to implicate the involvement of Mr. Janny Sikazwe regarding the allegations of corruption made against him. Therefore the Disciplinary Board decides: The provisional suspension of Mr. Janny Sikazwe is lifted,” states correspondence from CAF.


Sikazwe was suspended following corruption allegations – in violation of CAF Regulations Articles 82, 136 and 152 of the CAF disciplinary code – raised by Angolan outfit Primeiro de Agosto in their 2018 CAF Champions League semi-final, second leg match with eventual champions Esperance de Tunis.

Sikazwe officiated at the FIFA World Cup in Russia in 2018 making history as he became the first Zambian to achieve that feat,


  1. Jah

    U ar now set free Mr sikazwe,u av learnt a lesson from dat accusation though there was no enough evidence to u,am hap u are back at de right time wen our league is abt to begin.welcome back in de world of football.

    • japhet

      Viva ba sikazwe and viva kapirimposhi.

    • Steven k banda

      thanks to God, Mr sikazwe you are free, God be with you,am happy too, Jesus is the way.

  2. Alick

    This is good news

  3. Geoffrey Bwamba Mwalya

    Good news!

    • Patrick Octas.

      Nice to see your comment My Boss.

    • Inters

      Nice to hear about that good news ba sikazwe and welcome to the pitch


    Am happy you are now free Mr Sikazwe well come back to the world of football

  5. James Manjoro

    You will fly the Zambian flag high like an eagle the symbol of our pride and identity

  6. Dee Denga Nguni

    welcome back sir, Am Happ for you..

  7. Besa joseph

    Will happy and god is great

  8. Jonathan

    that’s wonderful news

  9. Rcmp

    Umutitikisha tawawama ba Angola just encourage yo referees to work hard and represent yo country at the world cup like nanny sikazwe

  10. moses nkole

    Comment praise be to God.

  11. Nsama Moses

    cawama saana some people thought it was over ba sikazwe welcome back

  12. EJST

    Well done CAF know Sikazwe is free but u should panishi Angolan club for accused Zambian Ref That man J sikazwe was inocent 100%

  13. Geoneid

    Thank God u’re free to do wht u know best

  14. One zed manex

    I’m a proud Zambian coz it was a shame of a Zambian to corrupt and finally it’s over,i know janny sikazwe personally and his not a corrupt referee, I hope CAF will discipline the Angolan club over force allegations.its not good to be always accusing other people of corruption,i read on this same media people saying yea his corrupt like his leader’s, I will not mention you but you should apologize.

  15. My husband

    What will happen to accusers now? Need disciplinary action,they are very foolish

  16. chita musa

    this is great no weapon fashioned against you shall prosper.. viva baba

  17. muntungwa

    Just watch out Janny, these guys are just little pimps trying to tarnish your name and that of our mother Zambia. I know we are great achievers.

  18. Jom

    The truth will set byou free,welcome our heroe may God bless you

  19. Jonathan

    welcome back

  20. zack

    there was “no sufficient evidence ” .that in tells a lot.

  21. Luckson

    Sikazwe may the Lord continue blessing you.

  22. True Zambian

    Now the referee who allowed more than eight minutes injury time after indicating four minutes resulting in green eagles conceding an eighth minute injury time goal should also be suspended awaiting investigation.

  23. Gastone Changwe

    people who chose your name when you ain’t present they are angels in your life,Caf have fought for you Mr J.Sinkazwe welcome back to the world of football

  24. yankho

    viva LA sikazwe

  25. chulu

    Comment mr sikazwe well come back to Angelina Tembo

  26. Simpito Mukandwa

    Chazipa sana ya Sikazwe may the almighty God continue blessing you

  27. Collins Musonda Snr.

    Comment To God be the glory. we ‘re proud of you bro. Janny Sikazwe. False accusations cannot go anywhere. Long live Janny Long live Zambia..

  28. Patrick Mwale

    A righteous man can fall seven times and rise again.

  29. Counsel

    Take them to court for the damages you have suffered during this period.


    That’s good for Zambia. Where are his local accusers? Shame on them, for they commented in happiness for his suspension. May God be with you, my fellow educator.

  31. Stephen Chishiko

    The truth has prevailed over falsehood.
    We are proud of you, Janny.
    No hard feelings for our neighbors. We need to show them that we are above that.

  32. Me

    Good news for zambian football

  33. T.W.Kaonga

    I’ve been following Janny Sikazwe’s predicament he’d found himself in keenly.My earnest plea to him is just TO MOVE ON FROM WHERE HE LEFT OFF! NOT TO BE IN ANY WAY VINDICTIVE AT ALL! IF ANYTHING THIS SHOULD BE LIKE A “JAB OF BOOSTER INNOCULATION!”I’m pretty sure he did reflect day-in-day-out how the whole situation would pan out.(Comrade you’ve been fortified or is refined).

  34. Herv Rena

    Iwe ka Sikazwe watch out mwaice

  35. Mmj

    good luck sikazwe

  36. james

    Welcome boss, continue working professionally don’t be tempted. U made people around de world who have ever heard of our country to know that Zambia is there. We love u.

  37. Mulenga

    Don’t worry sikaswe God z your witness if you are innocent

  38. Brian bugga

    Jah bless big man

  39. bk

    Those who are jealous of you are now ashamed…be careful

  40. Brian

    Thumbs up Jan continue keeping your noze clean

  41. Maybin

    Good news to Zambia and Africa

  42. Nkandu

    happy for the truth has come out. no weapon fashioned against you shall prosper. viva Jenny viva zambia

  43. Wonder Nyirenda

    Praise be to God

  44. FRIDAY Chileshe

    Comment may good Lord bless you abundantly MR sikazwe.

  45. Jon

    Now, sue the club for denting your name and the Country as whole to the entire world.

  46. Nickdimms

    You shud now learn from your controversial officiating! Football is just a game but you are too serious smtms. Thanks game involving Angola’s Gatusto was poorly officiated. The game between Belgium & Panama at the world cup too was bad. Review it to see your stubbon mistakes. The penalty decisions mu local league are controversial too. You even wanted to be in the limelight by wanting to give Christiano Ronaldo a straight red card – remember. Ukusamwa!

  47. Poor reporting

    The story is half-baked. Tell us why he was accused. What led to the Angolans to complain and was this with evidence?

  48. Kaswango

    The truth HV set u free,take action on Angola

  49. Wilson mwamba

    Wat a moment,,,,

  50. Vaal mula

    Good luck

  51. mponda

    thanks caf for releasing our man, welcome back mr sikazwe

  52. Mn

    Wel done ba CAF mwalishiba incito sikazwe was innocent

  53. Geoffrey kabwe

    Mr sikazwe we expect you to do the job diplomatically ,congrats

  54. Kasanda Patrick

    #ZamZam #Sikazwe

  55. mr Masautso

    Now that you free do the right thing let now people talk about you how good you are Mr sika zee and remember you are not Alon in this football carea all Zambians are behind you so this time don’t misbehavior and god has done it for you and all Zambiansat large you have leand something on this one please please don’t do it again

  56. Gabriel

    welcome back Mr. ja

  57. Cardinals

    God is great, welcome back our very own

  58. Gift Banda KAFUMBWE Katete

    Well done Mr sikazwe, I want to thanks u for wat u have done, God bless you all the time!!!!!🇿🇲🇿🇲🇿🇲🇿🇲🇿🇲🇿🇲🇿🇲🇿🇲🇿🇲⚽️⚽️⚽️⚽️⚽️⚽️!!

  59. Dominic C Mulalambuka

    Lesson learned

  60. Madiba

    Congratulations Janny

  61. Abena Bwacha ku Kabwe

    This is good news about our brother.May God bless Janny.

  62. Timothy Tembwe

    Good you are back man,

  63. D Hams

    He is a great man and a hero in the world of football. When God says Yes No one can say no. We’re very happy for you, welcome back Mr J. S.

  64. J CANDY

    God is the way and the truth your prayer was right mpanga yamambwe welcome back you have lifted the flag of Zambia higher and higher you were right if what you were doing go go go sika man am very happy my brother your enemies will never reach your level and level matters excellent FIFA in our country and you have been chosen before to go out of this darkness continent just know that you’re best FIFA . love you continue with the same spirit filishe without fear. Balemwenako bamuntu kopala city we love bola I salute you my brother…

  65. Chisembele

    No corruption, fired

  66. Mufs

    Always there is no smoke without fire🔥
    Refrain and Repent.

  67. John

    It is good that this drama is over. I as your fan I was, soo worried about your situation. But the truth was way ahead, of your false accusers. As the saying go the truth and only the truth, sets us free.My appeal and advice is that, take the allegation with serious thought and, reflect on your performance. And if there is need to adjust, kindly do so God bless you.

  68. Schoolboyandrea

    That’s how it should be

  69. mafuko

    praise God sikazwe is back

  70. Black bull

    why Caf is failing to ban those which I can name tear gas used by North Africans to throw in the football pitch when the game is in play?

  71. kaluba

    good to see u back Mr J.S u must have learnt a lesson from this force accusations now that u’re free & INNOCENT pliz stay away from the aroma of corruption…always it’s bola na Lesa

  72. Mwamba henry

    Welcome back Mr Sikazwe God b with you🙏🙏🙏🙏

  73. Jackson mwila

    Welcome back

  74. mr-i 100%

    Welcome back to the family of football Mr.

    • Doc PC Tazara

      To most of you who are saying the statement is half backed must read and know your game always. we all know that Janny was accused by Aqusto of Angola for mishandled the game against Esperance of Egypt semi final second league match and complained to CAF who later suspended Janny on CAF disciplinary code on article 82, 136 and 152.
      Now after going through Janny Sakazwe on alleged articles as follows:-
      CAF disciplinary code Articles 82,136 and 152
      on 82 which say, National Associations, Clubs and Officials are responsible for ensuring that the game is not brought into disrepute in anyway by the conduct of their players, offocils, members, supporters especial using dangerous objects or lasers and any person (Janny Sikazwe) exercising a function at the request of the association or club.
      Article 152
      1. Anyone who offers promises or grants on unjustified advantage to a body of CAF, a match official, a player or an official on behalf or a third party in attempt to incite it or him to violate CAF regulations will be sanctioned.
      a. with fine Dollars ka
      b. with ban
      c. with ban from entering the stadium
      2. Passive corruption (soliciting, being promised, accepting an unjustified advantage or betting will be sanctioned in the manner.
      152 is on age cheating on id cards
      on no one should be involved in any national football management if he is going through such investigation like CAF was doing on Janny

  75. Joseph Mulenga

    Thanx our man, work hard and convince the FIFA but if you are a corrupt man then you will be soon traped

  76. mr mchekes

    Mr you are free now god will continiued bless you

  77. Johnson mulenga

    Comment wonderful Mr sika zee

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